Zack Ryder Ripped a Wrestler’s Trunks? – Did That Happen?

(straining) (pants ripping) (crowd gasps) (gasps) (crowd laughs) (laughing) (bright music) – Hello, I’m Zach and welcome to Did That.

(straining) (pants ripping) (crowd gasps) (gasps) (crowd laughs) (laughing) (bright music) – Hello, I’m Zach and welcome to Did That Happen. Here, we look at obscure and forgotten moments in wrestling and ask ourselves the question “Hey, did that happen?” So, does anyone remember that time that Zack Ryder ripped
a guy’s underwear off? WWE’s ECW was a show that
was kind of under the radar. Okay, well when ECW launched in 2006, it had some hype, but by 2009, things had certainly slowed down. However, in September, there was one unintended moment that got people talking. Zack Ryder had just debuted his
Long Island Iced Z character about four months ago so he’d been wrestling
a lot local competitors to help push his new persona. On the September 8th edition of ECW, things looked to be the same as before, Ryder entered the ring and there’s a local talent
waiting to be beaten up. Everything is what he’d
expect from a squash match until Zack Ryder pulled on
the local competitor’s trunks. Ryder wasn’t skipping the gym that day ’cause he causes his opponent’s attire to come undone. Yeah, a bit of a problem
when your show’s PG. The local wrestler, Rory Fargo, did his best to keep everything covered, but it kinda killed kayfabe. I mean, dude gets kicked in the face and the thing he’s
protecting is his crotch. To end the match, Ryder
hit his finishing move and went for the cover, and I can assure you the
last thing on that man’s mind was trying to kick out. The broadcast version of the match does a pretty good job
keeping everything hidden, but the photos are a bit
of a different story. – Will, Zack Ryder has
just reached that point where there may be no return. – I mean, he’s stripping
guys naked during matches. Next thing you know, he’s saying Hitler had some good ideas. In all honesty, this is
just a funny incident that’s interesting to look back on. Everyone handled the situation really well and everything seemed
like it ended alright. Now this moment isn’t
widely talked about today, hence why it’s on this show, but it did an animated adaptation in 2016 on WWE Story Time, with some artistic liberties. You can find the full
clip on the WWE Network so check it out if you’re interested. Tell me in the comments
any obscure moments you want to hear me to talk about. Plus, you can hit the annotation to learn about the time John Cena wrestled under a mask. I’m Zach and that did happen.

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