Xenoblade Chronicles Definition Edition – What to Expect, Combat Possibilities & MORE!

I know I just recently made a video on Xenoblade Chronicles with the two-year anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 but.

I know I just recently made a video on
Xenoblade Chronicles with the two-year anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles 2
but I wanted to talk about Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition because I
was looking over just various different topics to discuss with you guys and all
of the talk and scene Resident Evil 2 remake that being a Game of the Year
contender many people having it as their game of the year it being in the Game
Awards and it always kind of went against the whole remake for game of the
year but the game is such a high quality they’ve changed so many things it looks
so much better and different than the experience before that almost feels like
a new game to a lot of people so therefore it’s right in there now next
year we’ve got Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition coming out so I want
to make sure that everyone keeps the same energy because if you look at
Xenoblade Chronicles the original on the Wii that game obviously held back by the
week when it comes to its graphics very difficult to produce that style of huge
action RPG with as much land mass as that game has considering how it looks
it was pretty impressive and that’s what’s pretty much echoed by everybody
who reviewed the game everybody who played it looking at the limitations now
we have the Nintendo switch a system that is far more powerful and can do
open-world games much better at a better rate than the we
ever could we’ve only gotten a small glimpse at Xenoblade Chronicles
definitive edition but from what I’ve seen which is a game that’s not even
finished yet this is going to be a massive
improvement over the original game and it’s going to be something that’s going
to be up there with the best reviewed games of the year now of course you’ve
got huge brand new games coming out next year with stuff like cyberpunk 2077
you also have the Last of Us part two there’s going to be tons of big games
but I think that if you go back and look at how good you know Blade chronicles
the original was rated I’m checking it out here it was a late we game only
because Nintendo of America waited so long to get the localization which they
waited one year after it was localized and released in Europe to release it
with a Gamestop physical exclusive here in the West or the United States but at
the same time look at this score 92 are medically 92 9.2 user score although
user scores aren’t really something that you can depend upon but at that time
before review bombing was a thing look at how many people absolutely love this
game number one best Wii game of 2012 there wasn’t a lot of them but it still
was the best number one most discussed Wii game of 2012 number one most shared
Wii game of 2012 and I would guess that these numbers would actually be high if
it was 2010 or 2011 with other games because Xenoblade was such a special
experience Metacritic must play but it’s not just
the score if you go in and read what these people had to say about the game
you go in and you kind of really get into depth why Xenoblade Chronicles is
really loved it really is looking like it could be a game that completely blows
past this 92 and is right up there with game of the year you also have to look
at a game like Final Fantasy 7 remake which I’ve talked about these two games
going head-to-head when it comes to which will be the best remake now
obviously Final Fantasy 7 remake that game is a little bit different when it
comes to how they are repurposing the original content you’re not getting all
of the story it’s getting broken up but there will be enough to kind of fill out
some of the backstories in the game and get you a decent RPG experience from
what the developers have said however with Xenoblade Chronicles 2
addition you were exactly getting that not only are you getting a remake but
you’re getting a definitive version of the game which has everything and from
what we’ve seen like I talked about in my previous video with Xenoblade
Chronicles 2 there is going to be content that was cut in the original
Xenoblade Chronicles that’s probably gonna show up in the definitive edition
and if you know anything about monolith soft you know good and well that they’re
going to improve upon the build of the game in terms of the Wii game it’s not
just gonna be a cut and paste combat from Xenoblade Chronicles they’re going
to add improvements they’re gonna add different things they’re going to shape
up and put new ideas in there they always do it the Xenoblade combat system
is one of the most unique but then also one of the freshest combat systems out
there and the more you play and you understand it
whatever Xenoblade game it is the original X or two you’re going to find
so many little things here and there this was the genesis of it with
xenoblade chronicles definitive edition when it comes to what they wanted to do
with arts the kind of action RPG elements kind of how they swung the
balance into something completely different for RPGs but I think with the
definitive edition they’re really going to nail that original combat system and
this could be the best Xenoblade game when it comes to combat
story and everything hands down because many fans still look back at xenoblade
chronicles the original on the Wii as the best one we basically have four
different Xenoblade Chronicles games with the original you have X you have
two and you have torn at the golden country which is an expansion but pretty
much its own standalone game as well that you can play by itself and if you
look at all of them to me the most refined combat is Xenoblade Chronicles 2
torna the golden country they still have the same system from Xenoblade
Chronicles to removed all the core crystal stuff and actually made the
system streamlined in order to do blade combos still with all the
and the launch and the smash break topple launch smash the original
Xenoblade Chronicles just had break and topple I’m wondering if they’re going to
add in launch and smash and kind of tinker with things in order to make it
more advanced with the combat then torn of the golden country was because that’s
essentially what it is you know blade two kind of went crazy with it
torna scaled it back but still added everything that you would like with the
elements in different blades and everything now we have elements in
xenoblade chronicles definitive edition but it’s going to be interesting to see
how all of that plays out and what monolith softs decides to do I think if
you’re looking at it Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition it is a
very important step for monoliths off to make sure that they kind of bring back
this game just because so many people did not get the opportunity to play it
because of the way that Nintendo of America handle the situation because of
the lack of I would say notoriety for monolith soft and their games at the
time and also because it was a super late game on the Wii the method of
control with the Wii the style of the system it just didn’t fit what model is
soft is but if you look at the Nintendo switch this is the most monolith soft
style system that they’ve ever worked with because you have a portable device
to where you can play a massive RPG anywhere that you want so many people
that I know play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in portable mode because there was just
so much content it was much more comfortable to just lie down and play or
play on the couch or whatever the case is when you can get that extra time in
big massive RPGs or more suited to portable experiences but at the same
time the switch is so great because you can have that console TV experience and
you can have that portable experience you saw that with Xenoblade Chronicles
3d on the new Nintendo 3ds they wanted people to be able to play that type of
experience anywhere so they literally made a new Nintendo 3ds exclusive
version of the game because it couldn’t run on the regular Nintendo 3ds or
there’d be too which concessions in order to make it
run properly that is amazing that Nintendo would go that far to give
people more Xenoblade to release it in a certain way to where more people can
play the game and now they’re releasing it again with it so you know that it’s a
priority for them getting this game how good it is in the hands of many gamers
out there so I love what they’re doing with Xenoblade Chronicles I like the
fact that they’re releasing the game in new forms in order for people to play
but this will be the best version of the game and this can easily be the best
game of 2020 in my opinion considering how good the original game is
considering how they’re gonna work on a system that’s obviously far better for
them and what they can do and if you talk about content wise Xenoblade
Chronicles is an RPG with more content than so many other RPGs out there but
you can still play it through I mean it is a long RPG that has a lot going for
it so it’s going to be interesting just to see how many hours people put into
this one trying to want to present it or get all the stuff in the game it is
going to be awesome so I’m looking forward to playing Xenoblade Chronicles
definitive edition talking about the game going more in depth and hopefully
monosoff those are some with more new details on the game sometime soon
hopefully early 2020 on this one what do you guys think about Xenoblade
Chronicles definitive edition let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here you’re gonna
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20 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles Definition Edition – What to Expect, Combat Possibilities & MORE!”

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone every against a legitimate remake aside from you. While I know I’ll love Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition it so far doesn’t look like it’s changing anything dramatically. New graphics, models, and adding original cut content to me doesn’t make it “fresh” enough. Re 2 remake overhauled everything. FF7 remake is doing the same. Yeah I know it’s not the complete story for FF7 remake but it’s a completely overhauled remake in every way.

  2. I don't care if it gets nominated for GOTY but it may be mine… Are you going to have a GOTY awards for PlayerEssence viewers to vote on?

  3. Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition and Animal Crossing New Horizons are the only 2020 games that I am excited for so far

  4. I am very excited to go back to this game, especially since I’m wiser now and can figure out the battle system. I was so lost on my first playthrough that most of the battle mechanics went over my head. So I can’t wait to revisit this and properly learn the battles.

  5. Edit: Im going to go with 2020 MS will give us 2 XB games. 1 being the XB remake & XCX port during end of summer.

    Sup OJ. During the Wii U XenoBlade X Wii U release I talked about ideas that if XenoBlade got a remake that it should bring over options for the XCX battle system over to it so that those that either didn't like one or the other combat could just pick their action style & play the game.

    So I can def see MS doing that where they will add some QoL into this from the other releases so I can't wait next year for this remake.

  6. I'm just glad Nintendo finally realized this was an IP/Franchise worth investing and believing in. To think this was once a super limited Gamestop exclusive.. .and now it's gotten a 3d remaster ontop of a full blown remake.
    Thank you Nintendo.

  7. Xenoblade Chronicles 1 remake is one of my most anticipated games for 2020. I’ve wanted this game remade every since I played it on the Wii and so far it looks phenomenal. I’m so glad we’ll be able to experience one of the greatest games ever become even greater on the Switch

  8. I really enjoyed Xenoblade Chronicles back in 2012, but there was something that touch me in Xenoblade 2 that the first game didn't do, I know the game has some flaws and it's not the fan's favorite, but it's still by far my favorite game of all time surpassing finally Ocarina of Time.

    About Xenoblade DE, with updated graphics and a rifined combate system it will be definitively at least my favorite game of 2020.

  9. I trust that the game can be better than what we saw, as in some cinematics may be redone and possibly improve the models (the hands! Please fix the hands!) and it will most definitely be high quality and highly rated, I don’t believe it will be nominated for game of the year. It isn’t as big of a leap as Resident Evil 2 or Final Fantasy VII to be seen by the nominees as all that new of a package. On top of that, it doesn’t seem very bright since Xenoblade 2 was completely ignored at the Game Awards 2018 for best RPG and best score.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I love this game, it is very very good and deserves the install base it is finally getting. I just don’t see it getting nominated.

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