WWE Wrestlers Who Were Arrested in 2019

– [Zach] In 2019, some wrestlers spent their time on Raw, some spent their time on SmackDown, and a few.

– [Zach] In 2019, some wrestlers
spent their time on Raw, some spent their time on SmackDown, and a few others spent
their time behind bars. It was a rough year for some current and former WWE stars, and
as it comes to an end, let’s revisit the wrestlers
who were arrested in 2019. The year started off
strong for Jeff Hardy, but it didn’t take long
for things to go downhill. In February, Jeff’s
brother, Matt, returned and the Hardy Boys reunited again. Then, about two months later, they won the SmackDown Tag Team titles. Things were looking good for Jeff Hardy, but shortly after the
championship victory, the Charismatic Enigma was
sidelined with a leg injury. While recovering, Hardy was
arrested in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for public
intoxication in July. He was released the same
day and posted a $153 bail. While that’s bad enough,
about three months later, in October, Brother Nero was
taken into custody again. Police charged him with
driving while impaired in addition to driving
with a revoked license. It was also reported that Jeff’s
blood alcohol concentration was over three times the legal limit. Currently, Hardy is scheduled to appear in court on January 13th. Another tag team also had its fair share of difficulties in 2019. In February, Jimmy Uso and his wife, Naomi, were pulled over after they had been driving the wrong way on a one-way street in Detroit, Michigan. Uso, who was intoxicated,
got out of the vehicle, took his shirt off, and
squared up with the police. An officer pulled out a taser and told the former
SmackDown tag team champion to lay down, which he did. Jimmy Uso was then arrested and charged with disorderly
conduct and obstruction. Then, in July, while WWE
was touring in Florida, Uso was stopped by an
officer for speeding. The report said he smelt of
alcohol and refused a DUI test. He was later taken to the
Escambia County Corrections Center and eventually released on a $1,000 bond. However, in December, Jimmy Uso was not found
guilty of the charge. Ironically, Jimmy’s second arrest happened just three days after John Cena said this. – Respect for calling me out, but ain’t no way I’m getting bested. Y’all look just like your mugshots. (audience cheering) How was it getting arrested?
(audience cheering) – [Zach] Some of you may
not be familiar with him, but The Berzerker wrestled
in WWE from 1991 to 1993. Over 25 years after leaving the company, the six-foot-eight wrestler found himself in custody in March of 2019. He was arrested in
Hennepin County, Minnesota, on two counts, one of
which was a felony charge. The first was a DUI and the second was
driving after his license had been canceled due to him being deemed unable to safely control his vehicle. In July, prosecutors argued for Berzerker to be given a four-year prison sentence, while the defense pointed out
that the former WWE wrestler has ALS and is confined to a wheelchair. The judge ultimately sentenced Berzerker to five years of probation
under the condition that he stay in restrictive
housing and doesn’t drive. I’m noticing that the second and third months of the
year were a prime time for wrestlers to have
run-ins with the law. In February, WWE Hall of
Famer, Sunny, was arrested after, coincidentally
enough, driving the wrong way on a one-way street and also driving past a
stop sign in New Jersey. Police discovered soon
after that The Original Diva had a suspended license and two outstanding
warrants for her arrest. She was taken into custody and has been incarnated
for at least five months. Sunny was scheduled to have
a hearing on August 22nd, but no news came of it, so either she’s on parole
or is still behind bars. Goldust’s former manager and wife, Marlena, received
a class three felony in May. While going through a security checkpoint at the Tampa International
Airport, a TSA agent detected a firearm in the
former Hardcore champion’s bag. The reported stated that it was a loaded nine-millimeter handgun. Marlena said she forgot she had the weapon and had been using to remove animals, like armadillos, from her mother’s yard. Nevertheless, she was arrested, but was released the
same day on a $2,000 bond and a month later, the
charges were dropped. Here’s to hoping that
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