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– Okay, so it’s the opening day for the Washington Nationals which is Jack’s favorite baseball team and he left.

– Okay, so it’s the opening
day for the Washington Nationals which is Jack’s favorite
baseball team and he left jerseys out
for Maddie and I to wear because apparently now
it’s our favorite baseball team as well
according to him. – Now I’m Jack.
– (Jack) Wow. It’s like I’m looking
right in a mirror. That’s amazing.
Say, “Go Nats, baby.” – Now I’m Jack.
– (Jack) There you go. – Go Nats, baby.
– Oh my God, it’s like Twilight Zone.
The Natitude on the C Team couldn’t be higher right now.
It’s opening day. What a joyous day.
It’s opening day. Camera’s right in my face.
I feel weird. – Look how long this is
on me. I’m wearing a dress.
You’re tall. – Yeah, I am tall.
– (Eric) I hope the football game goes your way, buddy.
– Hey. – (Eric) What?
– I know you’re joking around but I also know that you
bleed red white and blue, Washington Nationals colors.
He’s a huge Yan Gomes guy. I hope this goes in the vlog, too,
just so I can get some people to be commenting be like,
“Love Yan Gomes.” Him and Kurt Suzuki
are gonna be splitting time behind the dish this year
and I’m just– I like having two young
fresh, not young, but two veteran fresh
catchers. I prefer–
– (Eric) Yeah, I have other stuff to do.
– (Jack) I prefer catchers by committee.
That’s my opinion. – (Eric) Okay, if you prefer
catchers by committee, I still don’t know
what you’re saying. – Lots of love– – So we have a busy day
of shoots going on here today. Upstairs, we actually have
WWE star Becky Lynch doing a Try Not To gauntlet,
so she’s doing a combination of Try Not To Laugh,
Try Not To Make a Sound, Try Not to Aw and a bunch
of other Try Not To’s all wrapped into one challenge
and then downstairs, Tori’s actually gonna be
covering a react-ception to Teens React To When
the Video Doesn’t Match the Song. Let’s go check those out. – It made a little bit
of a sound. – Oh, I can’t even do that?
I didn’t know that was part of the challenge.
I thought I wasn’t allowed to make the sound.
Like a, urgh. Okay, all right.
Okay, I’m back. – It is kind of impossible.
You wanna try it again? We have another one.
You can try it again. Also, I can pick it,
I guess. All right. – Frick.
You know how this thing, maybe you have to do
something– I don’t know. Damn you. – Those are hard?
– That one was the hardest. – I mean to be fair,
we did also just kind of screw you. So next up is arguably
our most adorable challenge. This is the Try Not to Aw
Challenge. – Aw.
– Already fails. – Ugh, aw.
– Get it out now. – Ah, oh, stop. – Lip counts.
Lip pout counts. You pouted your lip.
– Ah, ah. – Is that not the cutest
thing you’ve ever seen? – Freaking adorable. Oh, hello.
Hello. Oh, hello buddy.
– So, this is Meeka. – Meeka, hi.
Hi, Meeka. Don’t you wanna say hi
to the people? You are just gorgeous.
– So, I think it’s safe to say we got you with this one.
– Aw, I don’t even care. Can I just do the rest
of the show with Meeka? – What are we doing?
– (Eric) What’s that? – I don’t know.
What’s happening? – (Eric) I just wanted to film.
– Oh. – (Eric) Well, that’s [bleep] up. – Was he getting in?
– No, opposite. – (Eric) What, what?
– This is the most casual I’ve ever–
look at this. Look at this casual.
– Now that’s a vlogger. – But you know what?
He probably got the perfect angle, too. ♪ (choir) ♪ – And then he was like,
“Also, I get to nap.” – Yeah.
It’s comfortable, too. – (Eric) Right? – I walked in this morning
and I saw the jersey on Eric’s chair
and I was like, “Oh my God, that’s so sweet.
Is Jack giving Eric a jersey? Does Eric like baseball?
Is Eric a Nationals fan?” I didn’t know that.
I know Jack’s a big fan. and then I saw it
on my chair and I was like
“I think it’s opening day.” So he wants us to wear these
for good luck. Go Nats.
Go Nats. – Yeah, no.
Washington Nats aren’t where it’s at.
– You guys, I’m telling you. You have to be careful
if Jack comes in with saying stuff like that.
– We can take him. What’s the difference between
a Nationals fan and a baby?
– What? – The baby will stop whining
after a while. – So, next week we’re doing
a Master Debaters again? – Yeah.
– And then the following week, you had that idea for doing–
– The no dumb questions– or no stupid questions.
– You’re gonna be really good at that one.
Not the vlog. – It’s–
“Not the vlog.” Not you guys.
– (Eric) Wait, I have one stupid question.
– Yeah. – (Eric) Where are your
guys’ National Washington jerseys? – (Jack) Yeah, where’s your
Natitude? – (Eric) Why are you guys–
what are you doing? – (Jack) What’s your Natitude
at right now? – We got a bad Natitude.
– That Natitude? – Yeah, Washington Nationals?
– You need to improve your Natitude.
Ignite it. That’s our team slogan
this year is ignite your attitude.
That’s not the C Team slogan, well actually, now it is.
– Now it is. – Ignite your Natitude.
Yeah. – What’s the difference between
Gio Gonzales and professional bowler?
– I’m gonna try to think of the answer.
Well first of all, he’s not on the [bleep]
Nationals anymore, so you can’t break my heart.
He’s in the Brewers, you son of a bitch.
But what’s the difference? – A professional bowler knows
how to throw a strike. – Ha, thank God he’s not
on our team anymore. Suresday, happy suresday. – What’s the difference between
a baby and a Washington Nationals fan?
– I don’t know. – After a while,
the baby stops whining. – Ah, that’s good.
That’s good. [Bleep] you. – All right, this is dope.
This is good because we did a behind the scenes
for our channel on this and that got removed,
so everything we explained, we can basically say. – Cool, you guys can put on
those headphones and we’re just gonna
get into it. – Give it up for Troy.
– Love Troy. We’re also sorry. – It’s amazing to see that
what we created can give somebody that reaction
to be excited like that. – (Tori) You guys are gonna be
signing these two panels over here.
Whichever one. It’s gonna be here
forever, though, so you gotta choose wisely.
– Go for it. – Dang. – (Tori) Is the pressure?
– This is actually a really big moment.
Sorry I don’t match right now. I just got done shooting.
– (Tori) No, I feel that. – I’ma be ridiculous.
– (Tori) Oh hell yeah. – I was like, might as well
go big, right? Yeah, I was here.
Whoa. Is yours on here?
– (Tori) Perfect. I think mine is–
started there and then it’s somewhere
on Adults I think. Good job, guys.
– Thank you so much. – Yeah, thank you.
– I used to watch these things when I was in middle school,
high school and I just did a YouTubers React episode.
What just happened? My life is crazy. – Is there a way that we
could get a donation notification– – Guys, Meeka’s wearing
Matt’s jersey. By the way, I did say–
I go, what if he has one of those cool black jerseys?
– Yeah, dude. – ‘Cause I was saying,
I got my Nats fan here. Nobody has a bigger
Natitude than Eric. – Oh yeah?
– And definitely not after the vlog.
– He needed a source? – (Eric) How are you doing?
– Yo, the Mets logo is really hard to draw
off memory. – Yeah, it’s got–
– (Eric) Whoa, wow. I didn’t even notice this.
– Dude, I just tagged enemy territory.
Let’s go. Let’s go Mets.
1-0 Robinson Cano in the first inning.
– Here’s the deal though. You have no idea
what you just [bleep] started. – Dude, I don’t have
a whiteboard. I don’t know what you’re gonna do.
– You won the first– what am I gonna do?
I don’t even have a whiteboard to even draw on.
What am I gonna draw on? I don’t know.
We’re gonna figure it out. – Aw, aw, aw, aw.
Ah, ah, aw, stop. ♪ (funky outro) ♪

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