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Here is your news for December 27, 2019 We’re kicking off with some huge news from WWE today, as for.

Here is your news for
December 27, 2019 We’re kicking off with some huge
news from WWE today, as for the
first time in years, a title change has occurred at one
of the company’s untelevised live
events. During last night’s event in Madison
Square Garden, Rey Mysterio
lost the United States Championship to Andrade,
giving El Idolo his first taste of
gold on the main roster. A former NXT Champion, Andrade
moved to the main roster in May
2018, being called up to SmackDown, and was
drafted to RAW earlier this year. This wasn’t even the only title
change that occurred inside
the World’s Most Famous Arena, as during the show, R-Truth
lost the 24/7 Championship to
Samir Singh, who was quickly pinned by his own
brother Sunil, before Truth
regained the green and gold championship title. Fans will have to wait and see
where the title reign of the
new United States Champion goes from here, but as
the WWE prepares to enter a
new decade, as well as rumors of a new design for the
patriotic championship,
Andrade’s reign may prove to be one of the most significant
reigns in years. It’s interesting that Andrade will
most likely be ending the decade
as the United States Champion, as he wasn’t even
part of the company when the
2010s began. This week, the WWE looked back
at the past 10 years, by compiling
it’s top 10 Superstars of the past 10 years,
which unsurprisingly got a lot of
fans talking online. The list, which was in no particular
order, saw both Roman Reigns
and Seth Rollins make the cut, after their main
roster debut at Survivor Series
2012, but their fellow Shield brother Dean Ambrose
didn’t make the cut. Though he hasn’t wrestled in
nearly a year, John Cena also
made the list, and so did Sheamus, who actually entered
the decade during the first of
four reigns as WWE World Champion. After returning on the RAW after
WrestleMania 28, Brock Lesnar’s
dominance and combined five reigns as World
Champion earned him a spot
on the list, whilst Becky Lynch, who won the first-ever
Women’s main event of
WrestleMania was the only female presence in the group. After being a mainstay of the mid-
card, the WWE Title reign of Kofi
Kingston this year helped cement his spot, whilst
Daniel Bryan rollercoaster
decade, which included his February 2010 debut, being fired
and rehired that same year,
becoming World Champion, retiring in 2016 and
finally being allowed to return in
2018, guaranteed his spot. With The Miz and Randy Orton
rounding off the top 10 list, we
can’t help but wonder how many of these stars will still
be wrestling ten years from now,
and just who exactly will be part of the top 10
list of the 2020s. One name that fans shouldn’t
expect to see on any top 10 lists
is David Arquette, as the former WCW World Heavy
weight Champion still hasn’t
been forgiven by fans for his huge title win in 2000. To be fair to Arquette, the
Scream actor knew his title
change was a bad idea but has since tried to make amends by
properly learning to wrestle,
and returning to the industry. This week, the actor turned
wrestler spoke with TMZ Sports,
and when asked about his thoughts on Batista going into
next year’s Hall of Fame, was full
of praise for the Animal. He said: “Oh yeah, he deserves it. He’s
amazing. Although I did make
fun of him at WrestleMania. I said, ‘You have
worse tattoos than me!’ But his
tattoo game is getting better, I see he’s got some new
work going. I’m just ribbing him
anyway. That’s almost as bad as Brock Lesnar!” Whilst Arquette may be an actor
who has turned to wrestling,
Batista is a wrestler who has now made it big in
Hollywood, and with the
Guardians of the Galaxy star now retired from the ring, fans can
expect the Animal to appear in
even more blockbuster roles. We’re looking ahead to the Royal
Rumble now, and though we’ve
previously reported of plans for WWE Champion Brock
Lesnar, it seems the Beast may be
having an easy night at the Pay Per View. Yesterday, we covered rumors
that Lesnar will defend his WWE
Championship against either Cain Velasquez, Randy
Orton or Kevin Owens, but
according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, fans may
have to wait a lot longer to see
the title change hands. In his latest report, Dave Meltzer
writes that there’s no guarantee
that the rumored Lesnar match at the Rumble
will be for the title, saying: “Brock Lesnar’s next match will be
on the show. We haven’t been
told outright it is a WWE title match, but the other
option is the Rumble and WWE
hasn’t put the champ in the Rumble in years” As the winner of the 2003 Royal
Rumble match, Lesnar knows
what it takes to win, and if he was to enter and win,
could find himself facing the
Universal Champion at WrestleMania. With that said, it’s unlikely that
WWE would be able to pull this
off, as fans are already vocal about the part-time Lesnar
keeping the WWE Championship
off-screen for months at a time, so taking both
the WWE and Universal titles
away definitely wouldn’t be best for business. Whilst fans may not be seeing the
WWE Champion until the end of
next month, tonight’s edition of SmackDown
on FOX does have a lot for fans
to tune in for. In a tweet, the company revealed
that this week’s post-Christmas
edition of the blue brand will feature the return of ‘
A Moment of Bliss’, the talk-show
segment hosted by Alexa Bliss whilst the Goddess
was unable to compete due to
injuries. Tonight, Bliss will be joined by
Lacey Evans, who has been
embroiled in a feud with Sasha Banks, which recently got
personal after the Boss involved
the Sassy Southern Belle’s daughter into the feud. This will also be the first edition
of A Moment of Bliss since
SmackDown moved to FOX back in early October, and if the
history of the show is anything
to go by, it shouldn’t take long for Evans to be
confronted by Banks, who will
no doubt be flanked by SmackDown Women’s
Champion Bayley. It’s highly likely that Evans and
Banks will cross paths on
tonight’s, but two Superstars who fans probably won’t see face
off for quite some time is Roman
Reigns and the Universal Champion, The Fiend,
Bray Wyatt. Despite being a former Universal
Champion, Reigns hasn’t
received a shot at the title since returning from his leukemia
scare in February this year, and
this has been for the best, as fans no longer hate the
Big Dog, who was criticized for
years for constantly being in the World title picture. On the latest episode of Wrestling
Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer
discussed the plans for WrestleMania 36, and though
the veteran wrestling analyst
couldn’t confirm anything, he did say a match
between the Fiend and the
Big Dog was likely. Meltzer went on to explain that
this is why the pair have been
kept separate despite both being huge stars on Smack
Down, as Wyatt has feuded with
the likes of Seth Rollins, The Miz, and Daniel Bryan,
whilst Reigns has been focussed
in his feud with King Corbin. With that said, this doesn’t mean
the Mania match is guaranteed,
as the Fiend could indeed end up facing Brock Lesnar
at the show of shows, and the
current odds-on favorite is for Roman to face his
cousin The Rock at the showcase
of the immortals. Despite the Brahma Bull confirming
his retirement earlier this year, fans
know that anything can happen in WWE, and
with how giving the Great One is, it
wouldn’t be too surprising for The Rock to give
his own relation the biggest win
of his wrestling career, on the grandest stage of them all. We’re looking at All Elite Wrestling
next, as although the company
didn’t have a Christmas Day edition of Dynamite
this week, next week’s show will
have plenty for fans to see. This week, the company confirmed
that former ECW World Champion
Tazz will be appearing on Dynamite, and this
follows on from the Human Suplex
Machine joining the commentary desk for AEW
Dark back in October. Next week’s New Year’s Day edition
of Dynamite will also feature Kenny
Omega & The Young Bucks team up to face The
Lucha Brothers & PAC, AEW
Women’s Champion Riho vs. Kris Statlander, as well
as Cody Rhodes looking to build
momentum to his grudge match with MJF, as
he’ll take on Darby Allin. Back to WWE now, and this week,
Corey Graves sat down for his
After the Bell podcast, with arguably the two
biggest stars he has had on the
show to date, D-Generation X. Represented by Triple H and
Shawn Michaels, the two
troublemakers are no stranger to controversy, and with the
equally controversial Corey
Graves asking the questions, the three had plenty to say about
the state of WWE, and wrestling
as a whole in 2019. During the show, Graves asked
the Game about NXT UK, and
how several British promotions, such as Wrestle
Circus, Defiant and Pro
Wrestling Chaos, are having to close their doors. Many fans have argued that these
closures are due to the WWE and
the Game, as whilst the company does allow
some NXT UK stars to appear
sporadically outside the company, most of the top talent
across the pond are conscripted
to appear for NXT UK alone. In response, Triple H admitted
that there was an issue with
many UK wrestling companies closing down, but
didn’t blame the WWE for this,
saying: “Yes, some of these indies are
going to go away. The ones that
are gonna go away are the ones that were paying you
$25 when they promised you
$75.” The King of Kings later said that
many promotions that were
closing down didn’t care about the wrestlers they booked
in the first place, and also
claimed that following the arrival of NXT UK, those
companies that are still standing
have taken more care to look after their own roster. Whether or not the Game’s claims
are true or not is unclear, but it
seems that for now, NXT UK will remain to be the
biggest player in the British
Wrestling game, whilst the WWE also looks to expand its
NXT brand to other countries
such as Japan in the coming years. Speaking of promotions going
out of business, we’re looking
at WCW next, as though the company may have been
dead and buried for nearly 20
years now, the historic promotion still finds a way to
make headlines. This week, former WCW and
Universal Champion Goldberg
spoke about his time in the company with Inside the Ropes,
and even spoke about the
unfortunate incident at Starrcade 1999, where a swift
kick by the powerhouse led to
Bret Hart being forced to retire from the ring. Saying that the kick was something
from his career he wishes he could
take back; Goldberg has described the
Hitman as an idol of his and
hates that the pair’s respective careers have been
linked in this way. The former Universal Champion
also took time to address the
rumors that have emerged since the event, as fans
and at times Bret himself, have
claimed that Goldberg intended to injury the
Canadian. Rejecting these rumors, Goldberg
claimed that the allegations that he
wanted to hurt Bret were completely false and
gave the ominous warning: “If I
really wanted to hurt the guy, he would never have
gotten up.” It’s a real shame that Bret was
never able to compete at the
same level he once did before the kick at Starrcade, but
this just goes to prove that
accidents can happen to anyone in wrestling, even the
Excellence of Execution. And we’re ending today’s news
with some big updates from
AEW, as the new company has had a truly
epic first year. This week, AEW Vice President
Cody Rhodes sat down for a
Twitter Q&A and gave some of his plans for the
company over the next 12
months. In the interview, the former NWA
World Champion revealed that
he hopes to establish a 4 Big Pay Per View Structure,
much like WWE’s current
schedule, that has the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania,
Summerslam and Survivor Series. When asked if there were any
plans for the company to tour
outside the United States, Rhodes said that there
was nothing in place yet, but
did say he would love to do a European Tour with the
roster, many of whom won’t
have competed overseas. In particular, Rhodes mentioned
how much he enjoyed wrestling
in Germany, back when he was part of WWE, and
said he wanted the entire AEW
crew to experience it, hopefully in the not so
distant future. Of course, AEW still has a lot of
work to do before they are
compared to be as big as WWE, but after a monumental
first year, which has seen huge
shows, great matches and shocking debuts, the
promotion is hoping for the same
level of success in the new decade. Well that’s all the news we have
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