WWE Superstars React To Try Not To Laugh Challenge

– Oh my God, I was there! – Comedy at Kurt’s expense. – (FBE) First of all, thank you so.

– Oh my God,
I was there! – Comedy at
Kurt’s expense. – (FBE) First of all,
thank you so much for joining us in our
Try Not to Laugh episode featuring WWE Superstars.
– Thank you for having me. – I’m very excited,
but I feel like I laugh at everything, so I feel
like I’m not gonna do good. – (FBE) Today, we’ve got
a fun challenge that we’ve done before with other
Superstars in the past. We are going to show you
a series of videos and the challenge is
you can not smile or laugh at any of the videos.
– I love smiling and laughing, but all right.
I’ll give this a try. – I’m gonna see if I can do it.
I’m very competitive. – It takes a lot to impress me,
so I think it’s gonna be hard, but I’ve got an incredible
sense of humor, so I might be laughing a lot.
We’ll just have to see. – Okay, that got a little laugh. – Oh.
That’s not funny. That sucks. – Oh no. – Doesn’t do it.
It doesn’t do it for me. – No. – I don’t know what
his plan was with that. Sliding on the concrete’s
gonna be painful in the first place,
so it wasn’t gonna turn out good either way. – (gasps)
Oh my gosh. And the guy didn’t
even flinch. What the–
does he have nothing down there? – Right in the giblets.
That hurts. – I’m shocked
more than anything with that. – What kind of parents does
that kid have? It’s one thing to teach
your kids to never hit somebody there.
If he’s old enough, I’m gonna beat him up myself. – (cameraman laughing) – I’ve seen this. – I just saw this one
on Facebook the other day and it killed me. – Okay, that was good. – He’s not amused.
I knew where it was going and it still got me. – Oh no, he’s walking.
He’s not watching! – (cameraman laughing) – Damn you.
I almost got through it all. – This guy, this guy.
– Man, that was the hardest thing I think I’ve ever
had to go through. – (Michaels) Just leaves
Eric Bischoff. I mean, we haven’t really done
anything horrible to him yet. – Ah, Shawn Michaels
and Triple H. – (Triple H) Said that we
don’t even know the meaning of the word “controversial.”
– (Michaels) Us? We don’t know the meaning
of the word “controversial?” – Shawn and Hunter
doing their thing, man. – (Michaels) What do you mean
we don’t know controversy? – Shawn Michaels is upset. – (Michaels) I don’t believe this!
– I already know what’s gonna happen. – (Michaels) What’s your name?
– (Stan) Stan. – (Michaels) Stan.
See? I just kicked Stan.
– Oh. That is controversial. – Hey, that guy looks familiar.
Oh, that was a perfect ten. – Dang it, I know.
I just didn’t know it was gonna be this. – That looked like
Tye Dillinger. – It was Tye. – I like Tye Dillinger,
but it’s nice to see him get kicked in the face. – (Michaels) You gotta be
kidding me. – That segment was awesome. – (Michaels) You gotta be
kidding me. – I’d never laugh at his pain.
How dare you ask us to laugh.
– You can not do that to somebody who is working. – (Bryan) We destroyed
eight men last Friday night. – Daniel Bryan.
Oh, Kade. – (Bryan) Did you hear them
scream in pain when we beat them–
– They need to bring this kind of stuff back to TV. – (Kane) It was fantastic,
wasn’t it? – (Bryan) Yes.
– (Kane) Hit one, be like, “Ow.”
Then you hit another one and “Ow!”
You hit another guy, “Don’t!” – (Bryan) Yes! – (Kane) “Please, oh God, ow, ow.”
– (Bryan) Yes, yes, yes! – That was pretty funny. – (Kane) “Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!”
– Bryan’s face. – There are people around
just trying to enjoy a meal. – This is excessive. – (woman) I’ll have exactly
what they’re having. – Wrestling’s so weird, dude.
The craziest job in the world. – (woman) I’ll have exactly
what they’re having. I’ll have exactly
what they’re having. – Nice.
Little Team Hell No right there. – (Edge) I know we have
a match tonight. – (Angle) Yeah. – Ah, this was classic.
– (Edge) Well, the more I’ve been thinking about it,
– Kurt Angle and Edge. – (Angle) What?
– (Edge) We used to be really tight. – Edge and Angle,
two of the greatest. – (Edge) I was going through
my attic the other day. – Man, these two are great. – (Edge) I found these pictures.
Check it out. – (Angle) Hey.
– It’s so good. – (Edge) Check it out.
– (Angle) Hey. – That was pretty funny.
Those guys are always funny in the backstage stuff. – Ah, he does not realize this.
This is great. – (Angle) Wow man.
Ah, this is cool. It’s you and me together.
This is so cool. – (Edge) I tell you what,
I hope these cheer you up. – (Angle) Oh, they have.
– (Edge) See you up there later tonight, okay?
– (Angle) Oh yeah. This is awesome.
Talk about memories, this is great. – He popped one out.
– Ah man. That’s why I like Kurt, man.
Such a great– so great. – (Angle) Wow.
– Comedy at Kurt’s expense. – No.
– He doesn’t even know. That poor fool. – I tried.
That one I can’t count, ’cause Kurt’s my favorite. – (Owens) But you know
what doesn’t make sense? John Cena teaming
with Bobby Lashley. – That’s true.
That doesn’t make sense. – It doesn’t. – (Elias) It doesn’t make sense.
It’s like having a basketball team in Seattle.
– I don’t get it. I remember the crowd don’t
be very happy, though, but I’m not from America.
Does Seattle not have a basketball team? – (Elias) Having a basketball
team in Seattle. – Really upset a lot
of people on this night. – I only laugh ’cause he’s so–
Elias is the best. – I remember this one.
I don’t think that fans of Seattle are too happy
about that one. – (crowd booing)
– Damn, they hated that. Dang it.
It’s just cool. Elias is my friend,
so just to hear that reaction was really cool. – Good old Elias.
He’s good at talking. Talking bad to people. – (announcer) Hit a sensitive
button. Got Seattle right
in the feelings. – (crowd booing)
– Just telling the truth, you know? Here and there,
I’ll say things that’ll upset people, but I never
expected that to go on for ten minutes or however
long it went on for. A special night for Elias,
for sure. – (announcer) Titus O’Neil. – Oh my God,
I was there! – (announcer) Saudi Arabia.
He’s had dinner with many princes and very important people.
– Oh my God. Everybody was crying
in the back. – (announcer) Titus had
a very busy week here in Saudi Arabia.
He’s had dinner with many princes and very important people. – Oh no.
Oh no. This is the best ever. – Only Titus, though.
Only Titus. – He saw the funny side
afterwards, but at the time, he was angry.
He just beat everybody up in the ring,
but he realized afterwards no matter what he does,
he’ll always be remembered. Gotta look at that upside. – You gotta cut that off.
Titus is a great friend of mine, but that had to be
the funniest thing of the year. – Well listen.
Now I don’t know if you can slow this down
or anything like that, but I’m in the corner of the ring
as this is happening and I think you can see
I’m almost in disbelief, ’cause I saw it up on the screen
of what just happened. I couldn’t believe he just
ran down and disappeared under the ring like that. – I tend to laugh.
I’ll turn my head. If I was on TV,
I can keep myself together. If it’s on a live event,
a non-televised show we do, I just laugh hysterically.
I love it, so it keeps me going actually.
I encourage people to mess up because it just keeps me laughing. – (FBE) Final one.
This one just for you. – Okay. – (announcer) Right hands
from both competitors. Look out.
Shoulder fall. – (Lynch) There’s nothing I love
more than beating up Charlotte Flair.
It’s gratifying when you get to back up what you say
that you’re gonna do. – You want me to break
your computer? You don’t wanna know
what I think about that. I’m gonna leave it at that. – (FBE) So, that means
you’ve passed our challenge. You did not laugh
at a single clip. – All right.
It’s kind of what I do all the time when I’m
out there, whatever. I’m saying a bunch of stuff.
I just try to be natural with whatever I’m feeling. – I did good
because I was happy and it’s good to be happy.
If you can’t laugh at these things,
then you have no sense of humor and that makes you
a terrible person because pretty much all these
were really funny. – Thanks FBE for having us
on this episode. – Subscribe now
for more WWE. – Thanks for watching
like a legit boss. – Lucha, lucha, lucha, lucha! – Thank you so much
to all the awesome WWE Superstars who came in
and shot this episode with us. Be sure to check them out
and check out more from WWE. All the links will be
in the description below. Bye.

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