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Here is your news for December 21, 2019 We’re starting off with some news from this week’s edition of Smack.

Here is your news for
December 21, 2019 We’re starting off with some news
from this week’s edition of Smack
Down on FOX, as Daniel Bryan had his first match
back in quite some time. After his return at WWE TLC with a
new look, Bryan appeared in the
ring this week to explain his absence, claiming that
Bray Wyatt attacks had removed
the heel side of him, leaving only the old Bryan
fans know and love. Calling out The Fiend to face him
in the ring again, it was instead
The Miz who answered, as the A-Lister sympathized
with Bryan for everything the Eco-
Warrior has been through, but said he wants a
piece of Wyatt first, for what the
Universal Champion has done to his family. Unfortunately for the pair, neither
man received Wyatt on this
occasion, as both Superstars were ambushed by Dolph
Ziggler and Baron Corbin, leading to
a tag match which the faces won. Whilst Bryan and Miz may be one
of the oddest pairings in WWE in
years, fans can’t argue with their success, and we
can’t help but think that some
where, Bray Wyatt was watching this match with great
interest. Though the old Daniel Bryan is
back on TV, one Superstar who
fans shouldn’t expect to see is Primo Colon, though that
may not be his own fault. Last week, the former Tag Team
Champion was suspended for
violating the company’s Wellness Policy, but now the former
Tag Champion has claimed that he
has been reprimanded despite not taking
any banned substances. According to Primo who spoke on
Primera Hora in Puerto Rico, the
only reason he was suspended was because he didn’t
take the test, due to being in
Puerto Rico at the time. Primo went on to elaborate that
WWE allegedly requested him
to fly back to the mainland United States for a drugs
test, which Primo refused, saying
that it was unfair for him to pay for a ticket just for a
drugs test, and believed that
WWE would find a lab in Puerto Rico. This event reportedly happened
months ago, but it only led to a
suspension recently according to the former Los
Matadores Superstar, but Dave
Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has said Primo’s side
of things is inaccurate. It’s hard to say what exactly is
inaccurate about his story,
though we do know that Primo’s contract with the company
expires in October, despite
Savio Vega saying that he and Epico are no longer with
the company. That’s very different response than
the one given by the pair’s father
Carlos Colon, who has said they are still with
WWE, and it doesn’t look like
fans will get a clear answer to this story anytime soon. Whilst Primo may be in hot water
for the time being, things are
much different for Dana Brooke, who has had
something of a push recently
on SmackDown. Sharing the ring with SmackDown
Women’s Champion Bayley in
recent weeks, this is the most exposure that Brooke has
had in years, and now the master
of Flex Appeal has confirmed her position by
signing a brand new contract. Breaking the news to Sports
Illustrated, Brooke revealed
she has signed a five-year deal with the company, and spoke
about what she hopes to achieve,
saying: “Part of my goal is to build my own
personal brand. And women
empowerment is a key in the success of my career and
a key for WWE. We can do what the
male wrestlers have done over the years,
and now women are finally being
given that chance.” Debuting in the company in 2015,
Brooke has often been overlooked
for bigger stars such as Ronda Rousey and the Four
Horsewomen of WWE, but 2020 may
be the year for the former bodybuilding model. Brooke’s time in WWE hasn’t been
easy to say the least, but in 2017,
the SmackDown Superstar hit her lowest point, when
her boyfriend Dallas McCarver
passed away. In that same interview with Sports
Illustrated, Brooke spoke about
losing McCarver at a young age, describing the body
builder as her angel, and saying
how she thinks about him every day. Saying that how she couldn’t even
speak about losing Dallas two
years ago, the SmackDown star said that her job
had helped her out, adding: “My career in WWE saved my life
and losing him reminded me that
tomorrow is never promised. It is not promised to
anybody. We have a start date
and an end date, and we have to give forth the best
energy we can when we’re here.” It’s clear that Brooke has taken
some big steps to help her
move on from that sad time, including a budding relationship
with the Animal Batista, which fans
have been able to see play out on social media. We’re not quite sure where
Brooktista will go from here,
but it’s great to see that Dana has been able to pick herself
up and move on with her life, after
the awful events that played out two years ago. From SmackDown to RAW now, as
though the red brand has a lot of
underused stars due to its huge roster, one of the
most underutilized is Bo Dallas. Joining the main roster in 2014, its
hard to think that there was a time
when Bo was the longest reigning NXT Champion,
as upon his RAW debut, the Bo-
Liever enjoyed a brief winning streak, before quickly
falling down the company’s totem
pole After being one of the Social Out
casts and later becoming one
half of the B-Team, Dallas would have some success
last year by holding the RAW Tag
Team titles with the equally overlooked Curtis Axel, but
hasn’t done anything of note in
months. Bo briefly held the 24/7 title earlier
this year, but this week took to
Twitter to address his absence, saying he is currently
on what he described as a life
changing expedition. Promising the fans that the next time
they see him, it will be a Bo they’ve
never seen before, it’s hard to tell whether this
is actually a change of his
character, or if the jobber is just talking nonsense
on social media. As the brother of Bray Wyatt and
the son of I.R.S Mike Rotunda,
Bo definitely has the wrestling pedigree to be a success
in WWE, but time will tell whether
this tweet actually goes anywhere for the
29-year-old Superstar. We’ve got some Rated-R news up
next today, as earlier this week,
we reported that Edge could be returning to the ring,
despite retiring in 2011. After a series of neck injuries forced
the former World Champion into
an early retirement, fans have speculated on
a possible comeback, and this
speculation only grew this month when Edge signed a
new contract with the WWE, that
allowed an in-ring return. Despite many fans dusting off their
old Rated-R T-Shirts in the hopes
of a surprise Royal Rumble appearance, Edge
himself has dismissed the rumors
on his Twitter account Though Edge didn’t refer to the
rumors of his return, or an
appearance at the Royal Rumble, the Hall of Famer simply
said “still not and still not. period”
as it seems the Ultimate Opportunist won’t be
returning to the ring. Of course, the fact that Edge is
denying a return has only led
some fans to believe it is going to happen more, but though
a Rated-R Return would reek of
awesomeness, what matters above everything else
is Edge’s neck and his health. We’ve got some news from the
National Wrestling Alliance up
next, as the old school promotion continues to go from
strength to strength since it’s
relaunch earlier this year. This week, the NWA broke the news
that their upcoming Hard Times
Pay Per View has sold out, and in just three hours. As if that wasn’t big enough, the
VIP sections of the arena sold
out in three minutes, showing that there are plenty of
NWA fans who will pay good
money to see the show. The event is scheduled to take place
on January 24th next year at the
GPB Studios in Atlanta, and, among other matches,
will feature the finals of an ongoing
tournament to crowd the next NWA Television
Champion. And finally, today we’re catching up
with the results from this week’s
SmackDown on FOX, as the Blue brand had a lot to
offer asides from Daniel Bryan’s
first match back.
After Otis received a Christmas Ham
and kiss from Mandy Rose, he and
Tucker wore their finest Santa outfits to take on
the Revival in a Miracle on 34th
street match. The unorthodox match involved
everything from cookies, tables,
bowling balls, and Christmas trees as weapons, though
it was Otis who sealed the win, after
slamming Dawson onto Legos, and anyone
who has tried to cross a child’s
bedroom in the dark will know the pain of the colored
bricks on bare skin. After coming up short, the self-
professed Top Guys were
serenaded by Elias, and after losing to the New Day in a Ladder
match at TLC for the SmackDown
Tag Team Titles, the pairing of Dash and Dawson will
be hoping that 2020 is a much
better year for them. In women’s division action, Carmella
got back to her winning ways after
weeks of losses, by knocking off Sonya
Deville on SmackDown. In a festive mood after her victory,
the Staten Island Princess
celebrated on top of the ramp with the New Day, and the
seven-time tag team champions
would go on to once again defeat Cesaro and
Shinsuke Nakamura. Unhappy with another loss, the team,
alongside Sami Zayn would assault
Kofi and Big E after the match, which proved to be
a fatal mistake thanks to the timely
intervention of Braun Strowman. With Christmas being the time of
giving presents, the Monster
Among Men was more than willing to give out hands to the
heels, and though Zayn was able
to save the King of Strong Style from a running
Poweslam, Nakamura, and his
championship only barely escaped this time. Up next, fans saw Dana Brooke take
on Bayley in a rematch from last
week, though once again it was the SmackDown
Women’s Champion who emerged
triumphant, but the post-match beatdown which
saw Bayley and Sasha Banks
bully Brooke drew the ire of Lacey Evans. In an impromptu match between the
Lady and the Boss, the match was
going quite well, until Banks decided to deliver
some smack talk to Evans’
daughter who was sat at ringside, causing the Sassy
Southern Belle to snap into a fury. Unloading on her opponent, this
led to a double count out for the
pair, and whilst Bayley, Dana Brooke and numerous
officials were able to pull Evans off
the Boss, it’s obvious that this feud is far from over. Velasquez does show, expect him to
be the odds on favourite to win
the 30-Man match.
And finally today we’re heading
back to AEW Dynamite now, as
whilst Tony Schiavone is on the show most weeks, one
place fans will never hear his
name is at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. During the latest edition of What
Happened When, the former
WCW commentator discussed his disdain for how WWE
has treated Eric Bischoff for
leaving him out of the NWO’s upcoming induction next year. The legendary announcer has even
instructed his family to never allow
him into the WWE Hall of Fame, not even after
he has died. He said: “My family has been instructed that
if they want to induct me in anyway,
postmortem, the answer from the family is no. So,
don’t expect from me to be inducted
into the WWE Hall Of Fame. You know, now
I’m pissed off. I’m pissed off
because Eric is not a part of the n.W.o. into the Hall Of
Fame, and I’m pissed off because
Eric got f*cked over by Vince McMahon. Not Bruce
Prichard, who’s our friend, who’s a
good guy, straight up guy, but by Vince
McMahon.” Bischoff, who has said he has made
peace with the decision not to
induct him with the NWO, was with the WWE earlier
this year, but after a disastrous
run as SmackDown Executive Director was let go by
the company. Part of the issue with Bischoff’s
tenure is that no-one knew what
was going on, as multiple reports came out of
Bischoff missing shows and
meetings, and for those he did attend, he could usually be
found hiding in catering. Speaking about Bischoff’s departure,
Schiavone didn’t hold back on his
criticism, saying: “You know, and everybody knows
that Eric was brought in just so
he could get fired, and that f*cking sucks. I know it,
and I’ll guarantee you that I’m
right, and the fact he wasn’t put in the n.W.o. Hall Of
Fame — into the Hall Of Fame
with the n.W.o. confirms it.” Though Bischoff wasn’t inducted
into the WWE Hall of Fame on
this occasion, it’s highly likely that the WCW magnate
and former RAW General Manager
will be inducted one day, though the same
can’t be said for Tony Schivone.

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