WWE News – Triple H To Wrestle In Japan / Brock Lesnar’s Future in WWE/ Sasha Banks Cryptic Tweet

Here is your WWE news for June 10th 2019 WWE Super Showdown is behind us, as the WWE continues on.

Here is your WWE news for June
10th 2019 WWE Super Showdown is behind us,
as the WWE continues on its ten-year deal with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The third Pay per view in the deal, the
event was marred in controversy, and it’s not just the fans who gave the
show negative reviews. According to Wrestle Votes, who had
the opportunity to speak to a few WWE
employees, the feedback amongst the staff was
definitely not positive. One employee described the show
as a “disaster”, whilst another called Super Showdown
a “train wreck.” The view on the show wasn’t much
better by the Superstars themselves, as according to the Wrestling Observer’s
Dave Meltzer, the majority of Superstars were against
the trip completely, but did not speak up. Whilst some high-level talent such as John
Cena, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens
were able to veto the event, the majority of wrestlers don’t have
the same clout as the three former world
champions and according to Meltzer:“Most guys don’t want to rock the boat.
It was an awfully long trip and one person
told me if it was up to him, he would never go back again,
but it was not up to him, so it doesn’t matter.”It doesn’t seem like the WWE’s trips to
Saudi Arabia are getting better in regard
to employee satisfaction or the show’s overall success.
What do you think WWE should do? Comment below and let us know.Though employees and Superstars of
WWE may not have enjoyed Super
ShowDown,no group was more vocal about this
disdain for the event than the fans.After the main event of Goldberg Vs
Undertaker which fans loathed due to
the sloppy work by the two legends, a video has
emerged of the former WCW
Champion collapsingpost-match outside of the ring,
falling flat on his stomach.According to Meltzer, Goldberg did
indeed suffer a concussion during
the match,although it’s not clear when exactly
it happened. Many fans are hoping that this will be
the former Universal Champion’s last
match, as after being shown to be a dominant
force for decades, it’s hard to watch
Goldberg look so frail. An old foe of Goldberg is in the news too,
as though Brock Lesnar didn’t leave Jeddah with the Universal title, he has still
remained prominent in the news.UFC owner Dana White spoke with
TMZ Sports this weekend, and when asked if the proposed
Lesnar fight against UFC Heavyweight
Champion Daniel Cormier, was still a thing, White was quick to
bury the rumour. He said: “He’s done, he made his decision.
I don’t know where he is in that
other world, but I know he is looking to do a
new deal with Vince.”Despite being a part-time star, Lesnar
has appeared frequently on WWE TVsince winning the Men’s Money in the
Bank contract, and has shown more
character as the leader of the Brock Party, than
he has in years.When asked about his relationship with
the Beast Incarnate, White had nothing but good things to say about Lesnar,
saying: “I have always had a good relationship
with Brock. When you decide or do not
decide to fight, it’s a mental decision. If you are not all in, then you should not fight. I think he
made the right decision.”Whilst Brock Lesnar may not be leaving
WWE anytime soon, Jon Moxley certainly is making huge
waves since departing the company
earlier this year.The former Dean Ambrose, Moxley
made quick work of Shota Umino
in his second match for New Japan Pro Wrestling, and
delivered even more after the match.Grabbing a mic, the former World
Champion described himself as both
a gentlemanand purveyor of violence, but made
it clear he wants in on the G1 Tournament.The annual tournament features
only the top wrestlers of the promotion, competing in a round-robin style event,
meaning everyone gets to face each other. A gruelling event lasting four weeks,
the winner will not only receive bragging
rights, but a title match at their biggest show
of the year, Wrestle Kingdom.Moxley is clearly in it to win it, but
despite capturing the IWGP United
States title last week,He will have his work cut out to
win the G1.It’s obvious that Moxley is a lot
happier outside the WWE’s grasp, but one Superstar who continues to
remain in the fans’ mind despite not
appearing on TV is Sasha Banks. The Boss has been through quite a
journey in 2019, including becoming
part of the the first WWE Women’s Tag Team
Champions, but hasn’t been seen
since she and Bayley lost the titles to the IIconics at
WrestleMania.Reportedly threatening to quit the
company backstage at the event, this may be easier said than done
for the former champion, who signed a new lengthy contract
with the company last year.Given her absence, fans been
paying close attention to everything everything the former RAW Women’s
Champion has done during her hiatus, so it’ll come as good news to her fans
that Banks posteda picture of herself in an NXT ring.Whilst Banks may be pining for her
days in the developmental brand,
so are many Superstars, and it’ll be interesting to see where she,as well as her seamster husband
Mikaze, who also works for WWE,
goes from here. Speaking of relationships, one huge
couple was made public recently, as Intercontinental Champion Finn
Balor revealed that he is indeed dating
FOX Sports host Vero Rodriguez. During the pre-match festivities for the
UEFA finals contest between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool,
Rodriguez tried to get a prediction from the rather drunk Balor, who
instead revealed that the duo are
together.Later posting a picture of the couple
on social media, fans were quick to
call attentionto the rock on Rodriguez’s finger,
as it seems the pair are engaged, and this could also clear up what
the “forever gang” is that Balor has been alluding to
on social media.And finally today we have news that
Triple H will be making an appearanceat the June 28th WWE Live event in
Tokyo, Japan.The 14-time World Champion will be
back in the ring just weeks after his
Super Showdownloss to Randy Orton, and is hoping to
have much more success when he
teams withAJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl
Anderson to take on Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Bobby
Lashley and Samoa Joe.Other matches announced for the event
include Becky Lynch taking on Alexa Bliss and Richochet facing
his nemesis Cesaro, making this show a must-see for anyone
in the Tokyo area. Well guys that’s the news for today
if you have any opionion on anything today
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  1. The WWE better be ready in Japan than they did at the horrible Jetta show I look toward to more wrestling new. Very well done 👍

  2. It’s a forgone conclusion that we’ll still be disappointed with WWE programming because Vince don’t care what we think.

  3. heh wwe deciding to go into enemy territory or the lion's den by going to Japan? the amount of crowd audio replacement oughta be good and the outcome should be interesting

  4. People need to stop bashing on Goldberg for this match, he suffered a concussion, it was 90+ degrees and it over 50 years old. I think they could have put on a good match in a better climate and if both men are in good shape.

  5. What should wwe do…..mmmm well they could firstly stop going to a country that executes innocent people, a country that gives women no rights and bans homosexuality.
    Wwe have sold themselves out and it's no wonder fans are leaving in large numbers.

  6. The WWE needs to break with the murdering kingdom. Who still stones women to hell with the SAUDIS Lets ask Princess Misha Al. Opps we can’t as her grandfather the than ruler had her shot. Because she wanted to marry for live and not a forced marriage and they beheaded the man she was IN LOVER. In a public forum .
    Get place huh ??!!!

  7. WWE really needs to step up their game if they wish to entertain the audience in Japan. Seriously, they are used to the higher caliber NJPW, why would they want to bother watching the garbage we see on Smackdown and Raw every week? I would take last week's Dominion over any Wrestlemania in the last 10 years or more. The WWE would be better off sending the better show, NXT, to Japan.

  8. Enough with Sasha Banks already!
    She's overrated, and quite frankly hasn't been missed!
    Leave her to her lame ass tweets.

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