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If you tuned into WWE Monday Night
RAW this week only to think that
one promo by Elias sounded very familiar, then you may
have heard it be discussed by Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho on Y2J’s
podcast just a few weeks ago. As Jericho’s guest, Moxley said that
when WWE was in Los Angeles in
late November 2018 he was told to deliver a promo about
the fans being smelly and disgusting. This didn’t sit well with the then Dean
Ambrose, who argued that the promo
was very unlike his character, though when asked
he could tweak it slightly, was ordered to recite exactly what
had been written. On this week’s RAW, Elias delivered
a promo where the former 24/7
Champion ripped into the crowd with verbiage much
like the November promo, something fans online were very
quick to notice, as many took to
Twitter to talk about the promo, and the segment was even
discussed by Dave Meltzer
on Wrestling Observer Radio. That’s not to say that the promo
was word for word identical, as
Elias’ speech included a reference to Anthony
Davis being traded to the Lakers, though the majority of the promo
was copy and pasted from
November. Meltzer speculated that the promo
must have been liked back in
November backstage, probably Vince McMahon himself,
and the decision was made to
re-use it this week. As a part of AEW, at least Moxley
will have more creative freedom
in his mic work, something that was part of a long
list of reasons for Moxley to quit
WWE earlier this year. Well you won’t be seeing Jon Moxley
on WWE anytime soon, and you
might not be seeing Sasha Banks either, as the former
RAW Women’s Champion has gotten fans talking yet again
with a cryptic tweet she posted. In the tweet, the Boss listed several
cities and countries, each one with
a rich connection to wrestling, including places like
Brooklyn, where she faced Bayley
for the NXT Women’s title, Philadelphia, the
birthplace of ECW and Mexico, known
for the Lucha Libre style. The tweet that you can see here, has
led many fans to speculate that
these places will be for autograph signings or
appearances Banks will be making
outside of WWE, as speculation continues to grow
about her status with the company. The former Women’s Tag Team
Champion still hasn’t been seen
since April when she and Bayley lost the gold to the IIconics at
Wrestle Mania, and according
to rumours, Banks threatened to quit the
company backstage at the
show of shows. Though Banks and several parties
involved have denied the claims,
fans have speculated that the Boss is ready to sit out
the rest of her contract as talks
between between her and WWE have
reached a stalemate. Though she could end up leaving,
PW Insider recently reported that
Banks was spotted spotted in Orlando, Florida recently,
filming content for the upcoming WWE
2K20 game, a sign that she may stay. One Superstar who may be better
gone from the company though is
EC3, and if you follow the RAW Superstar’s social media
accounts, there are hints of sadness
and frustration with how WWE have used him in
recent months. Getting called up at the end of 2018,
EC3 certainly has the right look,
talent and charisma to be a megastar, though for whatever
reason, things haven’t worked out. Asides from a win on Dean Ambrose
in February, the former Impact World
Champion have been barely used, and when he
is, is almost always on the losing
end of things. On this week’s RAW, EC3 was teased
to be Baron Corbin’s special guest
referee when the Lone Wolf faces Universal Champion
Seth Rollins this Sunday at Stomping
Grounds, only to be attacked by the Beast
slayer with a steel chair. Taking to Twitter, EC3 hinted at his
frustrations, saying “Every time I make you laugh, I
suffer more inside.” Recently referring to himself as
the bottom one per cent on
Instagram, it’s genuinely baffling why EC3 is
being treated so poorly, though
one reason may be that the former Derick Bateman
was able to make a name for
himself without WWE’s help in TNA, and that may not sit
well with some backstage. Whatever the reason, hopefully
things will change for the former
Impact World Champion very soon. One thing that has changed this
week was RAW’s viewership, which
saw a slight increase from last week, thanks partly to the
NBA Playoffs wrapping up. This week’s show drew an average
2.24 million viewers, up from last
week’s 2.13 million and though this is good news for
the company, the hourly breakdown
is the same as usual. In the first hours, the red brand drew
2.33 million viewers, whilst hour
two saw that number drop a fraction to 2.3 million,
and by hour three, 2.08 million homes
were tuning in. This week’s 0.56 overall share of
the 18-49 demographic is down
from last week’s show, but did give the longest running
show in WWE the second highest
rated original program spot on cable this past Monday. SmackDown Live on the other
hand, was not so fortunate,
trailing to an episode of Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives
of Beverly Hills’. Down around 71,000 viewers
from last week, this week’s show
saw an average 1.86 million homes tuning in, making SmackDown
the 8th most watched cable original
on Tuesday, trailing behind Fox News shows,
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and OWN’S
The Haves and Have Nots. With Summer around the corner,
WWE will be hoping these numbers
will change, though it’s difficult to say at
this point. It seems this is just what WWE
viewership looks like in 2019,
and unless a major shift happens in the company, both on-screen
and backstage, the numbers will
continue to be this low. Sad news now as UK promotion
Insane Championship Wrestling
has confirmed the death of Adrian McCallum, better known
as Lionheart at the young age of 36. Massively popular on the UK indie
scene, Lionheart made a name
for himself in both Preston City Wrestling
and ICW, debuting for the
latter in 2007. The ICW World Heavyweight
Champion at the time of his
passing, Lionheart’s death has come as a shock and a blow to
everyone, as the company sent out
the following statement: “We are heartbroken to learn of the
tragic death of ICW World Heavyweight
Champion Adrian ‘Lionheart’ McCallum. Adrian
was a mainstay of ICW and British
professional wrestling Most importantly, he was our friend.
His passing leaves a huge hole in the
lives of those who knew him.” Whilst it’s currently unclear what
Lionheart died of, the wrestler posted his final tweet shortly before his
death, saying. “One day you will eat your last meal,
you will smell your last flower, you
will hug your friend for the last time. You might not know
it’s the last time, that’s why you must do everything
you love with passion.” In case you’re not up to date with
Netflix, this is a quote from Ricky
Gervais comedy ‘After Life’ and the line was said by the
comedian who is mourning the
death of his wife. This shocking news has seen a
wave of tributes pour in by
wrestlers and fans alike, and we here at Slat Rock wrestling
would live to send our very
best wishes to McCallum’s family at this
awful time. Back to WWE now and Mark Henry
is proving that despite his
dominating physique and World’s Strongest Slam, there
is a heart of gold inside the Super
Heavyweight. Living in Austin, Texas, Henry knows
how hot it can get in the city, and
over Father’s Day weekend, wanted to do something
special for the homeless community
there. Taking part in a charity event to give
homeless men haircuts, the WWE
2018 Hall of Famer showed his kinder side by helping
those less fortunate, and recently spoke with TMZ
about why he took part. “People don’t acknowledge them.
They treat them like they’re invisible. 9 times out of 10 people just look
at them and don’t talk to them.
That’s gotta be a horrible existence.” “I got a lot of joy out of seeing
people smile and feel good
about how they looked, it meant a lot to them.” Whilst it may seem trivial to us, a
haircut can make a world of
difference to someone on the street, helping them to
keep cool in the warm months, making them look more
respectable if they apply
for a job, and showing that someone
out there does care for them. Henry’s actions were very
cool to see, and hopefully the
former World Heavyweight Champion will have encouraged
countless folks to spend a bit of time
helping others, rather than themselves. Well guys, that’s our news for today
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  1. That sucks , Ec3 is awesome and genuinely deserves a monster push. He’s too good to deal with their stupid politics.

  2. The thing with Sasha doing her work for the video games is that keeps WWE from adding time on to her contract legally.

  3. WWE'S idea of promoting young exciting talent when called up is to either squash them week after week when they're a hot commodity or just use them in house shows so they don't get air time & wonder why they don't get over & why viewing figures are the shits.

  4. EC3 deserves so much better. It makes no sense to bring him to the main roster if all you are going to do is make him a joke.

  5. How can we talk about a recycled promo without talking about a recycled Austin/Vince/Corporation storyline with Shane and Roman?

  6. The entire WWE universe deserves better booking. The roster wins, the fans win, but I guess Vince would see that as his loss, SMH

  7. Ec3 Bobby roode revival good brothers aj styles and finn balor they can’t really promote outside talent

  8. Good ol Slat Rock you can always count on them to break a story 3 days after WrestleTalk or Cultaholic and they never fail to crank out the click baitc

  9. Jericho sux. Bad person. Cocky and I'd kick his ass for all his bullshit. He was a good screamer while being a joke in wcw.. Then wwf. The Rock destroyed you Jericho. U never bounced back from that.. EHHHVER!

  10. I don't know how over 2 million viewers can actually sit and watch that soap opera garbage week after week because there's not much wrestling at all going on inside of 3 hours.
    Within 3 hours you get a handful of WWE superstars week after week of mostly just talking down to one another,flexing their egos and acting a fool.

    Now,you may call that entertaining but it isn't pro wrestling because once upon a time pro wrestling itself was entertaining enough and promos and such were only used for intermissions afterward in-between matches and even then did not take up a whole lot of time and they would often end the show with an altercation and/or chaos breaking out leaving you to want to tune in next week to see or find out what all happened after going off the air and what the consequences wrestler(s) would receive.
    Also,the championships were very handsome back then,you can tell a lot of work was put into most if not all of them.

  11. Old derrick bateman is in a good way the corner Stone of main event and soon the cup t-shirts well sell through the roof just like new day pancakes 😆😆😆😁😁 dolph it should have been me

  12. I heard that Lionheart took his own life. So sad 😔 how to end this terrible tragedy amongst our wrestlers? Now I feel worried for them all. How to help them in need?

  13. It makes me angry that VInce pissed all over and wasted so much WCW talent or just left them to sit at home to never be seen again but he did the same to all the classic TNA talent who imo are the biggest stars not WWE of the late 2000's and early 2010's. Bobby Roode , Austin Aires , AJ STYLES , Samoa Joe , Kazarian , Christopher Daniels , Eric Young just a small group of guys who should be top tier talent insulted and told to start in WWE Bush leagues as if all the work they put in means not a damn fucking thing to the WWE.

    Shit i mean AJ Fucking STYLES started way back in WCW's last few months as if none of this matters or the legacy they paved for them selves. Especially Aj Styles probably my favourite wrestler from the era when WCW was not around anymore. Coming from a fan of WCW and NWA and WWF not WWE those TNA guys were more important and much better and bigger stars come the late 2000's early 2010's then anything the WWE had on their roster.

  14. Big ups to Mark for doing something for the homeless. Always a good thing to do as there are lots of and most are legitimately down and out and down on their luck and are not drunk hobos or drug addicts which seems to still be a stigma that the ignorant still believe in. Mark Henry has a heart of gold and is a big teddy bear in a menacing body that is intimidating but inside is the most kind friendly gentle and approachable person : ) Making somebody smile or just laugh really goes a long way and for me is such a satisfying thing to do for other people.

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