WWE Hall of Famers get destroyed: WWE Top 10, Aug. 12, 2019

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100 thoughts on “WWE Hall of Famers get destroyed: WWE Top 10, Aug. 12, 2019”

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    have a great life and good luck in the future✅

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  2. Damn, sucks that Nexus had a chance to be a threat but thanks to Cena, they looked like jobbers.
    That's why I hate John Cena. He ruins too many young careers…

  3. Great to see all Randy Orton Fans in this comment section ! Cause he's the OG Legend Killer ! Rest are just wannabes

  4. Fiend attacking Mick Foley should have been there instead of Kurt Angle.

    Brock Lesnar breaking Shawn Michaels arm should have been there instead of Dolph's kick.

  5. As freaky and cool as Wyatt’s “Fiend” Schlick is, not even he can make the freaking Mandible Claw look good.

  6. 0:12 I See The Miz On Attack Jerry Lawler
    The Miz On Jerry Lawler
    The Miz: When I Was Jump In Crowd, I Attack Jerry Lawler
    Jerry Lawler: All Sudden, Miz Attacks Me, I Was Watching Michael Cole's GM.
    Cole: The Miz, Jump In Crowd, Watching Jerry, Looking Around, Miz Is Trouble, I'm Getting Fired.

  7. Batista saved the day. Came in clutch and didn't care what the crowd said when he saved an innocent man trying to do his job. That's a real man right there. I'd do the same even if it had killed me

  8. Orton's should do a variation of his legend killer as he wants to kill the rise of the new talent while keep his own legend on top. Make him a "dream killer" sounds like a good scenario to me

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