WW2 – OverSimplified (Part 1)

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  1. If anyone is looking for that last song at the end of the video it’s called “the complex” by kevin Macleod”

  2. 3:57…yeah…wrong flag…not black yellow red. Its black red yellow😂
    Great job. You are fired. Get out of here😂

  3. The nazis didn’t see themselves as the master race, they just wanted to preserve their heritage and culture that was being degraded by cultural Marxism in the 1920’s ( homosexuality, abortion, breakdown of the family unit etc). Also the reason the nazis wanted to defeat and invade the soviets was because hitler saw what the Soviet Union was becoming and it was just a matter of time before the soviets invaded Western Europe and implemented communism in their new conquered land, not to mention the man made famines that were killing tens of millions of the Russian population under the Bolshevik communists. So this whole hitler wanted to rule the world and dispose all other ethic people is nothing but Jewish propaganda and if you wanna talk about real supremacy look at the Jews who view themselves as gods chosen people and think they have the right to rule over the world and other races

  4. And why didn’t the British and French declare war on Russia for invading Poland but did declare war on Germany?

  5. Good breakdown, except Hitler wasn't anti socialist, he was a socialist, just a nationalist socialist. The soviets were also socialists. AOC and Bernie sanders are also socialists, but call themselves democratic socialists. Essentials are the same.

  6. 8:23– So a quadruple negative? Won’t & Not is the first double negative so they cancel out. Refrain from Not betraying is the other double negative. So if we remove the double negatives, we get “I definitely betraying you in the future” or just “I will betray you.” It took me a second to realize the quadruple negative.

  7. Country that uses bows and arrows and wooden spears: Exists
    Italy: Finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!

  8. So in the end the america and italy are the biggest traitors in those war. The germany wants the humilation and suppression of defeat to be erase and the japanese was occupied by american.

  9. My great-grandfather was Oberleutnant and served during the initial invasion of Poland. It didn’t last long because the Polish fought hard, but rather because we couldn’t catch them. He said that he was so mad because „the bastards wouldn’t stop running“. Lol

  10. 6:40 im slovakian and it is offensive that they just gave us to the germans. Now i have to learn german in school. (I want to learn russian)

  11. My granddad got injured in the war

    He fell in hole broke his foot and stayed in Canada for the rest lmao

  12. This man actually put swastikas on the brownshirts and then blurred them out, you could've just, not put them on? And who honestly get's so triggered over the sign of a swastika in an educational video?

  13. America: ur ganna trade with us and ur ganna like it
    also America: nukes japan
    Japan: this has been the worst trade deal in the history of trade deals

  14. OverSimplified: exists
    Skillshare: Imma bout to sponsors this man's whole career!
    Oversimplified: get sponsored by Vikings war of clan
    Skillshare: DUDE, uncool

  15. I watch your video while i do homework i learn new things about history and get to concentrate and have fun while doing homework thank you for letting me pass my sophomore year thank u.

  16. Who is it that drives the Russians, the English, and the Americans into battle and sacrifices huge numbers of human lives in a hopeless struggle against the German people? The кiкєs!

    Who is it that invents new plans of hatred and destruction against us every day, making this war into a dreadful case of self-mutilation and self-destruction of European life and its economy, education and culture? The кiкєs!

    Who devised the unnatural marriage between England and the USA on one side and Bolshevism on the other, building it up and jealously ensuring its continuance? Who covers the most perverse political situations with cynical hypocrisy from a trembling fear that a new way could lead the nations to realize the true causes of this terrible human catastrophe? The Kiкєs, only the sub-human J*ws!

    They are named Morgenthau and Lehmann and stand behind Roosevelt as a so-called brain trust. They are named Mechett and Sassoon and serve as Churchill’s moneybags and order givers. They are named Kaganovitsch and Ehrenburg and are Stalin’s pacesetters and intellectual spokesmen. Wherever you look, you see Jews!

  17. Battle of britain

    Germans: outnumbered the uk
    Heavy weapons
    Nearly everything in Europe captured
    Have tea
    Epic spitfires

    Also the russians to the germans when the winter came:
    Im about to end this lands whole career

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