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100 thoughts on “WRESTLING PRACTICE”

  1. Damn dude, Joe leaving. Hard to take, it was like yesterday when he was being told "Nice cock" on a gondola on the way to E3. I wish him luck in the future. Imma miss that crazy chicken.

  2. A boxing ring is way different than a wrestling ring that's probably why it hurt so bad. There's a large spring under most wrestling rings to help distribute the weight better, and make the impact less painful. A boxing ring is way harder, it can be used for wrestling but it's gonna hurt.

  3. We will all sincerely miss Joe. I hope he has a great time doing what he wants to with his life. I know it's not the end of seeing him, as a whole, since he still posts on Instagram. But I look forward to the day he reunites with Cow Chop, even if only for a couple videos.

  4. I love how James didn't want Joe to leave becuase of the fact that they are such good friends and how he will accept him back at any time in the future

  5. I haven't watched cow chop in a while and have been wondering where joe was. I'm so sad to hear he moved on but I'm glad he's on good terms with the crew and he's just going to get his degree. We love you joe! Hope to see you again soon 🙂

  6. i cry when James hugs joe its the most sadest and happyes i have never seen them like that dude ;)am happy(;

  7. haha james had the same reaction as i did when we got those aweful chocolates in our store. i work at an fye and when we got them i bought all of them and they were soooo bad XD lmao

  8. Im sad thats joes left …. But (ik he got hurt) but that was some of the funniest shit when trevor dropped down, like df was going through his head 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. The only time James gets something and everyone likes it except for him, usually it’s the other way around.

  10. Joe keep on doing what you do while we wait for your return, but if not it was great to see you in this venture

  11. To be honest, I thought Joe was annoying in thecreatures.just a guy in a mask that holds a camera. Wasn't till they switched to cow chop when I got to see Joe more when he started to grow on me.

  12. Looking back on this almost a year later I find myself still thinking the same thing about Joe. Joe is a constant stream of positivity on the camera and I strive to try to do that in my life.

  13. "Is this your last BTS? Do you have any last words?"

    "I mean, like- I don't know. It's gonna be weird."

    That's our Joe, eloquent to the end.

  14. It especially hurts watching this and knowing that James never really did fully bounce back from Joe's departure, and that's part of how he got burnt out and realized he needed to separate from cow chop for his mental health

  15. Absolutely love the fact that Aleks was trying to make Trevor feel better. Ah as if this was Joes last BTS.

  16. im really drunk right now, but we never coul dhave know this was the beginning of the end. fuck i wish cow chop was still how it used to be. its getting better after james left but we all know tis gonna end in new years. im so fucking sorry guys, i wish we coul dhave done more as fans to support you all individually so that in the vent of something like this you would all be okay

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