Wrestling Origins: Roman Reigns

Wrestling Origins Roman Reigns Love him or hate him, Roman Reigns is going to be a star in the WWE.

Wrestling Origins Roman Reigns
Love him or hate him, Roman Reigns is going to be a star in the WWE for years to come. He’s already been WWE Champion a number
of times and received a huge push as the company’s top star, though that seems to be slowing
down now. With Roman in the upper-mid card now fighting
for the United States Championship, I think a lot of people will start to judge him less
harshly. I know some of you guys don’t care for this
video, but a lot have expressed interest in it as well, so here is Wrestling Origins:
Roman Reigns. Leati Joseph Anoaʻi was born on May 25th,
1985. He is of both Samoan and Italian descent and
grew up in Pensacola, Florida. From a young age, Joe, as he’s commonly
referred to, was a fan of wrestling. I mean, how could he not be? His father, Sika, was a wrestler as well as
many other members of his family. He is cousin to Yokozuna, Rikishi, and Umaga
to name a few, as well as The Usos and even The Rock, though non-biologically. Growing up, Joe’s father was noticeably
absent as he was constantly on the road for wrestling. He says they didn’t have the greatest relationship
growing up because he was away so often, but when he was home, things were much better. Though wrestling and the wrestling world was
always around him, Joe actually preferred the sport of football. While attending Pensacola Catholic High School,
Joe would play on the football team, as well as his one year at Escambia High. In his senior year, the defensive tackle was
named the Defensive Player of the year. After graduating, Joe would attend the Georgia
Institute of Technology in 2003 where he played for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Interesting fact: one of his teammates at
the time was NFL wide receiver Calvin Johnson. While in college, his skills would greatly
improve over the years. By his senior year, he was named team captain,
and was one of the most effective members of the team’s defence. Despite his talents though, Joe wouldn’t
be a high prospect in the 2007 NFL draft. Scouts said that he “lacked the instinctive
feel for the flow of the ball” and he “didn’t have the range to make plays in space”. Essentially, he just wasn’t good enough
for the NFL. Joe wouldn’t be drafted, but would impress
scouts enough to be given a shot by the Minnesota Vikings. He made it to the rookie training camp, but
was released a month later. Once again giving Joe false hope, the Jacksonville
Jaguars would sign him in August only to drop him less than a week later, never allowing
him to grace the field during the season. With his NFL hopes seemingly crushed, Joe
went up to Canada and was signed by the CFL’s Edmonton Eskimos in 2008. He would play for one season, competing in
5 games and starting in 3. However, his efforts just weren’t enough,
as he was released by the team in November of 2008 which prompted his retirement from
football. With his football dreams behind him, Joe turned
to his family’s heritage and decided to pursue wrestling. He would sign a developmental contract with
WWE in July of 2010, getting assigned to FCW. Now the circumstances of his signing are a
bit unclear which has prompted many to claim it was simply because of his family name,
which could be true, but I don’t want to speculate so I’ll leave it at that. Joe would make his FCW debut under the ring
name Roman Leakee against Richie Steamboat in a losing effort. He would mainly wrestle in tag team matches
for the rest of 2010, mostly training and gaining experience. In 2011, Leakee formed a tag team with Donny
Marlow and competed for the FCW Tag Team Championships, though lost. Skipping ahead to 2012, Leakee would pin the
FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger during a tag team match. Soon after, he would win a triple threat match
against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to become number one contender for the Heavyweight Championship. However, he would fail to capture the heavyweight
belt, but he would win the Tag belts with Mike Dalton soon after only to drop them fairly
quickly. After WWE rebranded FCW to NXT, Joe was given
the new ring name of Roman Reigns, completely changing his character as well. He became a pure powerhouse which was in stark
contrast to the suave businessman persona of Leakee. After just a few weeks, Reigns was called
up to the main roster as part of The Shield. The Shield would make their televised debut
in November of 2012 at Survivor Series where the group attacked Ryback, allowing CM Punk
to retain his title. The group denied working for Punk, though
would conveniently lay waste to any that opposed him. After defeating Ryback, Kane, and Daniel Bryan
at TLC as well as attacking both Ryback and The Rock, it was revealed that Punk and Paul
Heyman had indeed hired The Shield. In early 2013, The Shield began to move away
from Punk and would have several notable feuds. They would start with John Cena and Sheamus,
who along with Ryback were defeated in a 6-man tag match at Elimination Chamber. The trio would also face Randy Orton, Big
Show, and the Celtic Warrior at WrestleMania 29 where they won their first WrestleMania
match. Moving forward to Extreme Rules in May, the
team of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins defeated Team Hell No, Bryan and Kane, to win the WWE
Tag Team Championships. They would successfully defend these titles
against the former champions, as well as The Usos and the Primetime Players. During this run, Reigns would be pinned for
the very first time on September 23rd during an 11 on 3 handicap match. Around the same time, The Shield began working
for The Authority. This would mark the beginning of the downfall
for the group as not too long after, the champions would lose their belts. After losing their belts, Dean Ambrose boasted
his talents as he was the only remaining member with a championship, which angered the other
two. Skipping forward, Roman would defeat CM Punk
in a singles match in January of 2014 after previously losing to him at TLC. Reigns would also enter the 2014 Royal Rumble,
where he set the record for the most eliminations in a single match with 12, with two of those
being his Shield teammates, though he didn’t win the Rumble. The Shield would face the team of John Cena,
Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan as well as the Wyatt Family, which against whom they lost. This would further cause issues among the
members, though they elected to remain together. However, after WrestleMania 30, the group
decided to cut ties with The Authority. After Triple H and his reformed Evolution
stable couldn’t stop them, he initiated his “plan B” which had Seth Rollins turn
on his brothers and join The Authority. As a singles competitor, Reigns would quickly
become a headliner and contender for the WWE Championship. However, he would be unsuccessful in a Ladder
match at Money in the Bank as well as at Battleground. Soon after, Reigns and Rollins went at and
set up a match for Night of Champions, though due to a legitimate injury, Reigns had to
forfeit. He would return in December to a “Superstar
of the Year” award, one that many believe he didn’t deserve. He would enter the 2015 Royal Rumble and won
it, earning himself a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. He would face Brock Lesnar in a grueling match
that had the two exhausted where Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to
win the championship. From there, Reigns would enter a feud with
the Wyatt family where he was initially defeated at Battleground, though emerged victorious
in a tag team match at SummerSlam. Finally, Reigns would win at Hell in a Cell
to end the rivalry. Very soon after, the WWE World Heavyweight
Champion Seth Rollins suffered a legitimate knee injury and was forced to vacate his title. A tournament would be held to crown the new
champion, and after defeating Big Show, Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio, and Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns
became WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the first time. However, Sheamus would quickly cash in his
Money in the Bank contract and pinned Roman, ending his first reign at just 5 minutes. After getting a rematch with Sheamus with
his WWE career on the line the night after TLC, Reigns would defeat the Celtic Warrior
to win the title for a second time. He would hold this for approximately a month
until he lost it to Triple H after being eliminated in the Royal Rumble match. He would receive a rematch at WrestleMania
32 after defeating both Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose in a triple threat bout, and would
defeat Hunter to win the belt for a third time. Reigns would successfully defend his belt
against A.J. Styles at Payback and Extreme Rules, though
lost it to a returning Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank, who in turn lost it to Dean Ambrose
via Money in the Bank cash-in. On June 21st, 2016, Joe was suspended for
30 days for violating the WWE Wellness Policy for rumoured Adderall use. Reports say that WWE knew of the violation
prior to the PPV, thus changed the story to have Roman drop the title. Roman Reigns was drafted to RAW on July 19th,
and on July 24th he took part in The Shield Triple Threat match which had him face off
against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Reigns would be pinned by Ambrose, which was
effectively ended of his run in the main title picture for now. Reigns would fail to qualify for a shot at
the newly announced WWE Universal Championship and has since turned his attention to the
United States Championship and Rusev, against who he has a match at SummerSlam. I just realized that by the time you watch
this, that’ll be way in the past but whatever lets just end it off right there. And that was Wrestling Origins: Roman Reigns. If I left out anything you think was significant
then be sure to leave a comment below so everybody can see it. Leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed
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Origins. As always, thanks for watching!

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  1. When will people learn big entertainment industries are all about connections…. literally all about connections. can't say he's not talented. Defensive player of the year is one huge accomplishment.

  2. I wasn't a huge fan of half his title wins, but his treatment of US Title is unbearable, including wearing it backwards and saying that beating Owens and the Universal Championship are his main focus, all while owning the US Title.

    If you ask me, it was Bullshit at Summerslam when Cesaro and Owens went into Summerslam with no Title, while jaggof Cena and Seth freaking Rollins, fought for ownership of US and World Title. That was a travesty, but Roman's treatment has just compounded how much no one cares about US Title.

    Freaking Rusev, the Nashivillian Bulgarigan, is the 1 person in WWE who cares about the US Title. I think Rusev should go face, and tell Roman he is more American, and though he might be an immigrant, he has more respect for the country, than Roman.

  3. I care!! Screw the haters Roman is an amazingly talented man he has improved so so much and look how far he has come he puts on amazing matches every week! Great video thanks

  4. I know exactly how to get Roman over with the crowd. Don't have him talk at all, don't give him any title runs, turn him heel, and just have him destroy everything every week!

  5. I like the Person. Dislike the Character. All these hardcore haters need to realise the difference between Scripted and Reality.

  6. It's funny u hear alot of ppl say they don't Reigns but he is in the top of most merchandise bought and b4 wrestlemania for his autograph session they had to shut down Samoan Joe's early just so they could have more room for ppl waiting to get a autograph

  7. neither do i people are just cunts, dislike anyone just coz he probably is not as bad as people think he is!

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  9. All you Roman Reigns haters need to shut up. Just because Mom has rough patches doesn't mean that he's a bad wrestler just because he's different doesn't mean he's bad person just because he's still uses the shield music does it mean that he is riding on their backs so y'all need to shut up He just let you know Roman did make a name for himself and we don't need we don't need you all to bring him now. So y'all can really go suck a penis and get off his back.

  10. Reigns is the best all around performer the WWE had since HBK. His matches all range from good to excellent. I don't recall one bad match. he made Elias look good for God's sake. I never thought that would be possible.

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