Wrestling Origins: Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal has surprisingly gone from a nobody who was released by WWE just a few years back to a.

Jinder Mahal has surprisingly gone from a
nobody who was released by WWE just a few years back to a superstar wrestling matches
against some of WWE’s top guys. Jinder isn’t amazing in the ring, but he’s
recently undergone a major transformation and emerged as this vascular, ripped specimen,
and we know Vince McMahon just loves it. With him getting some really big matches lately
and even feuding with Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots, here is Wrestling Origins: Jinder
Mahal! Yuvraj Singh Dhesi was born on July 19th,
1986, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Raj, as he’s better known, is the nephew
of former WWF and Stampede wrestler Gama Singh. Raj always looked up to him and was a huge
fan of wrestling ever since he was young. He says his earliest memories were watching
WWF on TV with his grandfather when he was just 3 years old. As you may know, Calgary is a hotspot for
professional wrestling so it’s no surprise Raj was such a big fan. By the time he was 15 years old, Raj wanted
to take a step into the world of wrestling, and did so by approaching his uncle. Gama directed him over to former WWF superstar
Bad News Brown who helped train him, as well as Fake Razor Ramon Rick Bognar a little while
after. He wrestled in Stampede Wrestling and Prairie
Wrestling Alliance under the name Raj Singh where he trained and developed for a few years
while he finished up high school and went to college. Raj didn’t want to fully commit to becoming
a pro wrestler without having some sort of backup plan, so he went to the University
of Calgary where he obtained a business degree. After spending years working in the Calgary
area, Raj would head down to Florida for a tryout with WWE’s developmental territory
FCW. He wasn’t a bad wrestler, but what really
sold WWE on him was his cultural background. Raj came out wearing a traditional Indian
outfit and a turban, and he demonstrated his ability to fluently speak Punjabi, which actually
resulted in WWE signing him on the spot. Not only does the company like the idea of
signing wrestlers of different ethnicities, but they also banked on Mahal for a potential
tour in India. After signing in early 2010, he spent some
time developing in FCW until he was called up to the main roster in 2011. Under the new ring name of Jinder Mahal, he
would debut on April 29th where he did a segment with The Great Khali. This quickly evolved into a feud between the
two with Jinder establishing himself as a heel. Alongside this feud, Jinder would be a dominant
singles competitor going undefeated for nearly 5 months with his first loss coming at the
hands of Khali in September. After that ended, Mahal would begin a feud
with Ted DiBiase and went on to break his undefeated streak by tapping him out. He would then turn his attention to Sheamus,
though he would constantly lose to the Irishman. He also tried confronting Randy Orton but
was quickly hit with an RKO out of nowhere. At RAW 1000, Jinder would lead a group of
superstars consisting of Drew McIntyre, Curt Hawkins, Camacho, Tyler Reks, and Hunico against
Kane after claiming they were going to make a name for themselves by beating him. However, The Undertaker would make his return,
and alongside Kane, took out Jinder and his fellow jobbers. After a brief feud with Ryback where Jinder
actually held his own, he was sent down to the newly rebranded NXT. Jinder would go on a winning streak there
and defeated the likes of Derrick Bateman and Percy Watson before entering the tournament
for the inaugural NXT Championship in August of 2012. Jinder would defeat Bo Dallas and Richie Steamboat
to advance to the finals where he was defeated for the first time in NXT by Seth Rollins. When he got called back up to the main roster,
Jinder Mahal would form an alliance with Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre to create 3MB. The stable would have some initial success,
but eventually became nothing more than a reincarnation of the JOB Squad. They would lose consistently and would be
beaten down by The Shield and Brock Lesnar on separate occasions. After a feud with Los Matadores alongside
Honrswoggle, Jinder Mahal was released from his WWE contract in June of 2014. After being let go, Jinder would go back to
the independent circuit under the name Raj Singh. He notably competed for All Star Wrestling
where he became the tag team champion with Gama Singh Jr., and also wrestled for the
Peurto Rican promotion World Wrestling Council, among others. Raj would also head over to Japan in May of
2015 where he debuted in Inoki Genome Federation, and also went to India in 2016 where he competed
in The Great Khali’s promotion Continental Wrestling Entertainment. On July 27th, 2016, Raj Dhesi signed with
WWE once again as Jinder Mahal. This came at a time when WWE was undergoing
a brand split and needed more superstars to fill out the roster. He would return to RAW on August 1st where
he betrayed and beat his former partner Heath Slater in order to get himself a WWE contract. He would once again serve as a jobber, losing
to superstars like Neville and Sami Zayn before debuted his new “inner peace” gimmick
which was followed by him defeating Jack Swagger. While attending a “sensitivity class”,
Jinder would have a confrontation with Enzo Amore. This led to him attacking Amore, and with
the help of Rusev, put him through a table, which was the beginning of a partnership between
the two as they took on Enzo and his partner Cass. Jinder and Rusev would defeat Cass in a handicap
match, but Jinder lost to Cass 1 on 1. After a little while, Jinder and Rusev began
drifting apart and they eventually got into a brawl at Fastlane with Mahal tossing his
former partner over the barricade. Since then, Jinder Mahal has returned to singles
competition and things have been looking up for his career. He competed against Roman Reigns on RAW, was
the runner-up in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 33 where he was
attacked by Rob Gronkowski, and also faced off against Sami Zayn and Finn Balor (who
he might have concussed). Most recently, Jinder was sent to SmackDown
as part of the Superstar Shake-Up where he had a beer thrown in his face by Rob Gronkowski. And that was Wrestling Origins: Jinder Mahal. I know he isn’t a huge star, but with Jinder
getting more screen time I thought you guys might enjoy learning more about him. Anyways if you liked the video leave a thumbs
up and if you have any suggestions for future episodes of Wrestling Origins, leave them
in the comments. Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you
in the next one!

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  1. Drew McIntyre number one contender for NXT championship
    Jinder mahal number one contender for wwe championship
    Come on Heath slater become number one contender for universal championship

  2. if Heath Slater was still a Tag Team Champion, then Jinder Mahal will become the WWE Champion, also McIntyre becomes NXT Champion, the 3MB would really make sense then

  3. It is not even a question. I hadn't heard of the guy before he returned to the WWE, I saw him and instantly knew he was roided out of his mind. The vein's are one of the biggest giveaways. Combine that with how he actually looked before and wow, it's not even a debate.





  5. There r reasons y Jinder is getting chances. In America all kinds of people watch pro wresting. But in India mainly kids watch them which itself is many times the population of US.If u google u can see that many wrestlers including Cena have come to India to promote WWE realizing the immense possibilities of expansion in a highly populated country. If Jinder gets good matches Indian kids will hopefully watch him which will surely increase the popularity of WWE.

  6. Steroids man .. A lot of steroids .. I wonder now weather his dick erects due to side effect of steroids that's common symptoms of bodybuilding

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