Wrestling League Smashes into the Carolinas

♪Upbeat Music♪ Coming to a local independent wrestling show like Palmetto Championship Wrestling. You’re supporting guys and there dreams. Palmetto.

♪Upbeat Music♪ Coming to a local independent
wrestling show like Palmetto Championship Wrestling. You’re supporting guys and there dreams. Palmetto Championship Wrestling started with a passion back in twenty fourteen. You know, we started as kind of almost
like a hobby out in the backyard and you know we were training
ourselves and it wasn’t really good. I
wrestled for about two years before I took over PCW by
myself. So I had step away from wrestling aspect of it. To
kind of put a focus on the ownership aspect of it. I remember first two thousand fifteen it was our first show in South Carolina. An we have been running ever since. There’s a lot that goes into it.
That’s why I’m proud to be able to have guys like Ethan Case and Billy Brash. Who head up our training academy in Irmo, Palmetto Wrestling Academy. I still have those papers were like first
grade what do you want to be. And I would write wrestler. That is what I
wanted to be and I get a live my dream. I’ve been wrestling
since two thousand four. I’ve been wrestling fifteen years. My father was a wrestler and one thing I feel like was always missing is how guys can be properly trained
for this. Because it is more than just get in there and punch
each other. It’s a show. Adds an element to it. It’s something
that’s kind of been missing from this area. So instead of
having to go to a major city like Atlanta, or Charlotte, or
New Jersey for wrestling school. You can come and train in
Columbia at our facility. It’s a tough work out. We put our guys through a lot of drills because we don’t want
guys to be okay with mediocrity. We are a very strict program.
So when you graduate our program. Your show ready. We
train guys so that they can go WWE, they can go to New
Japan Pro. They’ll be ready for the bigger shows when that
opportunity comes along. Stop wishing start working. You have something that you really want don’t wish for it work for it. I have such a passion for wrestling like I love this. I
eat, sleep, breathe. This is what I think about all day. This is what I want to do. Making a living at it and I am having the time of my life. So I can’t ask for too much more. In two years we’ve already more than
tripled the size of the crowd. When I first started, we were
getting maybe fifty people and last show we had over three
hundred fifty people. Hopefully that momentum keeps going and we
see how far we can take it. Were only getting better, were only
get bigger, and Columbia is untouched. It’s something we can
really build not just for us but with the community. This is
something that you bring the kids to. You can bring every adult you know to and it’s just it’s a good family oriented program that everyone can enjoy. This is something we’ve all grown
together. So you can really tell that when you see the shows. I’m
happy to be able to have a show that’s family friendly. Where people can bring their kids and feel comfortable to see professional
wrestling how it should be. Personal, family friendly, it’s
clean atmosphere, in your face but in a good way, a lot of fun.
You can meet all the wrestlers. You can shake their hands. You can talk to them because there real people. An as long as we stay true that. The future is bright for PCW.
I want them to feel that passion that I have for this.
When I’m up there performing. I want them to feel how much I love this, how much I’m putting into it. I want it to be something where we feel it together. We connect on that level.

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