Wrestler rips anus in match [raw video]

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federations member uh… xbox a_k_a_ sharp waldman a_k_a_ the wanted repeated
a_k_a_ x-factor i’ve believed his name is expected in one of the closet entrances by the
way it’s a bit later you came to see a video
where he cares his ennis go all cylinders cad believes this is where have you
called spot for about a the cases excited includes ravenous fire justice isn’t there to make sure that this uh…
here’s a brief question helen leveled singers were you questioned fifties acting might like something is his fist on the cameras or he’s really really hurting i’d
believe he’s a really really hurt right turn it back up here’s the second
one of people think they have courses hit the he’s been on the comfort last servers will was the bronco buster which
he did in the debbie w_e_u_ money was a member of the end of the world and he had to leave finished mismatch and leave obviously that uh… it’s when he tried
to do the bronco buster into turmoil khalsa you see him grab his behind as much as you guys they want a joke
about this and we’ve done you know the rate at we interviewed reality who
unfortunately had uh… broken penal fracture and we’ve seen these for respect kore rittick injuries acts market a case sean waldman
according the teams the nearly died because he lost so much blood he
underwent surgery he’s now released uh… his girlfriend between out two
cars to be put out this cancer graham photo of them in the hospital so this is an indian men in minneapolis
on saturday at minnesota tcc so we wish him a speedy speedy recovery and never
know what had happened it’s all in the fire it’s all good fun it’s all in
entertainment uh… but do you hate to see situations like this

100 thoughts on “Wrestler rips anus in match [raw video]”

  1. Did they really call pro wrestling TNA for a while? That was how boys rated girls in elementary school. Or if we saw girl with nice body we tell our friends check out those TNA'S which I'm sure you realize mean Tits and Ass. before I get bashed remember I said it was elementary age.

  2. 1st he was known as the 1,2,3 Kid in the WWF(WWE), 2nd- he was known as "Six" when he was part of the NWO in WCW. 3rd- when he went back to the WWF he joined Degeneration X and became known as X-Pac. He was never part of the WWE. (He did star in a home made Porno with fellow D-X member Chyna.) I'am 90% sure of everything I just wrote. I think?…

  3. According to TMZ? Wow you're getting wrestling related news from a bunch of paparazzi airheads? Pls shit head get a job at McDonalds

  4. Those glossy wrestling trousers of his appear to have worked well at concealing any blood loss. I've had 'roids that opened up on me in public and I could've used that material in my gonch; as it was, I had to rush back home looking like I was in the bleeding-out phase of a hemorrhagic virus like Ebola. Not fun.


  6. This is the SECOND video I have seen from TYT Sports that shows their lack of any kind of research in the world of professional wrestling. Just stop.

  7. Why have somebody that is so fucking thick do this?? This dirty jew has no idea what he's talking about. Absolutely haram.

  8. Perfect example of horrible journalism. A clueless nimrod who did no research trying to act like he knows what he's talking about. Sounds like every major media outlet today.

  9. In the description it says that he could of died from that. Imagine that. " Aww I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, but how did he die?"
    "He ripped his anus"

  10. I had my asshole tore out of me man, i was brutally raped by a 7ft 2 inch Gambian, that was hung like an elephant and had balls like fucking coconuts! It took over 300 stitches and physiotherapy to get me to even walk again, and took a further three months to get the fucking smile off my face 🙂

  11. Lmao everyone's so triggered about the "wrong facts". I didn't even know people cared about wrestling, it's so fucking fake rofl

  12. Lol at people telling TYT to get their facts straight. TYT NEVER get their facts straight, and that's why they pander to young socialist college children.

  13. Anal tear. For us straight guys… I'm not sure if there is anything more that we would fear. Maybe 'balls crushed'.

  14. NWO wasnt in WWE is dumb ass, you work for TYT you probably are a liberal so I forgive you for being an idiot but my god get your facts straight

  15. Thats what your fagat azz get XPac. Karma a bitch. You shit in Mark Henry & Sonny sandwich so now your ass hole is your new Vagina

  16. I love X-Pac. He has truly become a hero. He's so open and honest with everyone about every detail of his life. From his injuries, to the sex tape, to his drug issues, to his recovery & personal life. His stories about his mistakes in life & drug use are inspirational when you see how far he has come. This was an absolutly life threatening injury that he's beyond lucky to have survived. No matter what happens to him he tries to make any situation into a positive one. Much love, X-Pac! #MakeSomeNoise

  17. "Irrelevant federations." You mean like the AWA that once had almost every major performer in the 80's that the WWF/E ended up having? Or maybe you meant the NWA that had legendary pro-wrestlers like Ric Flair & some of the most impressive matches in the history of the sport? you are quite possibly the most wrestling illiterate person in the cosmos…Fucking idiot!

  18. He must be prity butt hurt for ending up at the hospital for protending to fight

    (i know it must be bad and im sorry for him and it was just a joke don't kill me)

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