Women Boxing in NY Golden Gloves | 1995 | Pt 4 | 拳击 boxeo ملاكمة boxen ボクシング ប្រដាល 권투 มวย

This is Channel 2 News at 11:00. Women are slugging it out for the first time in the ring for.

This is Channel 2 News at 11:00.
Women are slugging it out for the first time in the ring for the Golden Gloves championship! It’s all happening at Madison Square
Garden tonight and tomorrow night. Channel 2’s Vince DiMentri has the
ringside stories from tonight’s bouts live for us. Well, Vince? Well, Dana I can tell you, it’s a very exciting first night of the 68th annual Daily News Golden Gloves championship fights right here at the Paramount. Big
night for the fight fans; big night for the male fighters but an even bigger night for the female fighters! That’s right; females! You see, tonight is one for
the history books. The first female championship bout started off fast and furious for the 106 pounders. Seconds into the bout 31 year-old Jill
Matthews dropped 30 year old Dee Hamaguchi. It didn’t last long.Two more standing eight counts and the ref stopped the fight. And with that Jill Matthews made history, becoming the first female to win the gloves in 68-year-old Daily News Golden Gloves tournament.>>If you’re gonna do it, this
was the way to go. You know I said no matter what happens I’m here and it’s great!>>Colorful in and out of the ring, 31 year old Matthews, a self-described
hairdresser punk rocker from Manhattan says her boxing is about proving a point.>>You work so hard for things all your life and you don’t get recognition, and
this is recognition. It feels so good! Tough loss for Manhattan’s 30 year old Dee Hamaguchi. She got the ball rolling for women last year when she was the first to send in entry form, only to find out she was the only one but not this year. Hamaguchi also found out a college degree from Yale doesn’t mean squat in the ring.>>My fight? Yeah, I’m disappointed, definitely>>Was it worth it?>>Yeah, of course.>>It was also worth it for Long Island’s
Christine Bruno Sangallo, shiner and all. She took a close decision at 119 pounds
over Ingrid Valentin of Starrett City, Brooklyn>>I like the excitement.
I’m doing it to carry on my family name Because my grandpa was boxer. He passed away so I’m kind of doing it to keep it in the family.>>But how many of the women here plan to take their championship and you do it for money
professionally? None I spoke with. These women just want to fight.>>We have to convince the IOC to have womens’ divisions in the Olympics! I think that’s the first step.>>One of the female fights just ended a few minutes ago tonight here at the Paramount. Farmingdale Long Island’s 18-year old Mickey Pryor won 125 pound
class decision over Manhattan’s 31 year old Jane Nidal. Also tomorrow night concludes the championships here of the Golden Gloves tournament. In addition to several more of the male bouts there will be three more female
championship bouts. Get used to it! Females fighting in the Golden Gloves right here. They’re here and it looks like they’re here to stay! Reporting live from Madison Square Garden, Vince DeMentri, Channel 2 News.>>Well, it’s about time, right?>>Why not? And, Vince, what about the fans? How do they like it?>>Well, the fans we talked to seem to love it! As long as the women are in there and game as we say here in the in the fight
game. They’re game for a fight and willing to put it up. The fight fans don’t care if it’s male or female.>>All right, thanks a lot, Vince! a lot

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