Will Trump Go To War With Iran To Defend Saudi Arabia? | The Daily Show

The Middle East. It’s like the New York Knicks. You know? It’s got major problems, and it’ll probably be generations.

The Middle East. It’s like the New York Knicks. You know?
It’s got major problems, and it’ll
probably be generations before they’re fixed. And over the weekend, tensions flared up once again
in the region when Saudi Arabia’s
oil facilities were attacked by missiles. And the U.S. and Saudi Arabia
are pointing the finger at Iran, which means shit’s
about to go down. Crisis and uncertainty across
the Mideast this morning. The U.S.
and Saudi Arabia facing a big military decision. TV REPORTER:
U.S. Intelligence indicating cruise missiles
that hit Saudi Arabia were fired from Iran. TV REPORTER: Overnight,
Iran issuing a new warning to the United States, even as
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo travelled to the region
to confront the crisis. Yeah, that’s right.
Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State and satisfied
Home Depot customer is flying to the Middle East to confront the crisis
head-on. I actually feel bad
for secretaries of state because, you realize, they only
get sent to shitty situations. Yeah. It’s always them
jumping on a 16-hour flight to go prevent a war
or genocide, or, like, pretend to like
Kim Jong-un. You know, just be like
“Hey, Kim. “I love that outfit.
Who made it? Oh, a-a slave.
Very nice.” And it’s not even like they have
to go to these places in person. Right? Like,
what is Pompeo doing in the Middle East right now
that he can’t do on the phone? Right? Is he just
on the border of Iran like, “You want a piece of this, Iran? “Huh? You want this, Iran? “Bring it! Bring– Oh, shit,
they’re bringing it. They’re bringing it!” But despite there being
no casualties, this is still a big deal. These facilities are responsible for five percent of the world’s
oil production. And that’s probably why
Donald Trump is going through all of his options
on how to respond. NEWSMAN:
The Pentagon is cautioning against striking Iran
but has given President Trump a list
of possible targets there. You certainly could strike
Revolutionary Guard Corps sites. You could you hit bases. NEWSWOMAN: Other options,
a U.S. cyberattack against Iran or targeting Iranian ships. NEWSMAN 2: On Monday,
military leaders presented him with a list of possible actions
against Iran, but people briefed
on the meeting say that the president asked
for more, that he was looking
for a more narrow response that would not draw the U.S. into a broader conflict
with Iran. You know, if there’s one thing
I appreciate about Donald Trump, it’s that despite raving
like a madman on Twitter, he’s actually quite reluctant
when it comes to actual war. Which, when you think about it,
is everyone on Twitter, yeah. Online, they’ll be like,
“Screw you, Gronkowski!” But then if he shows up, he’d
be like, “What did you say?” “Oh, I was talking
about a different Gronkowski. My friend Michael Gronkowski.” But Trump is always quick
to remind America’s enemies that just because
he doesn’t want to fight doesn’t mean
that America can’t fight. NEWSWOMAN: Late Sunday,
President Trump said the U.S. believes
it knows the culprit behind this weekend’s
drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s
oil facilities and is locked and loaded. Uh, the United States
is more prepared than any country
in the history of-of… in any history
if we have to go that way. In any history. Any history. Is Trump talking
about parallel universes? No, like,
what if we think he’s crazy, but the truth is that his brain
can access alternate realities? Like, it would explain
why everything he says is always just slightly off. Like,
maybe in a parallel universe, Hurricane Dorian
did hit Alabama. Yeah. Maybe there,
“covfefe” is a real word. And Frederick Douglass
is still alive. I mean, it’s either that
or he’s a dumb-ass, but we’ll never know. The point is
it’s still not clear whether America will go to war
with Iran, which is probably confusing
for a lot of people, because why is protecting
Saudi Arabia America’s problem to begin with? Well, apparently, it’s because
Saudi Arabia and America have forged a deep bond
over their shared values, by which I mean cold, hard cash. There was an attack
on Saudi Arabia. And, uh,
there wasn’t an attack on us, but we would
certainly help them. They’ve been a great ally. They spend $400 billion
in our country over the last number of years. And they’re not ones that– unlike some countries
where they want terms. They want terms and conditions. No. No, Saudi Arabia pays cash. The Saudis, uh,
are going to have a lot of, uh,
involvement in this if we decide to do something. They’ll be very much involved,
and that includes payment. O-Okay, so, is Trump saying America should go to war
with Saudi Arabia because they buy their stuff
in cash? That would be
the worst motivational speech before war ever. Just like, “Why do we fight? “Not for our wives. “Not for our children. No, because they pay cash!” (screams) “Sometimes Venmo,
which we also accept.” (screams) So, this is a new day
for America. From being a country that used
to fight only for its values to Don King over here saying,
“If the price is right, America gonna fight!” And if that’s the case, you realize those army ads
you see on TV– they have to change them
to be a lot different. Are you a country
that wants to go to war, but you don’t want to use
your own weapons? Do you have cash? Well, the American military
is open for business. Under President Trump’s
new policy, America’s armed forces
are up for rent. We got tanks. We got planes.
We got those guns that go… (imitating gunfire) And if you order
our deluxe package, we’ll even send you
the guys that got bin Laden. What a deal. If you got the money,
America’s military will fight… whoever you want. France? Sure! Your country’s civil war?
Hell, yeah! America itself? See you later, my house. Don’t spend your blood
and treasure on pointless war. Spend ours. Supplies are limited,
so call today. Michael Kosta, everybody.

94 thoughts on “Will Trump Go To War With Iran To Defend Saudi Arabia? | The Daily Show”

  1. this is the partisan bullshit i hate with trevor; every war in the history of wars has been fought over resources. president trump's calls it how he sees it, none of that political correctness crap

  2. I was expecting you will talk about your home country attack on Africans, but you shot your mouth because you are doing your white matters dirty jobs.

  3. À lot of people have this erroneous idea that if you are a successful business man you. can run a country and actually most of trump voters voted him in power for this very reason. However when a ceo bankrupts his company he retrenches his staff he leaves his suppliers stranded and he retires with his profits which he has stacked in a tax heaven and his company just ceases to exist. But what will happen when America is bankrupt? Who gets retrenched? Does America cease to exist?

  4. Saudi hands War with Iran to Trumpanzee White House…i'll not be surprised when it's leaked Saudi destroyed it's own facility at Trumpanzee's Cabinet's request.

  5. Nah… he would sell the Saudis weapons to do that… if they let him build a hotel in Mecca. He would, however, go to war with Iran to get re-elected…

  6. This Video is not objective in anyway, you should explain what exactly happened rather than factually stating Iran as the attacker. Here's the long/short story: Saudi Arabia has been illegally striking yemen for over the past 3 years and now the yemenis struck back. NOW THE US WANTS TO INTERFERE blaming Iran for the attack!?!?! I AM SO DISAPOINTED !!

  7. Money is a legitimate reason for war why do you think throughout history cities that were taken were ransacked its not ideal but a perk of winning which our military is pretty good at

  8. 2:57 he was going for, the united states is more prepared than any country in the history of preparation
    and than relised how that sounds

    With this in mind I come to remember that the Pope is the richest man run organization in the whole world.
    …hmmmmm America in debt needing money to pay off loans with another country. Sad its resorted to this.

  10. For me it is just like the us are looking for a reason to go on war to prevend a financial crisis in the us caused by the tradewar with China which trump started.

  11. This shit is so fake, USA paints someone always as villains so they can attack them and then it results that the accusations where wrong, when the Country is destroyed. Dirty Politics and play the fucking hero.

  12. The problem if America declared a devastation on Iran and attacked it Believe me there will be a disaster for the Americans
    Returning planes will be loaded with bodies
    It is Iran and not any other country beware

  13. More fighting in the Middle East!?

    They call me Glad of War and even I think the Middle East is too hot

    These guys should learn to chill out

    Send them covfefe

  14. Now Americans going to hate irani refugees whh start a war when you don't want them and make their life shitty but guess what atleast world needs a reason to end

  15. 5:20 that is probably the funniest way that I could I could state Americas military/political policy since WWII. I mean think about it, Europe was a blood bath for over 1000 years, and then the U.S. got involved and helped create the league of nations after WWI,(which did fail), and then after WWII, the country helped found the U.N and maintained it's position of lead power broker.The U.S. has exported security, even more now than in the 20th century. that is what the United States accounts for nearly half of the total military spending in the world. The u.s. exports security so that other friendly nations don't have to worry about it themselves.

  16. I'm interested in the Pentagon's response. Trump just stole funds from their programs for his wall (Which the pentagon say is dumb), and now want to send them to war.

  17. Saudi Arabia has a fuck-ton of money, let them deal with this on their own. Also, it's no like the funded all sorts of terrorist groups so, why should we do anything for them? Oh right, they have oil.

  18. Oh here we go again🙄 ….USA running to the rescue to save another country through WAR… America is the real terrorist!!! Wonder if other countries flip the injustice coin & invade America & bring justice to the minorities & all the wars America has fought & brought nothing but pain and death to innocent ppl….🤔 how wud America feel? America is the only country that has used Nuclear Weapons on another country – now they fight against other countries arming themselves, may I remind America of the use of Agent Orange 🍊 that still to this day are the cause of many birth defects-…. Was the war necessary against Afghanistan or Iraq ?? Did America achieve peace ?? Sadaam Hosein & Bin Laden lets not forget it’s America who assisted them in gaining power… the American ppl who are loosing their loved ones through senseless wars need to speak up & stand up for themselves …. it’s ridiculous what American leaders gets away with …. they are the BULLIES of the world .

  19. Oh shit.. another war in our neighbour hood.. first afghanistan and now Iran.. that means shit will get bad in Pakistan again.. this time probably even more…😑😑😑

  20. Did you forget the petrodollars agreement!!! That agreement saved US and still saving US The agreement include defending SA and fighting for its interest

  21. We all knew this is a propaganda from America to completely dominate middle-east. But heck, at this point i don't even bother to save the world from burning itself. Just make a good show with those abrams and them nukes.

  22. "From being a country that used to fight only for its values"

    Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME TREVOR. Absolutely fucking shameful establishment framing

  23. If Trump decides to go to war with Iran to protect Saudi Arabia's OIL.Many military people in these countries will be sacrificed for bad decisions made !

  24. Wars are mostly all about MONEY anyways as it is… So in a Capitalist hustler-type of way I do feel him, sorry guys. 💯🤷‍♂️

  25. American miliary actions had failed miserably,but achieving almost nothing,except more chaos just like Afghanistan,Iraq and Libya ! America has the most powerful and lethal military force in the world,but unable to defeat enemies with conventional weapons without air and sea arsenal.

  26. good thing windmills are not an option. if oil wasn't needed that much anymore there'd be no reason to go to war over oil and the war industry would surely suffer.

  27. That's so sweet how he says that America used to go to war based on their values. As if it was anything else but oil since the 80s.

  28. Hi all good American people
    I am iranian

    Pls pls pls
    Let ur governor and army attack us,
    We boring,
    So when???
    Are them waiting for Invitation?

    Come ……on,
    They are just warning ,,
    And war for us is like children plays.

    And we boring.

    Let them to attack us,,
    We are bagging😂😂

    Otherwise I am sory for all ur soldiers
    Will drown here.😔

    And sory that I know English little.

    Lord bless u

  29. He wants our country to go into war but still can't do anything about the Disaster from the Hurricane and Mass shootings here in America and his stupid wall idea!

  30. Looks like Iran was behind the strikes? LOOKS? are you fucking kidding me? Killing innocent people because it looks like? It is all about money. It’s always have been and it always will be!

  31. What a sell out, Trevor Noah! Iran did not even do it. It was Yemen. You’ve adapted to American society pretty quick. Congratulations 🍾 🎉

  32. I wonder who really benefits from this. Every time things seems to calm down in the Middle East, something happens and it often involves the US. It's almost like someone wants chaos in that region of the world.

  33. Come on, Didn't Yamen's arm force claimed that they responsible for these attack? and yet, US and Saudi still point their finger Iran, shhhh

  34. As a Saudi when ever Trump opens his mouth about this I get anxiety I do not wana be on the same side as Trump just stop talking plzzzzz !!!!😭😭😫😫😫😫😫

  35. It's not the first time us will be fighting Saudi Arabia's war remember Iraq war? only problem is you guys don't like trump otherwise you would be advocating for war( cash for war) or FREEDOM

  36. Noah: "I a ctually feel bad for secretary of states because….they are sent to roevent war or genocide…" Really!?? Be bold and actually say that they go to also start wars and create famine and discord in countries also…and primarily..

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