Why Japan Keeps Apologizing for World War II

The Japanese government has agreed to pay one billion yen, equal to about 8.3 million U.S. dollars, into a fund.

The Japanese government has agreed to pay one billion yen, equal to about 8.3 million U.S. dollars, into a fund to support former South Korean comfort women. These women were taken from their homes, and used as sex slaves by the Japanese military during World War II. Japan also offered an official apology, and if they follow through and pay what they pledged, South Korea will see this matter irreversible resolved, at least legally. This seems like a huge step to mend marred relations between the two Asian nations, but not everyone is supportive of this deal. The reason many are upset, and that includes surviving victims, is that they feel the deal was little more than diplomatic cover for Japan. There is money coming directly from the Japanese government, but it’s not in the form of legal reparations. If it were, Japan would be admitting that their actions were illegal, but they stopped short of that. Instead, just offering an apology. Japan also wants South Korea to take down a statue memorializing comfort women that was erected outside of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul Many see this as another way that Japan is trying to bury its past. And if it sounds like Japan is strategic with the way they conduct their public apologies, it’s because they’ve had a lot of experience doing it. Since the end of World War II, numerous Japanese political officials have apologized for various atrocities to different communities of people in a number of countries. This includes apologies to Australian Prisoners of War, American Prisoners of War, Canadian Prisoners of War, the people of Burma, the Philippines, Indonesia, China and blanket apologies to all people who were affected by their brutality during World War II. They have also apologized to the people of Korea in five different decades. But for many, this is still not enough. Partly because their track record of denial is just as long as their track record of apology. They have on occasion denied certain massacres, calling them “fabrications”. And as recently as 2014, they’ve denied that comfort women were forcibly abducted by members of the Japanese military. Others feel their apologies don’t go far enough. That confidential documents outlining their involvement in war crimes should be officially released. That Japanese history books should be amended. And that Japan should admit, under international law, their responsibility. But Japan will have more chances to apologize. And next up, might be Taiwan. On the heels of Japan’s apologies to South Korea’s comfort women, Taiwan is demanding an apology to the women who were abducted from their country during World War II. Women who were also used as military sex slaves. That’s something Japan has yet to admit. It’s been more than 70 years since Japan surrendered to end World War II, but they might not ever be able to put their war crimes fully behind them. And many people think they never should. To see what other repercussions of war communities are forced to deal with, watch this video about how a town is using leftover bombs to build homes. We see the explosions and troops on T.V.. War leaves behind scarred earth and communities left to pick up the pieces, trying to rebuild the life they once knew. And in some cases, using the remnants of war to do just that. And as always, thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. Lol "Why Japan Keeps Apologizing for WW2?" The title is absurd.
    They have apologized many times, yes and I'm not going to deny that. Guess what? Their history books are revisioned to make Japan look innocent during WW2. They teach their young ones that some Chinese, Korean and Russian island are theirs. They even have some in the Tokyo 2020 olympics flag which angers many people.
    Second of all, the government of Japan goes to Yasukuni Shrine to honor the top war criminals.
    Apology without action is just bullshit and empty lies. That why Asia says no to their apology. Action > words. Where is their samurai honor at?

  2. A jew was able to forgive a Nazi why not them? I know it's tough but it's been 70 years since WWII and they aren't able to forgive.

  3. Japan should never apologize. Did u hear British Apologize? Americans,European, Spain, Portugal, Egyptians, Romans,Persians, Mongols, and any other empires that committed atrocities during their campaigns? The only thing Japan should feel sorry is they lose the war.

  4. I am confused … did Japan throw 2 atomic bombs anywhere ? ..That is the utmost war crime because it ımpacts generations to come, it impacts the earth .. I support Japanese in their denial … because that is what western countries have done and have been doing… Japanese war crimes are less severe when compared to others ( US , UK, Vichy France ).. what do others do…like US simply deny being assessed in the International Court because they are not member of it….. and they deny visas to the members of the international court… Japan has nothing to apologize…

  5. Ehm has anyone remembered what japan did to the philippines i will never forgive for japan that they have made children on our land,dishonored their nation and not caring about it i thought japan had honor where was the honor in that btw japan did force women to be s slaves i learned it from my history i am a filipino

  6. and what about the Civillian POW's in South East Asia of Dutch descendants the also suffered raping inprisonment starvation abuse hard labor the should also pay there family's and everyone else

  7. Japan : am so sorry for wwii
    People who were British rule that were Attack by the Japanese: no
    Japan: why
    People who were British rule that were Attack by the Japanese : because Britain should apologise they left us.

  8. korean fighted under the rising sun flag of japan army in WW2. korean have no right to blame japan. korean must follow Austria fighting under german army in WW2.

  9. Anybody involved in ww2 is now deceased. They shouldn't have to apologize for there ancestors actions. That being said, japan needs to teach ww2 in school. So we dont have this issue again.

  10. they say sorry yet they dont teach the actual history to their children. majority of Japanese people consider themselves as victims of the nukes. they have no idea what their ancestors have done such as pearl harbor, human experiments and mass killing of Koreans for sport. they deny sexual slave. they insist the comfort women were voluntary while there are living victims who claims to be kidnapped or told lies that they were going to be working at a construction site. When talking to Germans they are always humble and feel guilty of what their ancestors have done. When talking to Japanese, they deny the existence of sexual slave. They call invasion a friendly modernization. Germans try to arrest every single war criminals no matter how old they are where they are. Japan? worships them as a national ceremony. still uses rising sun flag which they used while invading other countries which is equivalent to Germans using Nazi flag in 2019. Whatever terrible things they have done in the past, they take em out of their history textbooks.

  11. hey look if I were them I would to
    I wouldn't want people to remember me for the bad things I did and instead do more good things.

  12. And Japan attack the country for no fucking reason and rape the girls so i wont forgive japan ever and ever anyway japanese sucks!

  13. Japanese officially apologize and deny it at home and abroad.It is a perpetrator of World War II who pretends to be a victim using their distorted image built in the Western world.

  14. Japan: I'm sorry for the world war 2 as we have done in the past

    Philippines: Stfu, I won't accept your forgive!

    Japan: B-But I already said "sorry"

    Philippines: No, Tangina mo!

    Japan: Then, we will create hentai anime and manga for you all, so please forgive us

    Philippines: Wait what?! Ooooohhhh Forgive me! We accept your forgive.

    Japan: Thank you..


  15. Japan must pay the beautiful spanish era villages that they destroy in the Philippines!!!!and we demand for the Japanese government to teach the real history in their schools about the war crimes they did!

  16. comfort women is the asian version of west's madam butterfly

    Contemporary Asian history began with Western colonization. But we need to focus particularly in the fatal blow China suffered at hands of the spiritual leaders of the West, the Jews of Karl Marx, Sassoons and Rothchilds. This was the declaration by Marx that China was “backward and corrupt”, and must be destroyed, with the help of opium, which his cousins, Sassoons and Rochchilds supplied, with the help of the British Navy. Marx also instigated the Taiping Rebellion with the justification that the great Chinese dynasty of Qing was backward and corrupt, which we know today was purely by the Western standard of barbarism.
    However, when Marx found out that Taiping was a bunch of immoral and lying savages, he switched the calling to the fact that Qing dynasty was a foreign occupation by the Manchurians. But the fact was that Taiping was a Christian crusade started by the self-claimed younger brother of Jesus, and Taiping itself was also a rebellion of the minority ethnics Hakka people, considered a renegade group in China at the time.

    The opium and Christian crusade fatally crippled China and knocked it out from being the big brother of Asia, thus, prompted the Japanese to consider taking over the job of caring for Asia, as evident in the invasion of China by Japan and Japan’s firing the first shot of Asian liberation at Pearl Harbor.

    Official history, however, debates this view. But no officials in their right minds should accept the insane story that it was America that saved Asia from Japan, especially now we have all seen in broad daylight how America continued massacred the Asians in Korea and Vietnam after the atomic near-genocide of Japan.

    The ghost of Karl Marx stayed in Asia until today. The Soviet Union finally did find out that Marxism was really a poor-men’s oligarchy, as oppose to capitalism being a rich-men’s oligarchy, and decided to dissolve the Union. But in China, Mao Zedong, adopted Marxism to prevent invasion of the Marxist Soviet Union, but risked near extermination by Chiang Kai-shek for not doing the old Chinese way of peasant liberation, which was finally used and credited with saving China.

    China today was superficially Marxist, and, in practice, a capitalist country, but deep down still following the old feudal ways, that was temporarily interrupted by one century of opium holocaust and 38 years, from 1911 to 1949, of a governmentless living hell under the Christian administration of Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek, mixed with some marginal existence, that saved Mao at a nick of time, under the Japanese occupation.

    Now the final showdown between Asia and the West is here. We have competed in religion, militarism, economics and even into technology, in the case of 5G. But, these are nothing but the Western barbarism that have infested the modern world. The West still consider China is “barbarism management”. Well, for China, the only thing left to fall back on is the feudal system, that has sustained China for 5000 years, and the only time-tested system that proved the human species are not all self-destructive.

    10/1/2020 will be the Day of Reckoning.

  17. I just think Mexico should fight japan instead of Germany because isn’t United States part of Mexico but if u don’t believe it…here’s what states in United States that is part of México…Arizona Texas New Mexico

  18. It's pretty much the same with germany, except that we not only apologize, but also constantly pay for everyone and let our own country be torn apart by now from a flood of refugees and the crisis that gets shaken up by still fascists in here.

    I don't mind nobody. Heck if i could i would get those who are truly running away from war in their country here myself. But i do mind those who only come here for the money. And those are just too many.

    What really angers me however is the fact that nearly every damn country on this damn planet has a dark past they should apologize for. Americans. Arabic lands. Asian lands. European lands. No matter who, everyone committed crimes against humanity itself.
    But rather would i have some final peace between everyone. Violence and bloodshed is getting us nowhere these days, if we want to evolve further or even develope ourselves further scientifically. (Travel among stars for example.)

  19. They havent . They said sex slavery was job offering and nonjing massacre didnt happen.
    And they developed asian countries by colonizing them . . Lol

  20. Japanese are good at making fake apologizes. They say sorry sorry without properly addressing the issue. Kind of like a cheating boyfriends 🙃 I'm sure Asian people don't like them very much because they are trying to bury the past rather than accept it like Germany

  21. Japan was once an evil country. Now look, yes, they are still a powerful country but they use it to help and not destroy countries 🙂

  22. America :I'll Kill you for Revenge!
    Japan :I'm so sorry for the long war I'm also sorry for you America you didn't do anything wrong to us but we attack you and we're sorry so please forgive me.
    America :ok sincerely you're behalf of of the Allied Powers.

  23. Japan also conquered the philippines. And they needed to pay the museum they broked and exploded. Why? Cuz' it has the bones of our nstional hero.

  24. Im hate government of japan. Aint hate citizens
    I hope Japan's government do more sincerely what they did and make a peace between us.

  25. I know some things countries like Japan and European counties have done stuff that is unacceptable, but I don’t think cause the next generation that hasn’t done anything should have to apologize for the rest of their lives. Cause no one apologizes constantly for slavery or massacres done by the Western Powers

  26. I'm a filipino and yes japanese murderd hundred, thousands of filipinos men, women also children but also remember that dont blame or point the son of his father's mistakes. 🙂

  27. You don’t have enough knowledge about this issue.



  28. They haven’t apologised for nanking or nanjing yet the deny it ever happened it’s one of the worst atrocities in history beside the holocaust

  29. I never liked the Japanese at the first place and it's all because of historical context. Sad to think that japan got off easily after the war and even boast about their prowess and honor. Where's the honor on r*ping women and killing childrens? Where's the prowess on merciless killling of POWs and barbaric nature of warfare? None.

    I'm sick of how people even glorify the Japanese

  30. These creatures will suffer heavily, very soon. Current japanese kids will witness and experience how it's like, victim's side.

  31. They are mad at japan for using girls as sex slaves but are not mad at Britain for being cruel to their colonies. If Britain never conquered any lands, conflicts wont happen. Inidia and pakistan wouldnt be in a conlfict, israel and palestine wouldnt be in a conflict, USA would not exist which means einstine couldnt go to USA to make the atom bomb which was dropped in japan. Because wwIII will be fought with nuclear and would end humanity which would creat a new era where the next war will be fought with sticks and stones.

  32. LOL only Japan?? so where Britain??portugis?netherland?german?russia?american?

    oh i forgot they are white people of course they can't

  33. i dont think they need to apologise so much. This was war, they were on the wrong side, they surrendered, they've apologised, both sides irreparably damaged the lives of millions of people. because japanese people today are not responsible for what the japenese people did in 1939-1945, how can they be when they werent even born yet? This is such a retarded thing for people to get mad over, because it will never be enough for the victims of war, and that's perfectly reasonable, I would never take away their right to not honour Japan's apologies.

  34. Japan: “I’m sorry for bombing Pearl Harbor”

    USA: “No”

    Me: “Japan, where do you see them apologzing for killing thousands of civilians in Hiroshima? Fuck em”

    Japan: “You’re right”

    Me: “Take away their Nintendo, PlayStation, Jdms and hentai, etc”

    Japan: “I love that idea, yes i will do it!”


  35. LOL why should Japan apolgize and feel guilty for something happened decades ago by their ancestors not them?? Then why US doesn't apologize for nuking Hiroshima and Nakasaki?? Ironic shit

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