What’s the deal with fire/fighting starters?

(gentle quirky music) – When Nintendo revealed the starters for Pokemon Sword/Shield, the internet began to howl. I think these.

(gentle quirky music)
– When Nintendo revealed the starters for Pokemon Sword/Shield, the internet began to howl. I think these are all really cute designs, and personally, I always
love to see a monkey, and I wanna protect all of them, and what? WHAT? The bandage on Scorbunny’s nose made people worry. Is that freakin’ Pokemon
(popping sounds as Pokemon appear) going to evolve into yet
another Fire/Fighting type? (The words “yet another” echoing into infinity) We are tired of it. Pokemon designs come from
so many different places. There are Pokemon that are based on animals,
(Pokemon whooshing) Pokemon that come out of myth. There are Pokemon that
are very obviously plants, and there are Pokemon that are perverts. So why do Fire starters keep
evolving into this one type? There are three major theories about why there are so many
Fire/Fighting starters. Let’s break it down. The first Fire/Fighting Pokemon
were Combusken and Blaziken, the evolutions of this li’l guy. The first theory is universally hated, and it’s that all of the Fire starters (Pokemon popping as they appear) are based on the Chinese Zodiac. (ominous music)
Torchic, rooster, because if you’re making
a rooster Pokemon, you might as well base it on cockfighting. Torchic’s evolutions
(gentle quirky music) are a bigger rooster and an elongated sports mascot. Combusken and Blaziken’s Japanese names are Wakashamo and Burshamo, both of which include the
name of a breed of chicken that is still bred for cockfighting today. (Shamo) But that is just one set
of Fire/Fighting Pokemon, and it only fits them, so let’s throw that theory in the garbage. (whoosh, and a gentle fart noise as Pokemon land in the trash can) Combusken and Blaziken are also inspired by Japanese mythology, specifically by Basan, this beautiful
fire-breathing monster bird, which brings me into the realm of myth, the second theory behind
the Fire/Fighting starters. Monferno and Infernape are
the evolutions of Chimchar. They are based on Sun
Wukong, (singing) the Monkey King, a character from the Chinese
epic, “Journey to the West.” There is a variation of Monkey Kung-Fu that is inspired by Sun Wukong because he was a legendary ass-kicker. Basically, if you base
a Pokemon on Sun Wukong, it’s gotta be a Fighting type, and in the fourth generation of Pokemon, we have Pignite and Emboar
evolving from Tepig. These guys are based on Zhu Bajie, another “Journey to the West” character who is part human, part pig, and ALL HORNT. You can see the visual connection
to Monferno and Infernape in these gold armor pieces, which, because this is Pokemon, are probably just parts of their skin, But is there a third
reason!? A gameplay reason, why there are so many
Fire/Fighting starters? People keep telling me it’s because the first Gym is always Rock, and Fire is weak against Rock, (a disgusting crunching noise as the rock lands on Charmander’s head) which basically makes it
the hard mode of starters. Fighting, on the other hand, is strong against Rock.
(punch thuds) The theory goes a Fire/Fighting starter would then even the playing field, which is compelling and also wrong. Unless you’re doing
something really freaky, it is very unlikely that you
would evolve your starter before getting to the first Gym. Also, Pokemon Black and White
doesn’t even have a (VOICE BECOMING DISTORTED AND HORRIFYING) Rock Gym. These are the three main theories why there are so many
Fire/Fighting starters, but I believe in a fourth theory, and that is that they are a tribute to the hardworking firefighters out there. Just kidding!
(suspenseful dramatic music) The real reason there are so
many Fire/Fighting starters is that there aren’t that
many Fire/Fighting starters, (music cuts abruptly) and humans just like to
find patterns in things. (gentle quirky music)
There are only three starters that become Fire/Fighting. That is six Pokemon out
of the 800 plus Pokemon. That is only less than 1% of Pokemon. Only less than 1%! But the fact that they’re all starters makes them loom large in the imagination. It’s like how you feel when you’ve done the B
bubble twice on a Scantron, and it kinda feels like
the next answer is also B, but you’ve done it twice already. It shouldn’t be B a third time in a row. That can’t happen, but it did happen, and his name was Emboar,
and he had a cool belt, and it was probably made of his skin. Disgusting! People want a reason for
these starters to exist. (gentle contemplative music)
We’re human beings! We like to do things like
find ladles in the stars and the Virgin Mary in a piece of toast. We want things to have meaning, especially if it’s Pokemon. So you’re bored of Fire/Fighting starters and you want a justification for it. Well, maybe that justification is that a designer just
reread “Journey to the West,” and they think it rules. It’s okay that there were
three Fire/Fighting starters, and it’ll be okay if Scorbunny
is Fire/Fighting, too. At least he’s got a Band-Aid. He needs it. (gentle quirky music)
and that’s why Incineroar should’ve been Fire/Fighting. He’s a wrestler! He is in Super Smash Bros.
where he fights people! People say that he’s
based on a heel wrestler, and that’s why he’s Dark/Fire. I don’t give a shit! I am so sick of all of these
fake justifications for (objects thudding)
why he’s not Fire/Fighting!

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