Warriors Orochi 4 – “Rampage” Challenge Mode

Hello, I’m Furusawa, the producer of “Warriors OROCHI 4”. Today I am going to play the challenge mode’s “Rampage”, which.

Hello, I’m Furusawa, the producer of “Warriors OROCHI 4”. Today I am going to play the challenge mode’s “Rampage”, which will be released as a DLC. It has already started but as you can see, this is a mode which consists in defeating the most enemies possible within a certain time limit (5 minutes). So we go defeating all these enemies, and as defeating a certain number of them will make officers appear we first defeat the lesser ones and then go defeat the officers. That’s the basic flow of this mode. Now, we have three officers from each series: Samurai Warriors, Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi appearing on the map so let’s beat them too. After knocking down these three officers from the three series, a Powerful enemy, a boss-like character, to fight against will appear. Well done ! After defeating a Powerful enemy, a large number of enemy troops will appear in the center like this. At this moment, a “bonus time” phase will start so let’s use our “unity magic” well so we can wipe them all at once. Next this red item here, a Surge, is for using in this specific mode. This item will level up as your number of defeated enemies increase so let’s use well too. By the way, these costumes is from the DLC.
All the 7 characters we have now including the 3 active and the support members are equipped with these, so please check those out if you are interested. There’s another specific item called “Rampage”. When defeating an officer after taking this item, a tornado will appear around him/her which can, when used well, swallow up nearby enemies. So we ended up with a score of 2,698, this leaves a lot of room for progress: let’s try to break records by using different characters and actions.

7 thoughts on “Warriors Orochi 4 – “Rampage” Challenge Mode”

  1. This used to be included with the game, why are you making it dlc now. I think you should treat your fans with more respect.

  2. What about Toukiden 3 Ultimate open world single player the new God Hand grip have all the monster from part 1 and from 2. and the holy Mountain for first time have the same weapons mismatched them. Special guest characters from other games like Soul Sacrifice God Eater thank you for the hard work for the PlayStation Vita system / Playstation TV info details videos pictures something

  3. Sorri, I'm from Brasil and I have a question to do, why isn't released here in Brasil, I can't wait to play this game. I a huge fan, since Warriors Orochi 1

  4. WHY DLC !!?!?!?!?!? You Just want to steel our Mony >_< … u know what , i was fan since dynasty warriors 4 but everything changed these last years .. i really start to hate u Guys , specially after dynasty 9 ,,,,, i will not buy any thing from u any mooore ………………………………

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