Warriors Orochi 4: Brand-New Challenge Mode – Bridge Melee

Hello, I’m Masaki Furusawa, the producer of “WARRIORS OROCHI 4.” This is another video about Challenge Mode, and there are.

Hello, I’m Masaki Furusawa, the producer of “WARRIORS OROCHI 4.” This is another video about Challenge Mode, and there are several things I’d like to point out. Last time we took a look at “Rampage” mode, so this time we’re going to take a look at the newly available “Bridge Melee” mode. For “Bridge Melee,” instead of trying to defeat enemies, it’s a game where you try to knock as many enemies as possible off the stage. The costume I’m using is actually a special DLC costume where Mitsunari Ishida is made to look like an assassin. For those interested in the new DLC costumes, please check out the official website or our social channels. So, the idea is to keep doing whatever you can to knock off enemies. But officers will appear after you defeat the regular soldiers, and if you knock off 3 officers, 4 deified characters will appear like we have here. These of course are the bosses. In order to defeat the bosses, I’m going to use my “trump card.” There’s a special item in this mode called “Supergiant.” If you use it, you can send enemies flying simply by jumping and walking around. If you use the item skillfully… Here we have bonus time. Since I knocked off the 4 deified characters, bonus time has been generated. Try to knock off as many enemies as you can. After a certain amount of time has passed you will return to your original size. Let’s switch characters. Here we have Lu Lingqi donning another new costume. Also, while her usual sacred treasure is Harpe, the same one that Mitsunari Ishida uses, here we have Hades – Harpe. This new second sacred treasure is also DLC. To find out which magic attacks and actions are most effective, try the new weapons out for yourself by all means. For the third character we have Athena.
As you can see, she’s donning her new DLC “Legendary Costume.” It gives her a slightly darker feeling than normal. You can turn your enemies to stone as usual. Get out of here! In addition, Athena also has a second sacred treasure. The other day, in celebration of the game exceeding 500,000 copies worldwide, we released a free update, and that’s how we made the sacred treasure available. Whoa! That was close! With increased speed, you can move around and send enemies flying, but as you could just see, the action can be rather risky, so try to be careful when using it. I’ve knocked off 3 officers, so the deified characters have appeared. I’m going to try and cast Unity Magic and generate bonus time. I didn’t knock off any of them?! All right, let’s see if this will work… I want to knock them down skillfully… I’ll turn them to stone and knock them off. Ah! They landed on the other “shore.”
That sort of thing can happen too. I want to knock them down and end this somehow, but the last 2 enemies are pretty tough. Ahh! What!
I was the one that ended up getting defeated. There was only a little bit of time left, but I got defeated. The game ends if you end up getting knocked off, so do your best to maneuver your character and aim for setting high scores. Thank you very much for watching!

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  1. The effort should better go into better Story Development like in WO3 :/ Overall underwhelming Warriors Game. Didnt be that Mad since SW4 Empires

  2. Oh yes !

    I can not wait to discover the melee! I can not wait to see other challenge modes such as "versus" mini mode as you could play in WO3Ultimate.

  3. Yo! You said nobody wants World War 1 and World War 2 games, right?

    Care to explain this?


    Instead: #notmygodofwar

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