Wall Street Warriors | Episode 7 Season 3 “The Meltdown” [HD]

Coming up next on Wall Street Warriors. The markets have been completely insane and no one’s ever seen anything like.

Coming up next on Wall Street Warriors. The markets have been completely insane and no one’s ever seen anything like
this before. We’re looking at a depression even worse than a recession. Every day the market is just getting
pounded and pounded and I literally had a guy crying on the phone he lost 50
million dollars we’re down 2400 points and out there is
fear down here I’ve never seen before in my life nobody really knows what’s going on
nobody knows what to make of it people are in trouble sweet dreams the last I’m not gonna lie don’t go to
to say well this isn’t seen how we gonna leave these boots are gonna walk out
into that they attack us there after Wall Street guys you know and they think
it’s all for you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah the myths right now I’m a serious
serious situation this past week has just been like
nothing I’ve ever seen wonderful every day the market is just getting
pounded and pounded we’ve lost 2400 points and down SNP’s
down 200 points horse bit hold on but I there is fear down here
I’ve never seen before in my life I ok nobody really knows what’s going on
nobody knows what to make of it people are in trouble that’s well you
just seem tremendous ways of selling it seems like a chance to people have to
get out and just selling assets you have no money out there nobody’s
lending money back and forth they were selling assets to raise cash because the
commercial credit lines have seized up nobody can borrow money right now it’s
basically a machine running without oil coming into your office this morning again we’re dealing with the market
going through some serious fluctuations we need some economic help from the
government there are talks of a bailout anywhere
from 700 to 750 billion dollars Ken’s been on the horn all morning I’m
just trying to figure out what’s going on everyone’s getting slapped left and
right the market swinging 324 swing a doctor . today in today what I think is everyone should go to
cash put me on this I think the market would probably touch anywhere between 78
2 7900 so I think we’re headed into a very deep depression or recession agency no one wants to admit that we’re in a
recession but if you remember two months ago I I said that we’re looking at a
depression even worse than a recession I group we don’t agree on much but we lost merrill lynch lost lehman
brothers we lost bear stearns aig absolute complete shot no one’s ever seen anything like this
before the market has been completely insane
and I sort of do a roll call me know in the morning to see who’s still standing
and I was just checking in i’ll give me a call when you can I just wanted to get
them in October the stories we hear you’re incredible I literally had a guy crying on the
phone the other day was absolutely horrible the guys lost 50 million dollars they
close this firm they closed his desk there are no jobs he has to feed his
family so I mean you’re going to see that played out everywhere ok if someone starts a fun with a couple
of hundred million dollars and he runs it up to 4 billion dollars he figures
out very quickly that if i get two percent on the four billion dollars if i
could raise another 30 billion dollars my income is just going to explode so
many of them open the floodgate took capital that they couldn’t deploy
couldn’t monitor the trades and ended up paying for it they got hurt because they over expanded just flew in this morning i left my
house at four thirty days to get here come in teaneck new jersey going to be
around our clients teach meh trade options teach you how to use the
platform you know take away the fear of of how to
execute a trade online the market is in such turmoil these days
that I’m a little apprehensive I want to be with my customers i also
want to be down at walsh i also want to be in front of my computer I want to see
what’s going on here he is from chicago to Tony Bautista thank you we have uncertainty right now in this
world would you not agree we’ve got a financial system that’s in
ruins you could make an argument that we are in the process of having a crash now are you prepared for that trading snap
brain surgery you just need a little bit of knowledge
i’m going to show you how to execute the trades markets in a turbulent time we
have a five hour . moves in the dow each day three percent four percent moves per
day or something we should not be seen but you know we’ve got a credit crisis
here we’ve got a lot of fear on the market laughs your market thank you these are all new customers if you put on their pensions they’re
fearful of their poor one case you to remember everything has changed that
goes tell you know there was no financial crisis they’re scared and they won’t know what
they can do to protect themselves how they can protect themselves over so hard how are you sir how are you you just got your statement and you’re
panicking huh we’ve been getting calls from some concern clients as the
volatility of the market I mean who’s not concerned you don’t want to keep
losing any more money I mean you really haven’t lost any money
I don’t think anything is funny sir I’m not I’m not I’m not being very serious
right now the best thing for you to do is not dependent because this is what’s
happening all the course the board everyone’s panicking this and get me out your money is safe here you’re sitting
in about seventy eight percent cash right now so we look at pretty decent to be honest
with you given the fact that what’s happened with this market i mean we saw
over almost fifty percent drop no he’s not losing money with us he’s
losing money with his other accounts on the street and the thing about it is we
have told them transfer those funds over here six months ago I understand that
you’ve lost and it took you 15 years to build up your your network that you are
building anything and you’re not the only one that is saw some losses here i
have people have retirement accounts and you know and I feel bad for them because
you know it’s something that they work for 425 15 30 years and that is saying
one that was the money i had for Jonathan for college the water that’s
the position a lot of people and it’s and it’s and it’s really sad but the
point of the matter is with the market down here at 8300 i would think it’s
irrational to get out of everything completely I think the market is starting to
stabilize itself and i know you heard this song before but we’re doing is
we’re protecting all the for one case iris and pension plans I’m not gonna
watch your retirement funds dwindle away and they have not under my watch right now we’re seeing things down here
market lies that we’ve never seen before if you look at the biggest down days
three of them more in the last two weeks for work if you’re not just a couple
days ago I think we had a record down day or a different one now we’re looking at another record on
top of that so it’s hard to really pick a bottom here because we’re kind of an
uncharted territory the housing market is caught everybody I didn’t realize how deep the mortgage
market was tied into everything you saw these financial firms on Wall Street they’re all holding mortgages so the
housing market goes south everybody goes so it’s like a house of cards unfortunately how many do you have in
the crowd we’ve got 300 Lehman has actually gone bankrupt there was a government takeover of bear
stearns and there’s kind of a long list of other banks that have either gone
under look like we’re going to go under merrill goldman wachovia when you hear
names like that that have been solid for ever i mean it’s it’s bad yeah i’m CEO of a small start-up hedge fund
alpha works as a marketing you’ll find which tries to make money in
any market environment even though the stock market overall is
down about thirty five percent on the year we’re down to only about five percent
which is not as good as being up but it’s a lot better than some of the very
biggest best known hedge funds in the world have been doing unfortunately with the crashing of the
stock markets around the world and the aversion to risk which people are
experiencing the prospect for raising money has only gotten dimmer a few
months ago I had a business live from new york with rich Taglianetti because I
told him about my fund and my background and he was intrigued by our strategy how
much money realistically do you think we can have by the end of this year it’s all about performance you can
easily attract five hundred million dollars if you could demonstrate that
the strategy will generate these returns consistently in all environments haven’t
spoken with rich in a while and i’m going to be calling him today to follow
up on our meeting we have to hope rich will be able to
raise money for us in what is the worst time in the history of the hedge fund
industry and it’s harder than ever to raise money for tiny startup like mine yeah sep tember was the worst month in about
18 years for hedge funds there are probably nine to ten thousand
hedge funds estimates now or we could lose sixty percent in the next six
months the game is changing we need regulation
now we can’t regulate ourselves we just demonstrated that we need to get our
heads hand that was our butts kick until we fix what’s broken this isn’t just the u.s. problem it’s
now a global problem you’ve seen emerging markets get destroyed over the
last month where this is going to change the way we view capitalism I think there’s a lot of blame to go
around in terms of who’s at fault here and whether lack of regulation was a
part of the problems that we’re seeing right now I think it’s a certainty that
there’s gonna be a lot of regulation that comes out of this will be good it will be bad over regulation is not
good but under regulation is also Mac good people proved over and over that
it’s left to their own devices they try and line their own pockets added by and then the last decade there are
countless scandals where you been comical to watch the parade of CEOs
saying oh you know nothing is wrong here are books are fine and then two days
later they’re bankrupt that’s all I got a call from the office telling me that
you know it’s gonna be a demonstration down that wall and broad which is right
where Wall Street is AI mean that is the mecca of the financial world is the goal Singletary food grade in our culture and
you can’t get it you take any closer wall street and they are there here a
mess yeah bro get you bought it they were angry about the bailout nobody
wants to support this they don’t want the people to be
responsible for I want to sell my suit right now buy a t-shirt and the cops are right
here on and and machine guns I’m sure everything with what’s going on
in the world is it brings it a little escalated but a mess around I wanted to see what was going to go on
what were they going to do – well shoot one of the people have to say what’s the
message traffic is 3 has been suffering from the last eight years of class
warfare on the middle class and working class in this country they had no money
for the people in New Orleans but they had billions upon billions of dollars
for bailouts and for the war on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan and we
are sick of the bullshit you can’t afford them you have to be
kind of for over seven hundred billion dollar bailout you aren’t a lot of people who invested
in these products people like you people want to be in any way this thing is not
going to do that people this is only seven billion how do we
manage their losses are in the jelly and they’re angry with the banks they’re angry with the oil companies
everybody’s angry at everybody but what are we going to do let’s come
up with a solution but stop yelling and arguing about it if you don’t like what
the fat cats from Wall Street are coming up with then give us something else give
us a solution they should find the bailout and not
health care because it’s a very rich person I can’t afford seven hundred
billion dollars but I can afford you know a couple of hundred thousand
dollars for health care would you like some money for certain here i’ll just
take it through I don’t want to go on a ground no no no no it was not much of
anything that seven hundred billion it’s attached to a sort of foreign-looking
currency it’s backed by other nations investing
in this one which seems a little dubious you know but that’s the only way I can
get a lot of money yeah everybody had their own agenda but the
core message was it’s got to stop it’s just gotta stop I love this country I love Wall Street
you want to leave this country in a better place than you found it and I
don’t know if that’s what we’re doing demonstration is actually moved from
where it started out to right here right outside of our office because we’re
right outside of the new york stock exchange you can actually you know if
you stay quite a little bit you can kind of hear the chanting and I think that’s
probably six seven hundred people outside right now a lot of angling main
smooth we just opened up in those and it’s
crazy out there wow this is insane and crazy yeah I pissed about the seven hundred billion
coming out of the taxpayers dollars no one feels that they should be bailing
out these big banks that default no wonder Florida everyone people are
not happy because at the end of the day they’re gonna have to pay for this basically what they’re saying is you
know you broke the financial systems are you going to the store you break
something your father just to justify this bailout and do think people don’t
know the real dynamics of it and that it is really needed for the survival of
this economy the general public doesn’t understand a
major as you know what it doesn’t help if the credit markets frozen guess what
they can’t get loans they can’t get credit cards I can’t get all alone Main Street just doesn’t get it they
think that they’re completely separated from Wall Street Wall Street is Main
Street because that’s where the dollars come from it comes to be my spirit i was
at the point if we don’t have this bail out there going to be more loss of jobs
more people out on the streets it’s going to be 1929 1930 one all over
again we find that we have money for jobs and money for education and money
for social justice and no money for war and force come back extreme right if we don’t help with the
bailout the whole market Falls the whole market Falls will be no money left for
any of the social groups that they wanted to help the homeless poor the
middle class will be nothing left another continuation of what we’ve seen
down here another bad day and I i think until the market get some answers it’s going to continue like this we need
to know who’s gonna fail who’s going to be around and how deep it
is we’re sensing it’s real deep and I think that’s what we’re seeing I think over the last 20 years whilst
the head free rein to do with their one now those same people are going to get
bailed out by the government and other governments trying to keep the whole
financial system sound but i do not fault the American public for being like
what are you talking about if joe blow on his feet open a business
a flower shop a restaurant and his business failed nobody’s giving him a check for two
million dollars when he walks out his business failed and he’s in trouble I feel for the people that were retiring
this year or next year in two years they had X amount of dollars now they have one third of what they had
and all their plans all our hopes our dreams that they work for 4 30 years 40
years 50 years are gone I mean the whole life has changed in you
couldn’t feel worse for those people yeah even with the seven hundred billion
dollar bailout package has proposed I don’t even think that’s enough to
sustain what we’re going through right now we’re gonna be at least one point to
the 1.6 trillion dollars injected in this economy kind of thing man and then going to destroy the pilot I was starting to get around here we are
and Wall Street to jail comfortable is that I’m not – to save you how we’re gonna leave this building that’s that’s a rule I do not want to go
to that way they’re not promising we’re gonna walk out in suits they may
attack us i don’t know you know thereafter Wall Street guys you know and
they think it’s awful I’m just here in the mix like everyone
else we can get out of the pine eggs in the five-year true because my school but
they got a super-saver to be they had the mark making the new saga stage
surrounded what’s going on here I’m calling rich Taglianetti who raises
money for starting pitch funds to see if he’s been able to find and investors who
are interested in investing money with us what’s going on it’s been an obviously horrific time for
the investment community we’ve actually been pretty well we are flat in the
month october which is kind of a victory considering some of the biggest and best
headphones in the world are down 20 30 presenter going out of business you know we think we’re really holding
her own and doing relatively well you’re winning by default but we want you to
win because you did it’s hard to tell the bottom that seems
like we’ve stabilized what do you see going out there is
anybody raising money for anybody what do I see any night I don’t know I’m
trying to figure out who’s still standing there looking for good managers
a lot of money is going to be taken away from going to hell it’s a cleansing for our industry how
can we make ourselves more attractive to your investor base give me a ten percent year we’re helping
to have a high single-digit black quarter of this year so we’ll have to
take it from there they’re not excuses I mean you weather
this storm now remember some returns yeah yeah yeah when you have people chanting you need
some aspirin for migrants have thousands of people outside are hundreds of people
outside chanting are you know fat cats and pigs and dressed up like pigs and
greed painted on their face and they don’t forget about fingering cold pink
old blue color code purple coat red i’m calling it so well with disaster
that’s happening here in the market you know what I think it’d be a better
idea if we went out to the if we went out through the pine street our exit out
the back door you know back the back exit I use the
back on the glass of – yeah you guys are talking about going out the back like
snow nobody nobody wants this run into a
bunch of people with masks on like it’s Halloween it is protesting forgot about that you
had people with pig face here with you know girls walk out of this we do with
three guys it was something up to that every thing let’s go out the back the joke in the fix is to settle spot
disputes that I now have a dance-off this is Benny he’s actually doing a little dance off
move right there you want to secure

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