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Vir take care of yourself, do call me, keep me posted. Grandpa enough, don’t worry. We are going for a.

Vir take care of yourself, do call me, keep me posted. Grandpa enough, don’t worry. We are going for a jungle safari. We will be back by this evening. Still I will be worried for you son. Sorry grandpa, when you address me as son, I feel really nice and feel like a real human. You are a human for me Vir, you are my heart, you are everything for me, come have your breakfast. Vir I will not ask you, to take me along to the jungle safari. Because you will refuse, so I and Gintu are coming straight to the jungle safari. Bye!! Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam, stop it, stop the spell. You asking money from us? Haha!! We don’t give money instead we take the money, haha!! Some one stop them, theif!! Please stop them!! Imli you get in the bus, I will join you soon. Robo boy suit on. Stop! Return the money of that shopkeeper. Where is Vir? Sir he will be here. Lets go Kakkad sir, once we leave him and go, he will never be late then. Bus driver lets go. Sir!! Oh! My money, thankyou Robo boy. Mr Kakkad ! Vir is waiting at the next turning , he has apologized for coming late. Hey Robo boy knows my name! Ok Robo boy. Boss, Vir’s school has arranged a trip to jungle. The school management is really nice, and look at you, you don’t take us anywhere. You always think small, my super fast brain has a super idea. We all will go to the jungle, Mona you have to do an important work today. Come on children lets have a lunch break , then we will resume our journey. Go Mona, just do the way Mad max has instructed. I am ready with the laughing gas. Ok. How are you kid? Who are you? You forgot your cat aunty? How would you recogonise? You were too small when I left this place Call for a meeting urgently , humans have made some dangerous plan against you all. Call for a meeting, quickly. Call out for a meeting. Now speak out cat aunty , what you had to say. Meow!! Humans are entering our place to catch us. Haha!! Cat aunty who will catch us? How? Hide quickly , these are the planned move of the humans. Its so tension but why are we laughing? hahaha!! Haha!! Fast lets hide, haha!! Humans will arrive. Haha!! And will catch us, haha!! Boss work done, all animals are caught and trapped. Haha!! Vir will arrive and we will trap him too. Haha!! Why are you all laughing like this , haven’t you seen a donkey before? Haha!! One person came, sprayed gas, we started laughing, cat aunty took everyone in the truck and went. Someone took all animals and went away. Come on fast, I need to inform Vir about this. Its been so long , we haven’t seen any animal big nor small . Vir all animals are trapped and taken away far , with help of some laughing gas. This is done by some man and a cat. Mad max, he has a cat , he might have used the laughing gas. Gintu you disguise in my form and be with Imli and let me find out . Robo boy suit on. Gintu we might have to help Vir , lets go there . Sir I got a call from my friend saying that all animals of the jungle are taken away . What? oh no! That’s the reason I am surprised that not a single animal is visible. Mr Kakkad advise each one to be seated in the bus , its an emergency. All robots ready , Robo boy is coming. Drill suit on. Look , the Robo boy is saving all the animals. Yeah! Robo boy! Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikdum tikdum dumdamadum. All the animals to behave normal and become our friends for life. Thankyou Robo boy!! Bye Robo boy!!

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