Upgrading the Cybermen | Ascension of the Cybermen | Doctor Who: Series 12

This planet, this time period, Cybermen have wiped out the majority of the human race. They are us but without.

This planet, this time period, Cybermen have wiped out
the majority of the human race. They are us but
without any conscience, without any emotion. They’re relentless. They’re just unstoppable. For, you know, Doctor Who fans
who love this as a classic monster it’s also got its tweaks to, you know, make it very current I suppose and also
we see a side of it that we haven’t seen before. The new design for the Cybermen harks back to the Cybermen from The Invasion – Patrick Troughton’s story. You feel like you’re
standing on the shoulders of these geniuses who did those first designs. His process has been stopped mid conversion into a Cyberman. You see the human beneath the Cyber shell. It was kind of like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Half a Cyberman and half a human. Not only half and half but really really broken down and worn out. I needed him to look as big a mixture of human and creature as possible. The army that is awakened
on the Cyber carrier in episode 9 we’ve been calling them the Cyber Warriors. Awaken my subjects. They’re spikier than previous Cybermen using that kind of medieval feel that Ray and Robert have brought to that design. They’re pretty ferocious, they’re well-armed killing machines. I did a lot of research on medieval armour. And because the Warriors are… dangerous, I kind of liked the idea of the
armour having serrated edges on it and spikes and the most important thing I think was the finish so we wanted them to be more chrome like, because they’re brand new. Cyber Drones! Cyber Drones, they are sort of weaponised drones that come in and attack our gang at the beginning of episode 9. I couldn’t resist a load of
disembodied Cyber heads flying through the air. As soon as I thought of that I was like “oh yeah let’s have them blow everything up!”. I love all the versions of the Cybermen actually and just to add to that
it’s not like we are replacing the other ones, they’re still here, it’s just another iteration
that we haven’t seen before and can take their line up
in the pantheon of the Cybermen.

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