UFC Fight Flashback: Woodley vs Thompson 1 [Full Episode]

>>Mike Goldberg: Madison Square Garden. The champion Tyron Woodley. The challenger, Stephen Thompson.>>Joe Rogan: They’re exchanging here. Woodley hurt him!.

>>Mike Goldberg:
Madison Square Garden. The champion Tyron Woodley. The challenger,
Stephen Thompson.>>Joe Rogan:
They’re exchanging here. Woodley hurt him! How is Wonderboy surviving here? And now Wonderboy
is dropping bombs. What a fight!>>Mike: For the
very first time, the Octagon is inside the
world’s most famous arena: Madison Square Garden!>>It’s an honor, it really is.
It’s an honor and a privilege to be here tonight.>>Guys–Muhammed Ali,
Joe Frazier, Joe Lewis, Jack Dempsey. Goes on and on and on.>>I watched so many boxing
matches growing up in this arena and now for our sport to be
here, it’s emotional, I mean for all of us.>>I’m actually very jealous of
the fighters competing tonight. This is a historic moment
and the atmosphere is unreal. [ dramatic music ]>>Mike: Welterweight title
on the line. The Chosen One, Tyron Woodley
looking to defend.>>Joe:
Tyron Woodley, the sensational
Welterweight champion who won the title with
a brutal one-punch knockout of the boogieman, Robbie Lawler.>>Tyron: Winning the UFC title
was always the first step of my overall goal. My overall goal
is to go out here, put the craziest
performance on ever, completely steal the stage,
and to prove to believers and the people that
sacrificed for me to train, to prove them right.>>Joe: What Tyron Woodley
brings to the table is unparalleled athleticism,
ridiculous knockout power, and a wealth of experience
inside the octagon.>>Tyron: I’ll be undeniably
one of the best Welterweights, if not the best Welterweight
to ever grace the octagon. That’s my goal.>>Joe: Stephen “Wonderboy”
Thompson might be the best striker in MMA today. He was an undefeated kickboxer, and he’s looked nothing short of
sensational inside the octagon.>>Stephen: I’ve been
working my entire life to get to where I am. And there’s a lot of things
that happened in my past, a lot of injuries. I was told I’d probably
never fight again, but now I can think
about it and say, “You know what, you were wrong.” I have an indomitable spirit,
and it’s part of being champ.>>Joe: Wonderboy
has karate-style, this unbelievable
striking ability that is very rare to see
inside the octagon.>>Stephen: I’m ready for
five five-minute round war, and I visualize my hand
being raised at the end with that belt goes
around my waist.>>Mike: Feature our only
unbeaten UFC champion: Joanna Jedrzejczyk.>>Joe: Joanna Jedrzejczyk
is a sensational example of a world Muay Thai champion who has learned
the skills of MMA and has been absolutely
dominant inside the octagon. She is brutal. She is vicious. She is precise. And she is the champion.>>Mike: Karolina Kowalkiewicz. 10-0 in her professional career.>>Joe: She is very
physically strong. She’s tough. She’s durable. She has a great
striking background, and she believes
the time is now.>>Mike: Kowalkiewicz said,
“Joanna Jedrzejczyk has gone from my idol to my archrival.” One of these women will leave
the Strawweight champion. Here we go!>>Stephen:
The key to beating Tyron Woodley
tonight is getting to the punch, being faster, being more
explosive, more powerful. And I can do that. I have the abilities to do that.>>Joe: Joanna’s very confident,
pressing forward here. Oh, beautiful combination there with the left hook
to the right leg kick.>>Mike: Man,
they’re firing away! Wow!>>Oh, she got tagged!
She got tagged hard!>>Mike: We’ve got
ourselves a fight.>>Tyron: I respect him
as an opponent, but he’s gonna really hate
that he has to fight me. I’m gonna make everything
in that fight so painful. I’m gonna make him hate
being in the octagon because when people ask for you, they better know what
they signed up for, and I think he’s gonna get
more than he signed up for.>>Bruce Buffer: For the winner
by unanimous decision and… still UFC Strawweight
champion of the world: Joanna Jedrzejczyk! ♪♪>>Who’s got my back?>>I’ve got your back!>>How do you feel?>>Like a champ!>>How do you feel?>>Like a champ!>>How do you feel?>>Like a champ!>>Team Woodley on three!
One, two, three!>>Team Woodley! [ yelling ]>>Stephen: You know, there’s
something my dad always tells me every time I step out there
that really calms me down. He says, “Win or lose,
your family’s gonna love you. Just go out there and have fun.” That always seems
to calm me down. You know, he’s right. No matter what, you know, win or
lose, I’ve always got my family. Got my friends back home. They’re gonna love
me either way. So just go out there
and do my thing. ♪♪>>Mike: Stephen
“Wonderboy” Thompson, the challenger, winner of seven straight.>>Joe: He’s got this
sport karate-style. We’ve been saying
for a long time is gonna be the next
successful style in MMA. One of the things
that made him so good was that he had that style, his combined 57-0
kickboxing record, and then started training
with Chris Weidman. Really worked on his wrestling,
which made him more comfortable. And the results have been
absolutely tremendous.>>Mike: Stephen
“Wonderboy” Thompson looking to leave
as the new champ.>>Tyron: I know
still to this day, nobody has seen
the complete 100%, all wheels rolling,
every cylinder firing. They haven’t seen
the complete Tyron Woodley. You know, Stephen “Wonderboy”
want this belt and he got another thing coming, ’cause this belt
ain’t going anywhere until I get done fighting. When I retire, I will
retire as a champion.>>Mike: Joe, no one
believed in The Chosen One more than The Chosen One. In fact, he’s
the underdog tonight. But Tyron Woodley has
never doubted his skills.>>Joe: What Tyron Woodley
brings to the table that makes him so terrifying is his ability to close
the distance. It’s second to none. His knockout power
is second to none.>>Mike: And he has
no doubt in his mind he’ll walk back out
of the octagon with that belt wrapped
around his waist.>>Bruce: This is
the moment UFC fans watching around the world
have been waiting for.>>We go hard
or we go home, yeah!>>Bruce: Five rounds
for the UFC Welterweight championship
of the world!>>Mike: Here we go!>>Mike: The champion,
Tyron Woodley. The challenger,
Stephen Thompson. Fight scheduled for five
five-minute rounds. Here we go!>>Thompson already,
you can see that weird style. He can kick you
from way out there. That’s something that
Woodley’s finding out right now.>>You got this, T-Wood!>>Joe: This is a high-stakes
game of chess right here. There’s the kick;
Woodley catches it. Big moment Woodley. On top, huge.>>Settle in.>>Joe: And now Woodley’s
pounding on him. Big shots to the liver.
>>Mike: Big shots.>>Joe: Now he might try to move
him to the mounted crucifix. Trying to step over
that half guard. The left leg is still trapped. But Tyron in complete
control here on top.>>That’s your game
right there, baby.>>Joe:
It’s a lot of control time right
now for Tyron Woodley.>>Let him burn! He’s burning!>>Joe:
This is not a good feeling for
Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. He probably would’ve liked
to have gotten back to his feet a long time ago. And this helps Tyron Woodley.>>Don’t look for
big punches. Many!>>Joe: But he’s doing a good
job of avoiding the big shots. He’s taken some
hard shots to the body, but nothing to the head. No elbows, no cuts. Look at the distance
he can achieve.>>Let go of his shorts!
Let go of his shorts!>>Mike: Hard shots
to the midsection.>>Joe: Oh! Now he
landed one to the face.>>Ooh! There you go.>>Mike: Again he connects!>>Joe: Big elbow.
Two elbows. [horn blowing] Yeah, Wonderboy’s battered.>>Mike: Bloodied up.>>Come here! Come here! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down!>>Breathe.>>Deep breaths, Ty.>>Rock a bye baby, come on!>>It’s all you, baby.
It’s all you.>>Mike: Round two. Wonderboy likes to throw kicks. Kicks make you vulnerable
to be taken down. ♪♪>>Joe:
Good combination there and Tyron
immediately closes the distance. He’s controlling the clinch
here, excellent head position, nice knee to the body
there by Tyron Woodley. Wonderboy spun him around here. Let’s see if he can
break free though, and Tyron spins him right back.>>Stand him up
with that clinch, Ty.>>Joe: Nice knee to the body
there by Wonderboy. And he separated.>>Joe: He’s such an odd
striker to face off against. Oh! Spinning back kick. Good kick! Woodley shook his head, but–>>Mike: Which means it hurt.>>Joe: Almost always.>>Mike: See if he spins again.>>Joe: He shook his head again.>>Now go to work!>>Mike: Big shot with the left.>>Joe: He got tagged.>>Mike: Absolutely.>>Go forward!>>Joe: Beautiful straight left
there by Wonderboy. And again, the big shot.>>Give me some more, baby!>>Joe: Oh! He tagged
him with a right! Another wild exchange.>>Good job.>>Joe: He said,
“Good job,” to him. He’s such a nice guy.>>You look great,
man, you look great.>>Come, sit down right here.
Sit down right here. Sit down right here.>>Make sure he’s in range.>>That round was all you. You hear me.>>Joe: Wonderboy won
that second round.>>Mike: But Woodley
cut him big time.>>Joe: Right on the nose. Easily could have
broken the nose. His nose is really bleeding bad, and we don’t know
how badly it’s damaged, nor do we know how well
he can breathe out of it.>>Don’t let him
back in this fight. You can’t give up another round. You gotta stay focused.>>Let’s go, T-Wood! Take it home!>>Mike: The challenger’s cut. That’s a huge story
in this fight.>>Joe: It really is. Very interesting.>>Mike: Getting set
for round number three.>>Don’t let him
back in this fight. Alright, I need you to
take this fight from him. The way you’re gonna do that
is you gotta move forward.>>Okay, that round was all you. You hear me? That was you.>>Don’t think, just do it. Come on, man, you gotta do it.>>What I saw in
that second round is Wonderboy starting
to find his rhythm, and Tyron Woodley
starting to slow down.>>Alright, let’s go.
Round three, fight!>>Mike: Round three.>>Yeah, that’s it! That’s what we want!>>Very good.>>Joe: There’s
that front leg again.>>Joe: Oh, he countered
with a beautiful right hand.>>Yeah!>>Joe: Immediate left hand,
and that left hand cracked him.>>Come on, baby, come on!>>Come on, T-Wood.>>Joe: Ooh, one-two.
Beautiful one-two.>>Put it on him, baby!>>We gotta answer,
remember, kiddo?>>Joe: Tyron’s gotta
uncork that leg kick. That’s that kick, there it is. Brutal power in his kicks.>>Very good low kick.>>Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!>>Joe: Really
attacked him there. Beautiful precision. [horn blowing] [cheering]>>Mike: Championship rounds. The champion. The challenger.>>Round four,
let’s go, gentlemen.>>Let’s go, baby!>>Come on, Stephen!>>Joe: Big right hand!>>Let’s go, baby!>>Be first! Be first!>>Joe: Oh! Woodley hurt him!>>Mike: Oh, big
time right hand!>>Stay on him!
Stay on him!>>Joe: Oh, he hurt him again!>>Mike: Oh, my goodness! [bleep]>>Finish him, Tyron! [yelling]>>Joe: Wonderboy’s
in big trouble here. He’s trying to get back up,
but Woodley’s tagging him.>>Get up, baby!>>Joe: Wonderboy
out on his feet! Oh! Huge bombs!>>Mike: And again, now knees! Tyron Woodley! Oh. Big shot.>>Joe: Woodley’s got a choke. He’s got a deep guillotine.>>Move!>>Joe: Wonderboy’s defending.>>Mike: Wow.>>Joe: Unbelievable.>>Mike: Trying to survive.>>Joe: He’s gotta
still be hurt.>>Drag him down!>>Stamp down!
Stamp down!>>Tyron, drag him down!>>Joe: And he drops
down for the guillotine. Full in!
>>Mike: Is this it?>>Joe: Oh, man,
that is so tight. Incredible.
How is he surviving here? This is amazing.>>Mike: Unbelievable.>>Joe: This is so
tight and so deep. How is Wonderboy surviving here?>>Mike: Listen to the crowd! [cheering]>>Joe: He’s gonna
pop his head out. His head is free. And now we have no idea
how tired Woodley is from both that barrage
and from squeezing. Wonderboy on top,
raining down shots. What a round. What a fight. [horn blowing]
Wow.>>Mike: So you wanna
be an Ultimate Fighter.>>Joe: And he helps
him up after that. Man!>>Mike: Up next:
Fifth and final round.>>Come on, baby! That’s right, baby! [bleep] that’s right! That’s right, boy! Alright, he’s done. Look at me! He’s done, do you understand?>>It’s that moment
of greatness. This is it. Look out, Madison Square Garden,
baby, come on. Find that Sith in you.>>You got one more. You understand? You got one more.>>You see what happen
when you move forward? You [bleep] dropped that man. [bleep] go forward,
man, alright?>>Hey. We got one more. Hey! Hands up. Give me what you got!>>Come on, Stephen!>>Dig deep, man, dig deep.>>Focus, Tyron! Let’s go, Tyron!>>Mike: Five minutes remain.>>What a [bleep] fight.>>I know, right.>>Well, it is for
a world title, right.>>Joe: This may very well
be who has more in the tank in this fifth and final round.>>All you got!>>Joe: Jumping round kick. Good combination by Thompson. High kick. Whoa. Woodley again
shakes his head.>>Only one round
in your life, kid.>>Joe: There’s that jab.>>Mike: He’s got Woodley
in neutral right now.>>Break him!>>Come on, Tyron! Forward!>>Joe: Oh! Big right hand
there by Wonderboy.>>Follow it up!>>Joe: One-two by Wonderboy. Very, very little action
from Tyron Woodley in this fifth and final round, and a very close fight. He’s gotta make
something happen here. Nice leg kick.>>No way, baby,
don’t think… do.>>Joe: Oh, he just tagged him
with a beautiful right hand.>>There you go!>>Don’t let up!>>Don’t back up! Don’t give him advance.>>Joe: Good shot to the body
there by Wonderboy. It’s all Wonderboy in
this fifth and final round. Tyron is just having
a hard time finding the mark. Wonderboy pops
a jab in his face.>>Move, move, move!>>Joe: Tyron really
making that rush, trying to get that
connection on him. Beautiful, one, two, three. Dominant round
for the challenger.>>Throw, baby!>>Joe: Beautiful left hand.>>You need to win big, baby!>>Joe: Oh, back with a right.>>Yeah!>>Joe: Staggered
him with a right hand. [horn blowing]>>Mike: They go the distance.>>Joe: Wow. Really interesting fight. The champion clearly
had the bigger moments, but there was a lot of volume
by Wonderboy Thompson.>>Mike: Will Woodley defend,
or will we have a new UFC Welterweight Champion? Regardless of the outcome, wouldn’t mind seeing
this one again. Time for our official decision. Here is Bruce Buffer.>>Ladies and gentlemen,
Derek Cleary scores it 47-47. Chuck Crosby has it 47-47. And Glen Trowbridge
scores the contest: 48-47 for the winner by
split decision: Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley! [cheering]>>Joe: I’m here with the
champion, and still champion, Tyron Woodley. Did you feel that you had
done enough to win the decision.>>I did, but I did wanna
finish with a flurry. He caught me with some
good straight punches. I wasn’t able to get
those combinations off. He’s a great gauger of space.>>Interesting, Bruce Buffer asked by the Commission to go back out of the octagon. Double check the scorecards. Tough one to judge.>>Bruce: I go by what
the Commission told me. They told me it was
a split decision.>>Come on, let’s go!>>Bruce: Okay, I’m going!>>Mike: Alright, here’s Buff.>>No, no, no, no, no. It’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fine.>>Ladies and gentlemen,
we have a correction. This contest has been
judged a majority draw!>>Joe:
It’s the exact same score. You still retain
your title, obviously. It was an awesome fight. Thank you very much. Tyron Woodley,
ladies and gentlemen! [cheering] Alright, Stephen Thompson, did you feel like you
had done enough to win?>>It is what it is, baby. We will do it again! I don’t care. We will do it again, let’s go!>>Joe: Stephen Thompson,
ladies and gentlemen!>>Mike: So many epic fights
inside this building, Joe. And you can add this one to it. They’re gonna talk about
Woodley and Thompson for a long, long time.>>Megan Olivi:
Backstage with Tyron Woodley,
who keeps this belt. And Tyron, obviously, you
aren’t thrilled with the result. I can just see you, the emotion
on your face right now. What’s really going
through your mind?>>I was a few seconds away
from finishing the fight, a few seconds, maybe
one or two rounds, maybe unanimous decision. I thought I had a great fight. I thought I pushed hard. He’s a hard guy to
gauge distance on. I hit him.
I dropped him. I saw him flash. And then from that point, he
did a good job of regaining.>>How Wonderboy recovered in
the fourth round is beyond me.>>Tyron’s strategy
was a little confusing, because they always say
you gotta crowd a kicker. And to be honest,
it was Wonderboy that was crowding Tyron.>>In hindsight, you know,
I could’ve came out here, lost my belt today.
I didn’t. So, I’m gonna take this
and I’m gonna move forward.>>Reporter: Question for Steve. Phenomenal performance tonight. So close. Did you think you won?>>You know what, I thought I
pulled it out in the last round just by outpointing. I know he definitely
took the first round. Busted me up with a few
elbows, a few good shots. He likes to explode in
and throw that big right hand. I was a little hesitant
during this fight and I shouldn’t have
done that, man. Should’ve gone out
there and let it all out.>>Reporter: You had a hard time
tagging him at some points. What particular ways
did you adjust, especially in round four?>>Who’s ever had a good
time hitting Wonderboy? Who’s ever hit him like I did and almost finish him
in that manner?>>Joe: Woodley hurt him!>>Mike: Oh, my goodness!>>Stephen: It was a draw. It’s not a win, obviously. So, it’s definitely
disappointing. So let’s break that tie. Definitely wanna do that again.

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