UFC 244 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

[traffic noises] [gym chatter]>>Kelvin: Yeah, this is last sparring before, uh– before the big fight, so. It’d be a good.

[traffic noises] [gym chatter]>>Kelvin: Yeah, this
is last sparring before, uh– before the big fight, so. It’d be a good indicator
of where we’re at. You know, I’ve had
it both to where I’m doing great the last week
and I go out and I win fights, but then, I also have had it where I did horrible
the last week and then I go out there and
I knocked Mike Bisping out. You know, and,
it’s what happens. Today I’m hoping
to have a good day. I expect no less
than greatness today.>>Ready, and go. MMA. At the end of the camp, I have to work exactly what
we’re gonna do in the fight. Transitions,
don’t just stand up. Transitions with
kicks, taking down, jiu-jitsu, specific
positions on the floor. I’m so excited for this fight. Kelvin, he show a lot of heart. He show a lot of
desire this camp and I’m looking forward
to a great fight Saturday.>>Kelvin, eso. Stay the floor, yes.
Keep going. Keep going. Oh, ah.>>Kelvin: I’m coming off this
devastating fight of the year against Izzy and I feel
like I’m in a rebuilding phase. I gotta get through
Darren Till so that I’m able to get to somebody who
might give me a title shot.>>Ah!>>Kelvin: But I know that I
have to take Darren Till out and just try to
get my hand raised.>>Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Time. Great job, guys. [clapping] [radio playing] ♪♪>>This is barbacoa. It’s like a tamale meat with
red chilis and, um, beans. We call this frijoles puerco.>>Kelvin: Welcome
to the Casa de KG. Have a bunch of family over
here tonight for my birthday which was two days ago, and
we’re all over here celebrating before I leave to, uh,
to New York tomorrow. And it’s kind of
like a send-off, you know. Good energies and a bunch
of food that I can’t eat. But it’s all good. It’s part of the sacrifice.>>Sorry about that.>>No.>>You’ve got somebody
cooking for you.>>I’ve got my man right here, cooking next to all this beans
and barbacoa and tortillas.>>Won’t be that good.>>What do we got
over here though?>>Actually it
looks like bison steak. So, I’m just
switching your meat up.>>A little bison, baby.
I like it. ♪♪ [chatter]>>Don’t get hurt a week
before the fight. A week away from my fight and
it’s really important, you know, to get all the love from
my family that I can get.>>One, two, three.>>Kelvin: I feel like
every fighter has to have that. You know, they’re always
in the back of my mind. Whenever I go
into that octagon, they’re the first thing and last
thing that goes on in my mind because this is
why I’m doing it. It’s for them. ♪♪ To be able to provide
a good life for them and so far we’re doing it, man. We’re on our way and I’m
proud of where we’ve gone and what we’ve gone
through as a family, where we are now.>>Make a wish!>>One, two, three! [cheering] [ambient airport noises]>>Okay. [plane engine]>>Hey, I want these
shoes back, [bleep].>>Alright you guys,
everybody listen real quick. We’re gonna get a picture
of the whole team. Ready. Ready, one, two. You boys have
a good trip, right.>>Oh yeah, woo! That’s gonna be a good shot. Who’s not getting
a shot back there. Is somebody saying no? Who’s– you gotta
take that bad boy.>>Everybody.>>A las dos.>>Start of a great, great week. Here we go. Bottoms up.>>Victory, victory,
victory, victoria! Salud!>>Oh, look at this punk, man. [rattling]>>Nobody played dominos, bro. We just used them to knock
them down, you know. Duh, duh, duh, duh.
That’s it, yeah. I didn’t know how
to play the game.>>Jorge: Yeah, I got
a respect for Nathan. I love what he’s done. I love how he competes. Like how he carries
himself, you know. At the end of the day,
he’s a dog. When he gets in that cage, he
might not be the most athletic, the smartest, the fastest, but he’s one of the biggest dogs
to ever set foot in the cage and that’s one of my–
one of my biggest things I like to see in a fight is
how much dog they got in them. How much they’re willing to take pain to give
out the pain, you know. That’s what excites me
most about this fight. I can hit this guy
with a baseball bat. He’s not going nowhere. Give my 20!
Pay up.>>You guys can pitch
in and buy me lunch. [traffic noises] [gym noises]>>Yeah, Johnny’s
looking pretty good. Best shape of his life. He’s focused. He knows he’s done the job well. It’s just the time
to have fun now.>>Johnny: Oh yeah. I know you have to
respect everybody. Everybody’s a fighter. Everybody train hard. It’s just a guy in my way. I respect him. But, he’s just in my way. I have to beat him.>>Yeah, we
pretty, pretty excited. We know it’s a– now
he’s fighting a ranked guy and he’s gonna show our job and it’s gonna be a good,
good surprise again. Uh-huh. Yeah, once we believe,
if he has the legwork from going up and down
the stairs, 15 minutes. He won’t get tired
during the fight. That’s the idea. Move on! [all yelling, “Let’s go.”]>>Don’t stop.>>Movie actors.>>Yeah.>>I’m ready to
fight three rounds. I want to fight three rounds. I don’t want to
finish the first one. I try to beat him
a little bit easy, not too hard, then he can survive
for the next two rounds. [heavy breathing] I don’t drink for this fight. I’m training to be a champion. To be the champion. To hold the belt,
to get the belt. The belt is just bonus. I want to fight Jones.>>Go!>>I want to bring this
energy for the public and show everybody
a great show. I promise you guys a great
show 2nd November. Madison Square. [unintelligible]

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  1. Jorge's dad went from floating on a raft made of tires to flying in private jets. He found the American dream. Super necessary.

  2. Can you imagine how freaking entertainingly fun Johnny Walker would be as a champion if he is already so damn funny right now!? Even when he didnt speak English Johnny Walker was hilarious, and now that he can barely speak English, he is even more hilarious!

  3. Jorge,
    Let me take you and your father out for some Pollo Tropical the next time I'm in Miami.
    We can do a late post fight celebration on your victory November 2.
    Now going to be easy, but you'll get the job done.

  4. looking at that food now we know why gastelum moved up to middleweight the poor guy still cant indulge that looked like some fire as well

  5. When did k.g get that thick of an accent ? Anyway dude is one of the most underrated fighters in the sport and folks have no clue how hard that must be to be sitting there with all that good ass "carbed" up food and can't indulge . I remember cutting lbs freestyle h.s wrestling around the holidays that shit was horrible lol .

  6. i like all the headline fighters. they all have something about them that makes you respect them. Johnny, Darren, Kevin, Nate and Jorge. This is a good card. No antics, just professionalism.

  7. I wish I liked Jorge hes such a good fighter. I dont know why I think hes a douche bag asshole. Maybe the stupid way he wears his hat, the way he acts like a black guy. Dunno, just think hes a mutt

  8. All ufc athletes are using the most modern training methods you could think of. Except one guy…

    Johnny Walker's still running up the stairs like guys in the 80's lmao

  9. What I find most interesting about this awesome matchup is the immense love, respect and need of approval from both Diaz and Masvidal from specific family members in their lives. Not just “family”, they BOTH have ONE person that they continue to talk about, which is an important distinction. Love is the greatest source of adrenaline/strength in all of nature. Who’s is stronger?

  10. I love to see respect between fighters. "I could hit this guy with a baseball bat. And he ain't going nowhere," – Jorge Masvidal on Nate

  11. anyone else think is horrible that the kid during the birthday celebration didn't take much notice to what was going on and old wanted to look at his phone?

  12. Think Till is gonna be big on fight night and hes gonna come out set the pace and begin to pick Kelvin apart, then I predict a KO.

  13. Johnny throw punches in the air as you run and do steps it's a lot harder when your hands are above your heart I do it on my bike even but it's a huge help with the wind it's the 2nd best cardio workout-swimming is the best-into the ocean waves is even better. Go get him you got this fight, Johnny Walker

  14. Despite the BMF belt, I'm very excited for this. Should be a great card. Check out my predictions below! https://www.moneyinthebankmma.com/post/ufc-244-money-in-the-bank-official-picks

  15. This explains the Towel gate at Kelvins weigh in, leaning his shoulder on his trainers arm. There was no other reason for Rafael to be behind him like that, other than to see his dick. He was to busy eating beans, tortilla and rice. He probably stuffed his face with cake too. No way should Kelvin be struggling to make 185. He’s tall enough to fight at LW. Thought this guy would be champ at 170 some day. Smh.

  16. Guys Imma just say it here first… I don't think Gastelum is the same after that Izzy war. Just a bit of hesi on that speech sometimes. Sounded fine at dinner, but shaky training.

  17. The saddest thing is that the fight for the BMF belt was set up to bring back Nate Diaz and Conor 'Bitch' Mcgregor 3. The UFC wants Diaz to win and then offer up the belt to Mcgregor for the trilogy. Look at all the shills that refuse to cover the fact that Mcgregor broke his hand punching a senior citizen in a bar. No even Ariel covered it since he is now an ESPN shill! The UFC think Nate wins this fight without issue. I hope Jorge wins the greatest upset in history with a Nate Diaz knock out stopping the UFC brass from their plans!

  18. Damn, the UFC comment section is always full of idiots. There's either "Tony Ferguson type of guy…" comments of quotes. Too many dumbasses to sort through to get to any with an actual coherent opinion.

  19. Gastelum should never see a main card again. Talking about title shots.More like title shits.ive never seen a fighter do less for 15 minutes than Kelvin showed last night.Let him mire in prelims hell until his contract is up then he can go do nothing but stand there for Coker.Absoutely shocked he was minus -280. Was too rich for my blood but damn Till at his proper weight finally and even he didn’t even look good fighting a midget and earned the win.Now Till thinks he wants a title shot too..put him up against anyone in top 5 and it doesn’t go 2 rounds with Till back in LaLa land#itsoverjohnny..As for Masvidal, Guy deserves everything coming.Hes put in his time and glad to see him get his dues.Been around since the early days and lots say Iceman (in his prime, not some coked up past his prime fighter of today) was the baddest mf’er ever.Starting to really believe Jorge is the real Bmf.Guy didn’t just train to get where he is, he walked the walk..I couldn’t even imagine if that loudmouth Covington beat Usman the beating he would get from Jorge.I would be all over the “fight doesn’t go the distance” prop.Colby (as iron sheik would say) would get his @ss fucked and made humble lol

  20. Tbh I started laughing when Johnny walker called out Jones I mean I seen this 2 days after he got beat up but it’s like damn bro just be humble an not funny when your in the ring cause as you all saw it only took one hit !! But I wanna see him go far in the future 💯💯 But he’s not on Jones level get on the main card first 😬😬

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