Tyson Fury makes a huge impact in WWE: Raw, Oct. 14, 2019

It is the premiere of Friday night SmackDown on Fox. It doesn’t get much bigger than Tyson Fury.>>Yeah.>>Most heavyweights don’t.

It is the premiere of Friday
night SmackDown on Fox. It doesn’t get much
bigger than Tyson Fury.>>Yeah.>>Most heavyweights don’t
move like me either.>>He’s the best heavyweight
of my generation by far.>>He’s best laying on the canvas.>>And that’s what he’s gonna be when
King with a big left hook to the body.>>The reigning lineal heavyweight boxing champion of the world here to
get eyes on the situation.>>Strowman having a little fun. I don’t know if you wanna
match hands with Tyson Fury.>>And Al Ziggler sent right into Fury. Wait a minute, where’s Fury going?>>This isn’t your world, Fury. [MUSIC]>>Braun tried to make a fool of me. I’m here to demand an apology.>>Aah!>>The last thing you
want is to get in my way.>>I’m the heavyweight
champion of the world. How many heavyweight titles have you won? [MUSIC]>>Somebody’s gonna get hurt.>>You have no idea what I’m capable of.>>Fury just ran through everyone. Tyson Fury,
knocking out anything that moves.>>I would knock you out.>>Gypsy King.>>The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman
and Tyson Fury wanna rip each other apart.

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  1. So in other words, WWE realised they have 2 main draws at best (Reigns ish and the Fiend) and needed draws from other sports (Fury and Velasquez). They’ve officially hit rock bottom

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  3. When you haven't seen your homeboy in so long so yall just wanna hug it out but then the squad pulls and they mad jelly because they ain't ever gonna have the love you too had.

  4. In a realistic world.. Tyson fury would knock braun out(In a boxing match). however in a wwe ring.. braun will man handle fury to the point they may not be a furywilder2 😂

  5. Fury might be big in the boxing world, but he's an embarrassment in pro wrestling. No charisma, no idea what he's doing in the ring. Him knocking out Braun at Crown Jewel doesn't help anybody. It would actually legitimise Braun a lot more if he picked up the win, but we know that's not going to happen. <__<

  6. I get it you think celebrities and one off athletes pull in more views but it's so lame.. And that 15m payday is a big slap in the face to the performers that work hard all year round.. I'm sure stroman will job out to Tyson which is trash..

  7. Great to see the wwe pushing brawn I the opposite direction. Why push a great athlete and fan favorite to a title shot when you can hand him this garbage. GOOD JOB WEE, NAILED IT

  8. Wwe is doing so hard to make public booking this shows thats why they are uploading only these two actors(sry i mean wrestler)😂

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