Trump plans e-cigarette ban to combat teen vaping

Vaping has become a very big business as I understand it. A giant business in a very short period of.

Vaping has become a very
big business as I understand it. A giant business in a very
short period of time. But we can’t allow people to get sick
and we can’t have our youth be so affected and I’m hearing it
and that’s how the first lady got involved. She’s got a son, together, that is
a beautiful young man and she’s feels very, very
strongly about it. She’s seen it, we’re both reading it.
A lot of people are reading it. But people are dying with vaping,
so we’re looking at it very closely. If nothing else, this is a conference
that’s going to let people know about it because people are going to
watch what we’re saying and parents are going to be
a lot tougher with respect to their children.

100 thoughts on “Trump plans e-cigarette ban to combat teen vaping”

  1. I have vaped for 6 years..I'm not dead…I love this president but before he or any other part of the gov should act mabe they she research what is behind it…what is the cause…its not vaping…its the manufacturer and mixing of the ingredients that are not being tested…I chewed for 18 years and smoked for 3….vape helped me past that….its all bs

  2. I'm wondering how the Dems will spin banning e-cigs into a negative. TRUMP is destroying jobs by banning vaping. Lol idk, but really tho. Lol

  3. 34 million smoking cigarettes, 10 million vaping, 8 million smoking weed in the USA alone, and the green deal says nothing about all this green house gas.🤔

  4. WTF? I understand banning non-American products to help reduce the risk of bad product especially most of the bad product from china, but why ban all???? This is awfull and overreach of government.

  5. I guess the vape industry lobby is not contributing cash to the trump swamp.
    His wife just stares as she screams inside. So much irony.
    He mentions his family, at least the most recent one as if they are not related, as a second thought.

  6. Amazing how you Trumps gather to ban children from smoking ecigarettes yet nothing has been done YET to free those children in cages at the border. Melania you are the worst first lady in history as you remain silent while your husband destroys the country. You are both despicable people.

  7. This is your big concern? Try feeding all the kid in this country who live on the streets but somehow get through class. Maybe have your wife or daughter where the the same shoes and purse for a year!

  8. You will never stop the people who know how to make their own liquid. If you ban vaping, better ban every flavored item in the grocery store. Don't forget to eat a ton of microwave popcorn though, please, pretty please with sugar on top.

  9. But no banning flavored alcoholic drinks? Flavored tobaccos? I just saw blueberry flavor cigars at the corner store? Melania needs something to do so Trump throws her a bone by letting her take credit for getting rid of flavors that don't kill people. This is a clown world and Trump is king of clowns.

  10. Lol people are dying with vape PMSL I'm a smoker and people are dying smoking why not ban cigarettes because you get loads of money of it

  11. These lung illness cases are being caused by black market illegal THC vape cartridges. All legal companies know not to put vitamin e oil in their liquid. They're convenient scary incidents that the government can use as leverage. It's proven that cigarettes and alcohol kill people but they just want to tax that. Big vape doesn't have a big enough lobby I'm guessing.

  12. 6 kids died, we have to do something about this! School/mass shootings continue, it's too early to talk about gun control…

  13. Harmful chemicals that are present in illegally manufactured THC (cannabis) vape cartridges are what's killing people. Legal vape products are not the issue, this is pure ignorance.

  14. Even an abusive Father couldn't drop a Gaf like that. "Look, there's my wife and her son. I mean TOGETHER. We have her Son that is hers and mines Son"……….anyway BUILD THA WALL AND WHO'S GONNA PAY FOR IT?!!!!!!!

  15. Is NO ONE also mentioning that there are such a thing as the 0% nicotine level juices that ARE NOT ADDICTIVE?! I have never smoked or touched nicotine and I always get my juices from a reliable FDA approved company

  16. 2600 hundred kids died from gun violence in the same amount of time 6 kids have died from vaping. I’m guessing the 2600 needed better PR.

  17. I can just my own juice ya fucks. And many more people die from cigarettes. Nobody is actually dying from vaping they’re dying because they are vaping THC oil

  18. WTH u means “She got a son, together”? So the kid is not yours? Maybe he didn’t physically put him in there, the machine did, that’s why he denying it.

  19. NO – "If nothing else…." this is a tragic diversion from the ongoing nightmare of mass-shootings and drug overdoses (be it from alcohol, opioids, etc.) in the hopes of coming across as caring, but in the end doing very little to reduce suffering.

  20. Trump says people are dying with vaping we’re looking at it real close can’t have young people dying of vaping. But refuses to stand up to the NRA on gun control and assault weapons it’s ok with him for young people to die with assault weapons.

  21. You guys are just going help thugs become millionaires they allready know how to make it the e juice there selfs that the reason people are dieing in the first place please think about this before doing this buy doing this theres going too be more death becuase there going make alot of vape that going to be worst than the buy at the store so yeah dont do this unless you want too see more vaping death the world going be a sad place if you do this there probably making now as we speak this going be Tragic think about the life going be Traumatised I repeat dont do this your playing with fire trump

  22. Just an excuse to ban vaping…. Money from the cigar companies are depleting…..

    Philip Morris will be ecstatic…… I hope that he can get better and accurate information instead of listening to his wifes concerns and use that as a basis to ruin peoples lives…. businesses that rely on this industry.. if you are serious in being concerned because of public health..


  23. From what Ive herd on the subject all the deaths have been from using black market liquid suppliers whose products contain high levels of vitamin E. It would explain the lack of similar incidents in the UK where vaping has been popular for much longer

  24. Trump has humiliated this country in so many ways…he is unfit as a family man and as President. I don’t understand how could people still support him after what he has done….it is insane!

  25. To be honest people that vape have total disregard for people that don’t, It makes me feel ill when i end up inhaling the second hand fumes ,ban the lot or have designated areas full stop and defo ban it in cars ✌🏻

  26. I'm a Trump supporter. It seems like tobacco companies are paying Trump to kill ecigs. These ecigs are saving 1000% more lives. I was able to quit smoking because of ecigs.

  27. If the concern is not allowing people to get sick you should ban cigarettes because those have been proven to kill nearly half a million people a year.

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