Trump Confirms US Is Addicted To Both Oil And War

Well, I know we all got excited when John Bolton abruptly exited the Trump administration roughly a week ago thinking,.

Well, I know we all got excited when John
Bolton abruptly exited the Trump administration roughly a week ago thinking, Hey, maybe this
means we’re not going to war with Iran anytime soon. And yeah, that lasted a comfortable seven
days yesterday. Sunday Donald Trump tweeted out the following,
Saudi Arabia oil supply was attacked. There is a reason to believe that we know
the culprit are locked and loaded depending on verification, but are waiting to hear from
the kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack and under what terms
we would proceed. Now here’s the back story in case anybody
slept through the entire weekend. Uh, oil refineries slash tankers slash sites,
uh, were attacked in Saudi Arabia. Two of them. And the reason I say refineries, tankers,
sites, whatever, cause there’s a lot of conflicting reports right now. A lot of reports say was tankers, some say
refineries, others are just saying oil sites. But either way, the oil supply chain in Saudi
Arabia was attacked this past weekend in a drone strike. The Trump administration firmly believes that
Iran is the country that did this. And so Donald Trump is out there saying, we
are locked and loaded. Those were his words, locked and loaded, just
waiting on Saudi Arabia to tell us where and when. Because apparently as Tulsi Gabbert pointed
out on Twitter this morning, we’re Saudi Arabia’s bitch. And that is absolutely the sad truth. Tulsi Gabbert as 100% right about that we
are, and Trump admitted it in this tweet. We’re just waiting for them to tell us what
to do. You know, allegedly the greatest military
on the planet, and we do spend more than any other country. In fact, we spend more than the eight countries
behind us combined. And now we’re waiting on our oil. Uh, you have the, well, that’s a very true
for slip too. We’re waiting on our all orders from the Kingdom
of Saudi Arabia. So not only does this prove that the United
States government is taking orders from Saudi Arabia, but Donald Trump is also telling us
we are as a country addicted to both war and oil because there’s no denying. There’s no sugarcoating this at all. This would be a war over oil. In fact, Donald Trump is so freaked out about
the oil supply that he spent the last 24 hours on Twitter telling us that we’re totally good
with oil folks. Don’t worry. Don’t worry about our oil here in the United
States. We’re gonna unlock some of the strategic petroleum
reserve. We’re going to get that flowing. He had one tweet that was literally just an
all caps, a yelling that said plenty of oil, which I believed he was trying to order something
from McDonald’s, but opened up his wrong app. But nonetheless, it’s all about oil, oil,
oil, oil, oil. That’s why these refineries were actually
attacked over there, regardless of who did them. They did it because they understand that the
planet and the United States especially, is addicted to oil. If only we would have begun 15 years ago transitioning
to a clean, renewable energy infrastructure here in the United States. If GM hadn’t come forward in the late nineties
early two thousands and killed the electric car, this wouldn’t even be on our radar right
now. We would be a top export or in clean renewable
energy. These refineries maybe wouldn’t have even
existed anymore if the world had begun transitioning. But because we’re so desperate to get those
last few drops oil out of the ground so we can burn them as quickly as possible. The bad people, whoever they may be, they
know where to strike. They know what’s going to hurt us the most. It doesn’t have to be human lives that they
take. Just destroy that energy infrastructure and
suddenly you can disrupt entire countries and of course provoke the United States to
have one of the dumbest responses possible.

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