Trump Brings U.S. to Brink of War with Iran | The Daily Show

The U.S.A. versus Iran. Over the past week, tensions in the Middle East have ramped up bigly, after Iran shot.

The U.S.A. versus Iran. Over the past week, tensions in the Middle East
have ramped up bigly, after Iran shot down
an unmanned American sky dildo. And now, America said that the drone was shot down
over international waters. But Iran said
it was flying in their airspace. We’re learning
that on Thursday night, America almost went to war. Just 24 hours ago, last night, the U.S. was within minutes
of striking Iran, but President Trump suddenly
stopping the strike before it could happen. President Trump tweeting this. Sweet Lord. America was ten minutes away
from bombing Iran. And who stopped it?
Donald Trump. (applause) Yeah. What-What’s that?
Who ordered the strike? Also Donald Trump. (laughter, applause) The point is, we are at peace, thanks to,
and in spite of President Trump. (laughter) And can we just take a second to acknowledge
how often this happens? Trump takes us all
to the brink of a crisis, and then, he’s the one that pulls us back
at the last second. Sometimes it feels like
there are two different Trumps making these decisions. And you know what?
Like, maybe there are. Maybe he has an identical twin
running around the White House. You know? It’s like one of
those Sister, Sister situations. Yeah. I mean, that would explain
all of the flip-flopping. In fact, it would explain
everything. He’d be like, “Mexicans are rapists!” “And some of them
are good people.” “I’m gonna release
my tax returns.” “No, I’m not.” “I’m gonna play golf.” “I’m also gonna play golf.” (laughter) So, as you saw
in the president’s tweet, the reason that he called off
the missile strikes is because, ten minutes before the launch, he found out how many people
could die in a strike, and to him, a drone wasn’t worth
taking human lives. And honestly, I commend him
for even saying that. But now, people are
shooting down his story, like it’s an unmanned sky dildo. NEWSMAN: The Washington Post
today reporting the president had been briefed hours earlier
about potential risks and casualties, and was
supportive of military action until around 7:00 p.m., when
he appeared to change his mind. This just doesn’t add up that…
that when the president meets with his top Pentagon people, they give him
a very thorough list, a menu of targets, and say,
“You can hit this target, “you can hit that target. If you do, here are
the possible casualties.” They run through
the whole thing. Yeah, according
to multiple people, the president’s story
doesn’t make sense. ‘Cause they say a president
doesn’t find out about potential casualties
ten minutes before a strike. Those numbers
are actually presented when the strike is proposed. In other words, they give
the president a menu of options, and then he picks
what he would like to do. And I think that’s
where this all fell apart. You see, this isn’t a guy
who uses menus, okay? It looks too much like a book. This is a guy who points at
pictures and asks for numbers. That’s who this is. “Give me that one
with an extra that one.” That’s him. “And I’ll be
taking a soak in the ball pit. Let me know when it’s ready.” Now, as much as we would like… we would like to believe
that this happened because Trump didn’t
pay attention in a meeting, it might actually be
more complicated than that. Right?
Because it’s been reported that the president may have
been given two different sets of casualty numbers. Yeah. That’s what happened. Well, that’s what
they’re saying happened. And that wouldn’t be surprising,
because it turns out there are two different factions
in this administration, and they’ve both been pulling
Trump in very different ways. NEWSWOMAN: Sources tell CNN
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor
John Bolton both favored striking Iran, while outside advisors
reminded him of his promise to get the U.S. out of wars,
not in them. NEWSMAN:
Vice President Mike Pence supported the planned
military strike on Iran but also agreed
with the president’s decision to stop them. (laughter) Wait, what? The vice president supported
launching air strikes and not launching air strikes? I’ve got to say, the last thing
I expected to hear about Mike Pence
is that he swings both ways. (laughter) (applause, whooping) Like… seriously, what a… what a straight-up kiss-ass. He’s like, “Sir,
I think we should strike Iran.” (as Trump):
“I don’t want to do it.” (as Pence): “And you shouldn’t,
sir. Great decision.” So the hawks
were pushing Trump into war, and the doves
were urging restraint. And I don’t know what the doves
told President Trump, but it looks like for now,
it’s worked. NEWSMAN: The president says
if it comes to war, the U.S.
will “obliterate Iran,” but what he really wants
is talks aimed at a new deal to keep Iran from getting
nuclear weapons. If… Iran wants to become
a wealthy nation again, become a prosperous nation, we’ll call it
“Let’s Make Iran Great Again.” Does that make sense?
Make Iran Great Again. -(laughter, groans)
-Wait, what? Make Iran Great Again? So in 48 hours, Trump went
from threatening Iran to pitching a MAGA franchise
in Tehran? (laughter) And I’ll be honest, I don’t know
if MIGA has the same ring to it. (laughter) And… it could be
a lot of trouble if Iran ever pisses Trump off. He’d be like, “All right,
they changed their minds, so we’re switching it
to “Never Iran Great Again.” Be like, “Sir, no, I…
I don’t think… I don’t think we should…”
“Change it now! Change it to Never.” “Look, sir,
look what you’ve done.” -“Oh, my-my bad.”
-(laughter) Look, if you pay attention, it’s pretty clear
to see what’s happening here. Trump doesn’t want
to go to war with Iran, right? And he also doesn’t mind sitting
down with them to make a deal. Feels like the truth is, he just doesn’t want
Obama’s nuclear deal. So, Iran,
here’s all you need to do. Take the nuclear deal
you already had, replace “Obama” with “Trump,” turn the whole thing gold
for no reason… and, most importantly,
don’t forget to use pictures. It makes it easy
for him to decide. Yeah. That’s a deal both Trump teams
can get behind.

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  2. LOL 150 casualties…more like thousands! He only stopped the strike to TRY to look good..didn't work! Presidents are always given facts wayyyyy before a military strike..he was a coward and yes, a liar, once again! LOL So Iran can't have nuclear weapons but America can have as many as she wants!!! Same goes for No Korea, China and every other nation…America being the damn bully once again.

  3. "Yo, uh, cops? I told these 2 guys to mug everyone they see, but then, at the last second, I told them to stop. SO, you're welcome people."

  4. U.S U.K and their ALLIES invading Muslim countries killing innocent people stolen natural resources

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  6. Hi, im a 24 year old iranian with nothing but respect in my heart for american people. i assure you not even 1 person that i know that isnt inside the gov wants war. what us gov is doing to us is unhuman. i mean with all these sanctions there is no future for us young people. for example if you wanna buy a toyota you must pay 1 billion toman…. let that sink in. if you work for a whole month your salary isnt more than 300 dollars. workes get paid less than 100 dollars in a month. everything is sooooo expensive nowadays. the only people hurting from this conflict are innocent people… please i beg you to start understanding that WE DONT WANT WAR, WE JUST WANNA LIVE , WORK , STUDY , LOVE , … like the rest of the world and just be HAPPY… may god protect us all… thank u

  7. I am an Iranian and are really happy to see such news 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🤗🤗🤗🤗

  8. Thank you Americans (specially american businessmen, military personnels and the politicians) you guys are so generous to the world for restoring world's "Democracy" and understanding commoners' "Pain" and "Suffering" and "Causalities". You guys are the "Savers" of the world.

  9. Why are you blaming president Trump, when it is Iran that is taking the hostile steps? Trevor, I am beginning to wonder, are you a socialist?

  10. The reality is, Iran is not like the iraq or libiya Afghanistan, iran has powerful military in the middle East, so that USA can't take action against Iran, I'm sure 100%, if USA try, do you think suadi arabia and others will be a Seattle, this can be very critical situation, if the control getting out of hand it will be never return, ww3

  11. ترامپ نمی داند داره با کی در میفته ایران عراق یا افغانستان نیست
    Trump doesn't know who he is going with Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan

  12. What I don't get about America being in war: Why do they always say that they are at war, but war is never in America?
    I mean, as European, thanks for assisting in extinguishing the Nazis, but why did the citizens need to be attacked too? Don't you get that dropping a bobm leaves more scars behind than a crater.
    Just stop killing people this way. In this advanced technological Era there are better ways for solving tensions

  13. Duh there's 2 trumps… He's a Gemini 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 we're under the rule of a psychopath. The other trump is a sociopath lol

  14. What I don't understand is that America has a lot of good people. But what's wrong with their president. As if they ellected the worst human in their country. All he know is hate . That's why the China is getting ahead in evrything . Because american are busy chosing dumb president .

  15. There's a pattern that occurs when unpopular president faces re-election. A war suddenly erupts somewhere and the sitting president always gets re-elected bcuz of it. No candidates want 2 get involved in these pre-meditated messes and we get stuck with a hack for 4 more years.

  16. War this, War that ! What's new ? "Target" ryt ? "Target'"… I feel like American's need to see blood on their Streets then maybe war won't be so hot when McDonald's on fire 🤔🇿🇦🇺🇸 🇿🇦

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