Tripping on Hallucinogenic Frogs (Part 2/3)

[MUSIC PLAYING] HAMILTON MORRIS: Let’s go find out what we’re eating for breakfast. It’s hard boiled eggs and bread. And.

go find out what we’re eating for breakfast. It’s hard boiled
eggs and bread. And that would appear
accumulating mosquito bites are starting to cripple me. I can barely use my
hands anymore. I count 52 bites on my left hand
and 51 bites on my right hand, which is so swollen
I cannot make a fist. Got me on my belly
really badly. It’s just, like, all in here
is incredibly itchy. It just started raining. And it was pouring
for a while. Now it’s just drizzling. The sun is going to
come out soon. And we’ve been assured by our
host, Petro, that the frog will sing tonight. And in the meantime, I think
we’re just going to wait in our hammocks and try to escape
the swarms of insects until the sun sets. I give Petro a copy of Vice and
he indicates that it would make good masturbation
material. The rain ends and the midday sun
breaks through the clouds. The heat and the insects come
back with a vengeance. I’ve barely left
the hut today. It’s actually so hot that
I can barely stand. And even if I were to leave the
hut, there is very, very little to do. Actually, just laying in the
hammocks, you can hear the sound, the collective sound of
all the insects swarming around everything. It’s just like a loud buzz. And the sun is so hot
that I would– well, I mean, I actually haven’t
been outside today. I’ll go outside and
have a look. Well, actually I just
took a Ritalin. So I’m feeling sort
of energetic. Maybe I’ll go outside and
see what’s going on. Oh. It’s not that bad. Paradise. Oh, my god. These animals. Holy shit. Oh, this is just swarming
around. I’m already covered in own blood
from these creatures. Oh, my god. Well, this is why I’m
staying inside. It’s terrifying. Night comes and we sit
half awake, listening for the frog song. While writing in my diary, I
hear some commotion outside. I decide to go out
and investigate. We just ran into some trouble
because the chief’s son got news on the radio that FUNAI
is coming to check on this tribe in a couple days, probably
even tomorrow. And we still haven’t
found the frog. FUNAI is the Brazilian
organization that protects these indigenous groups. And if they find out that we’re
here without a license, we’re here illegally, we’ll have
to get the fuck out of here without the frog. And I have a feeling our guide
will be in big trouble. So it’s essential that we get
the frog tonight, and that FUNAI doesn’t arrest us all. Around 2:00 in the morning the
sapo sings and again we all rush into the jungle. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [MAKING ANIMAL SOUNDS] HAMILTON MORRIS: Petro,
our host, calls to it every now and then. But I don’t think he’s having
any luck finding it. I’m not sure normally how long
it’s morning. We’re trying to figure
out what to do. FUNAI is on its way. They’ll be arriving today. The frog sang. But we were unable to find it. And now it’s day. So we don’t know what
the fuck to do. This is our third day with
the Mayoruna Indians. I have mosquito induced shell
shock and swat constantly at insects that are
not even there. There you go. We hand out batteries,
pens, notebooks, t-shirts, and other trash. As a parting gift, Petro’s wife
gives me a grass bracelet she had just made. We have officially
run out of food. But fortunately, a child
offers to kill a chicken for us. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: Didn’t
catch the frog. FUNAI is coming. We’ve got to run. Moments before we killed it,
the chicken ran away. So onward. The child eventually finds and
kills the chicken and brings its limp body back to us. As he plucks the dead chicken,
Juan tells us of another place down river where we might be
able to find the frog. Goodbye. It’s nice to meet all of you. We say goodbye to the Mayoruna
and get out of there fast to avoid FUNAI. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: I loved them. They were great. I learned a lot. It was time that
we went though. We started heading towards
the floating home of a Shaman downriver. We all sincerely hope that he
can help us find the frog. We’re at this house right now
trying to buy some fresh fish from the river. The house is absolutely covered
in butterflies. And looks pretty nice. Ah, little chicks. This is just like the house of
incredibly cute animals, coming from hell into the chick
and butterfly sanctuary. Oh, yeah. That’s fresh fish. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: We were given
a bag of fresh fish for free which is extremely unusual
considering we had to pay about 150,000 batteries, and
6,000 cigarettes, and 100 million t-shirts for
this earlier. It’s very nice to
approaching the Shaman’s house right now. In a few minutes we’ll know
for sure whether or not he can help us. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: Oh, wow. Look at that. Can you ask them if the
toucan is friendly? And there’s a small monkey
walking around on the ground. Oh, it’s the most incredibly
cute thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I just want to rub
it’s little head. It seems like there’s a lot
of wildlife around here. So we’re going to go out on a
boat later tonight looking for the frog and see what
we can dig up. This is our dinner tonight,
four fish for six people. I’m extremely hungry. They’re not especially
big fish. But we can supplement it with
canned wieners if I’m still hungry afterwards. Our captain is out fishing
as we speak. So hopefully we’ll grab a
few more by dinner time. We drag nets through the water
before dinner, but keep catching the Candiru
penis fish. It’s truly a horrifying site,
with razor sharp retractable fangs which whip in and out of
it’s face in a split second. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: Apparently,
it like to swim up assholes as well. I think I’ll avoid
bathing a bit. We eat rice and river
fish for dinner. If the Shaman’s home has
everything from toucan to penis fish, I am confident
we will find the frog. It’s 4:30 in the morning. We heard the frog. Our host jumped into a canoe
and went out to find it. We haven’t seen him since. And I don’t know what’s
going on. He’s somewhere out
in the trees. I wait one hour for
him to come back. This is becoming very
discouraging. I begin to wonder if we’re
ever going to find this mysterious little frog. It’s day six. The Shaman just arrived. We ask him if he could help
us with the frog. He said he wasn’t sure. But in the meantime, he said
that he could help us brew some Ayahuasca. It’s not my first time
drinking Ayahuasca. They’ve been saying that if
you’ve had it in the United States, it’s not
the same thing. It’s a much stronger– [SPANISH] –in the Amazon. And we’ve got nothing else to do
while we wait for the frog, so why not? [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: We’re trekking
through the forest right now collecting the
necessary plants to brew some Ayahuasca. They said it was only
two minutes in. But it looks like it might
be a bit further. This is our first expedition
feet are in pain. I’m getting blisters
from these fucked up boots we’re wearing. It’s too thick to move. We’re really, seriously deep
in the jungle right now. I’m keeping an eye out for the
frog while we’re here. But I somehow doubt it’s this
is the Ayahuasca vine. Although it looks different
from what I’ve seen in the past. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: There is an
inevitable confusion when discussing Ayahuasca because
they are about 150 different names for it. It’s not just one
specific thing. It’s a mixture of
plants as well. The vine alone does not produce
the psychedelic experience. The vine activates a DMT
containing plant. But in and of itself, it’s not
especially interesting. I ask for different DMT
containing plants, but he does not have access to
in the middle of this drug infested forest. There’s plants everywhere. DMT is an incredibly
common substance to be found in plants. There are hundreds
and hundreds of DMT containing plants. But this guy doesn’t know
about any around here. He only has this MAOI containing
vine, which will fuck me up most definitely,
but is not what I’m looking for. Without the DMT, the vine is
like 1/50 of the experience. It won’t make me hallucinate. It won’t give me cosmic
revelation. I’ll just be out of it for
six hours or something. I think it’s best that we take
the vine and use it later once we find some DMT containing
plants. And in the meantime,
wait for the frog. Now we’ve got to go back to
our house on the river and wait for night time. Hopefully the frog
will show up. And all of this will
be worth it. But as of now, this is
totally fucked up. We made it out alive. So that’s that, a week
of pain and terror. And I’m frogless in the Amazon
with half of the plants needed to make Ayahuasca. We just heard the frog sing. Juan and the captain went out
in one of the canoes. They’re in the woods right
now looking for the frog. And hopefully they’ll
started climbing it, but stuck his hand in a beehive and
had to paddle away. They’re going to wait until the
day and then try and chop down the tree and catch
the frog that way. We’re getting closer. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] MALE SPEAKER: Hamilton,
come on. They found the frog. HAMILTON MORRIS: Early in the
morning, a miracle happens. The Shaman finds the frog in the
jungle and leaves it for us in a nearby tree. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Oh, my god. It’s just a beautiful,
gigantic creature. We’ve been searching for
this for five days now. I can’t even believe it. We finally have it. We actually caught the frog. We actually have it. [SIGHS] HAMILTON MORRIS: Phyllomedusa
bicolor. Come, come to me. Oh. Oh, my god. Is it on my head? [LAUGHTER] HAMILTON MORRIS: Where is it? Where is it? It’s on my ass? MALE SPEAKER: Yeah,
on your ass. HAMILTON MORRIS: Is it hanging
off the bottom of my ass? MALE SPEAKER: Yes, it is. HAMILTON MORRIS: Really? Well, can somebody get
it off my ass? Where is it actually? MALE SPEAKER: On
your ass still. He likes it there. HAMILTON MORRIS: Come to me. Oh. Oh. It has strange rubber fingers. It could be placebo, but I swear
I can feel a sensation in my hands from where
boat and started rowing towards the mouth
frog dives into the river. I peer over the boat. But he’s already 10 feet away,
jetting through the water towards a tree. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: The Shaman’s
son steps into a canoe and cuts him off in the water. The frog jumps inside
the canoe. And we carry him to the shore. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: We’re setting
up posts right now. And they’re going to string up
the frog by its arms and legs and then scape its
skin secretions. Juan and the captain tie high
grass ropes around his arms and legs as if you was about
to be drawn and quartered. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: Once the frog
is strung up completely, then we’ll start to tickle it. And hopefully it will start to
sweat out it’s venom, which contains a number of
psychoactive drugs. They string the frog up
vertically and then start to jab his sides with a sharpened
stick to encourage him to secrete the venom. This is being done
for my sake. And it’s making me
a bit queasy. The frogs starts to glisten
with psychoactive jelly. The jelly is gathered onto
a wooden pallet. The captain volunteers
to go first. He’s the only person who’s used
the sapo in the past. And he’s the only person,
besides myself, who intends to use it now. [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] HAMILTON MORRIS: OK. So he’s about to burn
our captain. And then he’s going to put the
toad secretion in the burn.

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