Toppo Vs Goku Final Fight | DBS Episode 82 English Dub

Evil cannot defeat justice you are doomed to perish Oh, come on since when does the damn 11 have an.

Evil cannot defeat justice you are doomed to perish Oh, come on since when does the damn 11 have an honest-to-god strong man is a ringer. Hey kid Do you know what happens if your dad bites it down there? That’s got this. Yeah. Well you better This is So you want to prolong your punishment Told you not to worry, so this will be Dundas That looks like an execution he certainly went overboard To wear the uniform of a bride trooper is to wear the ideals of Honor and righteousness and when you Sully this finery with evil You Sully all the troopers and the very pride we fight for I’ll administer the horses judgment. The cosmos has ever seen. Yeah, that’s it I want you to use everything you’ve got and I’m gonna show you what it’s like when I hit my ceiling That’s enough

100 thoughts on “Toppo Vs Goku Final Fight | DBS Episode 82 English Dub”

  1. although technically a draw because no one won, goku was dominating him since he turned ssjb lol lets face it, they where not equals

  2. Goku:” *beats the shit out of Toppo*”

    Toppo:” pants heavily ITS A DRAW!”
    Me;”This bitch.”😐

  3. 0:17 beerus' "He'd better" is badass as heck. The tone of their voices are out of place 😂😂

  4. I don’t appreciate one bit that they’re writing the new stuff like anime. Dbz has never been one of the anime shows. It always stood apart in its characters and story. Now they got idiotic characters like that ignorant Ribrianne with her moronic heart powers. Plus all the stupid short speeches you don’t see from dragonball characters.

  5. This proves that super Sayan blue evolution is stronger than goku blue kieken x 20. Goku used Blue Keiken times 20 against normal Toppo and was very even with Toppo. Super Sayan blue evolution was used against Toppo when Toppo was in his God Of Destruction form and defeated Toppo at his best.

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  7. Whats the point of hitting someone else fist? If i wanna block a hit i would do it with my arm, redirecting the way of the punch, because i can do it much easier then fully blocking the punch. If I’m the one who is punching, then I would target voulnerable positions of the body to dissarm my oponent as soon as possible. The Z fight animations were much more enjoyable.

  8. If only toppo knew all the things gokus done, then he wouldn’t call him a bad guy, Goku has saved the world countless times

  9. Never seen DBS but read all DragonBall and saw all DB and DGZ. Why is this guy sayin Goku is evil when he's pretty much a paragon of virtue?

  10. I don’t get it. These people can definitely feel each other’s ki, so how do they then end up underestimating each other, like he’s obviously powered up, don’t throw a weak punch thinking it would somehow hit.

  11. Cmon Toppo. Zamasu cut a log sized hole in his sides and he stayed Blue, giving us a badass fighting scene. Your squeezing aint worth shit lol

  12. Even though vegeta my favorite Sean schmel ( sorry if that’s not how you spell his name and if you don’t know that the guy who plays goku) is really good especially when he yells he has the best yells

  13. Why does zeno have a very clear woman’s voice? Like not a little feminine or child like, just a straight up woman’s voice

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