TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN | God Of War – Part 10 (END)

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  1. I reaaaaaaally enjoyed wathching this serie! I don't play console myself but daaaaaaaamn I'd love to play this game! Sean, your genuine knowledge about the lore etc. also gives the whole series so much more depth as well. The only downside is that the in-game audio sucked big time thou getting distorted in loud segments. I have good headphones so I'm thinking it might be because a low quality audio processor but then again I've tried two different setups with the same result so I'm basically non the wiser… Anyhow, thanks for the great work you put down in this! Swedish noises! xD

  2. If anyone’s wondering why mistletoe hurt baldur it’s because when Freya cursed baldur she said that everything that could pose a threat to him would be unable to hurt him and she thought that since mistletoe is such a small insignificant thing, it would not hurt him anyways.

  3. There is no fury that can rival that of a grieving mother.
    But now… she has nothing to lose. She will have revenge, as it is all she can claim.

  4. I hear so many people say that Freya will plot revenge on kratos and it's usually pretty logical but at 48:26 that look she gave kratos looks like she's not really pissed off anymore she's just depressed about the last thing she truly loved being gone the thing is that look showed that she knew it sorta had to done because there was no other way Baldur was never going to give up but this is just my opinion or Athena could drive Freya to do it but she isn't easily manipulated but the death of her son might have broke that.

  5. They are too many secrets and mysteries to solve, cant wait for the next game
    By the way faye its free, back thit her people, Goodbye faye😪

  6. The boy's going to cause the end of the world….HECK,he's going to have a 8 legged horse as a kid,a snake,a wolf…..*WHEEZE* and in the myths loki's the reason baldur died to mistletoe.

  7. Atreus: father did you got to a giants belly?
    Kratos: yes cronos i mean never one that was trying to eat me
    Mimir: i lad!

  8. jack knows so much about the game and even know about the game developers. No other youtuber would talk 30 mins or so after the game is finished. Thats why we love him so much. pLus he's so giddy HAHA

  9. I just realised.
    One of the main things about loki is that he never misses an arrow
    Neither does Atreus
    Confirmation even outside of game lore

  10. In the mythology, Freya made that baldur won’t feel pain from anything but not mistletoe. Why? I don’t know. So Loki decided “I’m gonna end this whole man’s life” and shot him with an arrow made from mistletoe. I like that they used it

  11. As a person who had a daughter once, I would want them to live. Desperately. But if it came down to my life or theirs, I would choose my life. I won't have to make that choice for a long while, seeing as my daughter is already gone, and I won't have another for quite a while. People may hate me, and call me a monster. But I know what I am capable of, and what I am not. And sacrificing myself is not in my capabilities.

  12. I have watch this so many times and i love it still man I really hope they make an another one I still love THIS SOOOOOOOO MUCH MAN I can go on for hours man I love this i watch this when it came out and a year later i still love watching this i really really hope the make new game i really cant stop going on man a lot of this game has a lot of good stuff like when kratoes gets mad at his son but pulls back and they made him sympathize god everything about this game is so goooooooood and when you can't control the son and no one would know that the son is named Loki no one new that the way they made it was so good and the way it would feel but I could get to play this i was so sad when I couldn't play it but combat would feel good because the way it is made MAN

  13. Dude, your outros are EPIC! I'm gonna make a compilation at some point but I'm afraid I'll overload my pleasure level limit <3

  14. Jack you didn’t realize that when Atreus (idk how to spell his name) was sick after the magni and modi fight and you were on the way to freya mimir said that it can only happen to mortals and mimir thought that he was sick because he THOUGHT that he was mortal but at the end when Atreus said that he’s part god part giant kratos added part mortal because B O Y is part giant

  15. So you know this means Kratos was being manipulated and used AGAIN right?
    Faye knew about Kratos and Atreus and everything else. She let him believe she was a mortal and she kept everything secret from him.
    She waited in Midgard specifically for him to show up and father her son. She marked out specific trees for Kratos to cut down that would bring down the barrier and cause Odin to become aware of them and set this whole thing in motion ALL for the purpose of getting Atreus ready to start Ragnarok and destroy the Aesir.
    Literally their ENTIRE relationship has been one big long manipulation. Dude seriously can't get away from other people's machinations and live his own damn life.

  16. Something Jack was talking about the sisters of fate, the sisters of fate are only for Greek mythology because the hell in Greek is different so no the sisters Kratos killed are only for Greece not everywhere

  17. I just realized something after rewatching the playthrough and what if in the next game atreus ends up time traveling and that's who calls the world serpant

  18. thats why the serpent said he recognized Atreus, because Jormengandr's parent is Loki, and Atreus is Loki, meaning he is Jormengandr's father.


  19. Kratos knowing and talking about how he killed many innocents and his father was the most touching moment in a game and it was not forced or fake it was just amazing and heartfelt

  20. when he says loki does he mean like the loki odin adopted/god of mischief. so odin adopted the god of wars son? is it just me or is that a bit ironic

  21. What Mimir said in the beginning, was that in order for Odin to get more wisdom, he hanged from one of Yggdrasil's roots upside down in nine days. He did this every sense he took out his second eye.

    This is Anton Bearmountain from Sweden, Skandinavia.

  22. It still is weird how a lifetime of not being able to feel has 1) turned him into a masochist, while still being so sadistic, and 2) somehow knows what cold and hot feel like….
    Just odd ya Know?

  23. I hate how jack says, "I like how he does barely any damage." IT IS LITERALLY THE SECOND LOWEST DIFFICULTY! YOU'RE NOT EXACTLY GOING TO GET BUTTFUCKED BY BOSSES!

  24. I looked up alot of this on Wikipedia, There is a ton of information on the God of War game that is true to the Myths in real life. Baldur in is spelled wrong in the game, in real life myths his name is spelled Baldr, and is not cursed but is killed by Loki, and it also mentions that Jormungander is Loki's father, and they mention Frigg and Odin. Look up all this on Wikipedia. This playthrough that jack did on this game intrigued me to learn more about Norse Mythology. I could do and essay on it if I wanted too.

  25. Yoo I am SO happy I finally had the time to finish this series. From start to finish I was on edge and I absolutely love it! That end was phenomenal and i can’t express how exited I am to see what becomes of the next Dad of Boy games should there be any.

  26. 1:17:22 But that sounds a little out of character for Kratos, dying to other gods.
    It would make sense if old age kicked in though

  27. "when doom befalls the indestructible" does that reference when the safety circle was broken which started the adventure?

  28. game devs sniffing cocaine so we need to have a huge fucking snake get beat and then a god kills said guy who beat snake only to go to a different realm then spread ashes.

  29. lol when jack said 'I feel like I'm in a superhero movie' my mum who was in the same room said 'yeah I do' yet she couldn't hear the vid because I had headphones on

  30. Over a year later, still by far my favorite game, beat it 3 times, 100% it, platinum trophy, absolutely CANNOT wait for the next one

  31. What do you wanna bet that when he was asking if he was able to shapeshift someone playing the game said "ha, no Atreaus, you're no Loki"

  32. 27:43 u know, seeing baldur from this angle makes me compare his look with Kratos in God of War 1 (both have tattoo markings on their bodies, both wear caplet's(?) and nothing worn from the waist up, even their personalities are similar with baldur believing his curse of feeling no pain would be cured, like kratos believing the gods would get rid of his nightmares)

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