Top 5 Most Evil Characters of the Series – Ace Combat Rankings

Sometimes our enemies in the Ace Combat games can justify their actions with some sort of context or background but.

Sometimes our enemies in the Ace Combat games
can justify their actions with some sort of context or background but many times there’s
nothing to justify – they are just evil. Welcome to the top 5 ranking of the most evil characters and organizations within the Ace Combat series: Coming at number 5 we have Commander Park
from the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3. Park was the number 2 in command of UPEO and
always had some pretty big ambitions. In the UPEO, Neucom and Self Aware paths of
the game Park orders Nemo to shoot down the private jet carrying UPEO’s delegate Clarkson
and if the player doesn’t intervene to save the private jet, Park would be the one responsible
for the death of the delegate and Fiona, who was also aboard the plane. If betraying UPEO once and faking it on TV
wasn’t enough, Park later betrays UPEO once more by siding with the terrorist organization
Ouroboros and putting General Resource and Neucom in a war against each other so that
in the end he would be the one ruling the continent of Usea. As for number 4 we have the group of the young
Erusian officers who took over Megalith after the fall of Farbanti. After losing their capital there was no way
that Erusea could change the tide of the war against ISAF but a small group of Erusian
officers took control of Megalith, the secret Erusian superweapon designed to shoot and
destroy asteroids, and were planning to use it as a weapon of massive retaliation against
ISAF. Then again, their only objective was to cause
massive casualties with Megalith, maybe even including civilians, while the knew they would
not make any difference in the war. In third place we have the Grey Men – this
secret Belkan organization was formed after the Belkan War in 1995 and their goal
was to obtain revenge against the countries who won the war. The Grey Men literally wanted to see the world
burn and they aimed to do that by creating an endless war between Osea and Yuktobania
who used to be allies that fought against Belka during the Belkan War. Later in the events of Ace Combat 5, the Grey
Men switched their focus from just starting a conflict between the two countries to using
superweapons, such as the Arkbird loaded with a nuclear warhead and the SOLG, to inflict
massive damages to civilian targets and fuel the conflict event further. Number 2 on the list is Andre Olivieri from
the PSP game Ace Combat Joint Assault – Olivieri was one of the masterminds of the
Golden Axe plan whose objective was to fund terrorist organizations whose attacks would
in turn help Olivieri make more money in the insurance sector in the long run and eventually
make him one of the richest guys on the planet. In short, he funded actions of terrorist groups
and some private military companies where he knew people would be killed just so he
could earn money from that, that is why I consider Olivieri to be more evil than
the Grey Men. The Grey Men at least had the revenge factor
even though it doesn’t make too much sense since Belka was the one who started the Belkan War. Before we get to number one just some honourable mentions: I didn’t include Dision, Ouroboros, A World
With No Boundaries nor the Belkan military because I think they aren’t necessarily evil,
I think they’re more “crazy” than “evil”. In the first place of the ranking, and to me the
most evil character in all the Ace Combat games is Diego Gaspar Navarro from Ace Combat X. Similar to Olivieri, Navarro’s goal was to make money with war since he was Leasath’s commanding officer and also head of the country’s arms industry. But here’s why he’s worse than Olivieri. First comes from the fact that he was himself
the military commander of the country – he was using his own soldiers as if they were
expendable in order to make money. Second, this wasn’t the first war at which
Leasath was involved in recent years, one year before the invasion of Aurelia, Leasath
was in a civil war. Wasn’t Diego satisfied with that one conflict? Didn’t he make enough money on the civil war? Is that why he went for a season 2 in a conflict
against Aurelia? I consider Diego Gaspar Navarro number one
in this ranking because he single handedly put his impoverished country on another war
just so he could make bigger a fortune out of it. This was my top 5 ranking on the most evil
characters and groups of the Ace Combat series, do you agree with the list? What is your ranking of most evil characters in the Ace Combat games? Let me know in the comments and as always,
stay tuned to the channel for more Ace Combat!

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  1. i believe that evil deeds are done with good intentions. the guys you show have no good intentions. Lt. Hamilton wanted to end the war by shocking both sides into ending the war. Estovakian military take over the government so as to save the country from collapse from the impact of Ulysses. i try to see both sides of the story.

  2. I'm agreed wiyh you about the Grey Men, in particular Ofnir and Grabacr Squadrons, they're so full of hate that they even commite suicide blowing up themself in the final mission if the SOLG reach the vulnerable altitude and they are still not shut down by thr Razgriz.

  3. 個人的には5のサンド島司令のペロー大佐がクズだと思いますね。バートレット大尉とかオヤジさんをベルカ戦争の時の一件だけでユークトバニアのスパイだと匂わせ拘束ではなく射殺を命令したり、英雄視されていたウォードックの連中を目の敵にしたり。クズですよ。

  4. My list in no particular order:
    Harling, cutting defence budget and may have staged his own kidnapping to give Belka Intel on Osean military forces.
    AWWNB: Bloody Marxism
    Chopper, harden up; that's an order!
    Me: I fire upon yellow targets without a second thought and kill Espada 1 solely to torment Macarena (Espada 2).
    OBC: Fake News

  5. I think Miloz Sulejmani wasnt inherently evil. He didnt give a crap about the ideology behind the Golden Axe Plan. He was only in it for the money. His parents on the other hand, should be considered some of the most evil AC characters ever for selling him off and forcing him to be a child soldier in the first place. They broke him and it shows in the last boss fight where hes the only one left and he goes apes++t And then he dies before anyone could save him from himself.

  6. A world without boundaries is not evil. To the contrast, the idea is nobel. Their envision world is lot better than strange real status quo.

  7. Both the Megalith team and the Grey Men are really just extensions of what drove Erusia and Belka into war in the first place- how Erusia got left behind in Usea's post-Ulysses re-construction and how Belka got screwed over by Osea during its time of economical hardship.

  8. Joshua Bristow (Wizard I) deserves a place here I think, I know he was a founder of AWWNB and they are in the honorable mentions on this list; but their actions and motives put him and that group in at least the top 3 in my head.

  9. レサス軍司令官(ひょっとすると国家元首も?)のナバロは単に私服肥やしのための悪党。


  10. Really makes you feel for Leasath's citizens, they starve at home or die in back-to-back wars because they're loyal to their country, only for Navarro to exploit that loyalty to increase his own fortune through arms exports on the backs of their suffering.

  11. I forgot almost completely about Navarro. You have a point with him in that he exploited the suffering and aimlessness of his countrymen by foisting them into a sham war, all to line his coffers, and literally got away with it.

  12. I think another (dis)honorable mention should go to Dominic "Vulture" Zubov, callsign Schwarze 1, from Ace Combat Zero. This guy was made to be basically the epitome of everything people hate about mercenaries. Bloodthirsty, ruthless, and greedy, he took up arms against his own country (by fighting for Belka in the Belkan War) and committed many war crimes in the name of profit, becoming a fugitive after the war ended, and was completely unrepentant about it a full decade later.

  13. I`d probably also vote for Simon from Ace Combat 3. Because he created Project NEMO AI for one purpose only;
    To kill Dision as a revenge for Yoko`s death, whatever the possibilities, whatever decisions taken by the AI and whatever eventual outcomes may be.

  14. 4 minutes and 44 seconds… "YOU, SOLITARY!" (Yes, I know its technically 43 seconds, but it says 44 on my side so SOLITARY for anyone who says otherwise)

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