Top 10 Scary Warrior Stories

Hey everyone I’m Che Durena welcome back to most amazing top 10. Now history is littered with savage warriors who.

Hey everyone I’m Che Durena welcome back
to most amazing top 10. Now history is littered with savage warriors
who left their mark on humanity through brutality. We’ve done some digging to find which ones
were the scariest and we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 scariest warriors. Make sure you stick around to see the top
3, they are some of the most crazy, scary, ruthless people who ever existed. Vlad the Impaler To start off the list we have the man who
was rumored to have started the myth of Dracula. Vlad The Impaler was the ruler of Wallachia
between 1448 and 1476. Vlad got his famous name by doing what should
be very obvious, impaling. He would put a giant steak right at someone
rectom and then prop them up, the person would then slowly slide down as it pierced through
their whole body. Legend says he would then take the shishkabobed
people and then line them up along the walkway to castle, like the most dramatic welcome
mat. It was said to be so disturbing that armies
that came to raid him would turn away in fear. But how did he get the name Dracula? When he would dine he would dip his break
in the blood of his enemies. This guy is very extra, we get it your evil. King Leonidas He is was one the most feared warriors of
all time. Now in the movie they say he had only 300
Greek Spartans against one million Persians but it was more like 7000 against 150,000,
still crazy odds, a smart gambler would never take those odds. But through superior fighting technics and
being one scariest leaders of all time, Leonidas and his men were able to slaughter thousands
of the Persian warriors. Eventually they were betrayed and Leonidas
was killed but they bought grace enough time to get reinforcements to come back win the
war. Leonidas was said to be so powerful that people
thought he was a descendant of Hercules. Xiahou Dun This is the kind of stuff that gets you feared
throughout time. Xiahou Dun was famous for being one of the
most respected generals in the Eastern Han dynasty of China. From an early age this guy was ferocious,
once killed a man for insulting his teacher when he was only 13. They tried to put him on an episode of Beyond
Scared Straight, but he just started pimp slapping everyone. Now this is what has Xiahou forever locked
in history and one of most feared warriors of all time. During the battle against Lu Bu in the late
second century Mr. Dun received an Arrow in his eye. Now usually when someone gets shot in the
eye with an arrow they Either that or just die. Not this guy, he pulled the arrow our of his
eye with his eyeball at the end of his arrow and then ate his eyeball. Like a fondue, are you kidding me. I’m so glad I’m born in the era of heated
seats. Galvarino I think this one is so dope it could be number
one. Galvarino was a Mapuche warrior in Chile,
he fought while the Spanish were invading. During the battle of Lagunillas many of the
Mapuche were captured, what the Spanish would do is cut off your hand and your nose and
then send you back mutilated to strike fear into the rest of your soilders. For Galvarino they went the extra mile and
cut off both his hands and this is where this story turns up. He went back to his people, showed them his
disfigured body and demanded justice, and justice he would received. he was named commander of the squadron for
the next battle, tied knives to his hands and went in knife punching people to death,
are you hearing this, he was doing wolverine be for Stan Lee was even a sperm. It’s said when someone questioned him on
how a man with no hands could fight he said “I’ll rip them apart with my teeth”. Lu Bu Remember the guy who ate his own eyeball,
this is the manic he was fighting when this happened. Lu Bu was stomping around in China during
the late second century. What made Lu Bu so feared wasn’t that he
was an excellent archer or skilled swordsman it was that he was straight up insane. Lu Bu was an orphan who was adopted into a
home and cared for by a stepfather. One day a warlord by the name of Dong Zhou
offered him a horse, but not just any horse, it was a Red Hare the fastest horse in China,
the Rolls-Royce of horses. So Lu Bu cut off his stepdads head and made
Dong Zhou his new dad. Sometimes you get a really nice gift and you
don’t know how show your appreciation. Lu Bu followed this up by banging Dong Zhou’s
mistress then cutting of Dong Zhou’s head and going rogue through the country side with
a small army. Miyamoto Musashi This next guy is such a big deal you can go
out right now and buy his book. Have you ever heard of the book of five rings,
the book about there’s one skill strategy and through strategy you can master all other
skills? I really like that book and I’m being total
fan boy right now. Possibly the most skilled swordsman who ever
lived Miyamoto Musashi was a Samurai in japan during the late 14th century into the early
15th. What made this man so feared wasn’t that
he killed his first man when he was only twelve using a stick when the other man had a sharpened
blade or that he would challenge opponents that mastered all different kinds of weaponry
or that we went undefeated in 61 life or death matches, is guys putting up Kobe numbers. It was that he would defeat all his opponents
using his mind. He would do things like show up to a duel
extremely late to get his opponent flustered or on one occasion he knew the man he was
fighting was famous for having an extra-long sword. So, he made one even longer out of wood, so
when the both drew Miyamoto would land the killing blow. True a man who mastered his art and deserved
to be feared Tlahuicole Silly name, very scary dude. We’re heading to Mexico during the late
13th century. This guy was a beast, it’s said he was so
powerful that others couldn’t even lift the weapons he would bring into war. He was from the Tlaxcalan tribe and during
a war with Aztecs he was captured. However, king Montezuma found that he was
so brave, he was probably just terrified of him, that he would let him go. But Tlahuicole refused and instead demanded
he be given a warrior’s death, so Montezuma gave him an Aztec tradition. He would be given his regular weapons and
attacked simultaneously by 8 of the finest Aztec warriors and he killed all of them. Eventually a ninth guy was able to come in
and take him out. This dude killed 8 dudes in a row no Gatorade
break. Pire Gerlofs Donia This next guy was a farmer? Pire was just a regular old famer in 1515,
that’s until Austrian mercenaries the Habsburgs came in and brutally killed his wife and children. Then this dude literally goes Punisher, he’s
lost everything and now all he cares about is revenge. He got some rebels together and sent off as
a pirate, its estimated that he sunk as many as 138 Austrian ships. He also took his crew, ransacked two castles
and killed an army of 300 soldiers, these guys are rolling deep. He then retired in retired in 1520. The dude was good at killing people he had
to retire like a career. Some in Austria they got his jersey on the
rafters. Flamma “The Flame” Back in 160AD how did you get famous? There was no YouTube, no movies, you couldn’t
go on doctor Phil and be like For the Roman Gladiator Flamma he saw only
one way and that was killing a bunch of people for others entertainment, sort of an OJ approach. If don’t know how Gladiators work, they
were predominantly slaves, and if you won enough you would be granted your freedom. Now Flamma didn’t want freedom he just wanted
to be famous, we don’t even know what his real name is because his Gladiator persona
took over. Spent 13 years as a gladiator, fought in 30
battles, was offered his freedom at least 4 times and rejected it every time. Imagine wanting the spot light that bad. I would love for this dude to be alive today
because he would have definitely been interviewed on Rogan. You’ve killed how many guys? Bro you should smoke some DMT it’ll calm
you down. 1 Genghis Khan Finally we’ve come to the grand finally
and we’ve got probably the most famous conqueror of all time. Genghis Khan was responsible for gaining the
trust of several smaller Mongolian clans and convincing them to join forces in what be
the most savage army the world would ever see. The Mongolian empire ended up spanning 24
million square kilometers and they killed upwards of 40 million people, which was 10%
of all people. 40 million people, that’s more people then
all of Canada. There was literally so many less people and
so much more vegetation in place of those people that Genghis removed an estimated 700
million tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. They Mongolians were also terrifying, they
had these massive siege machines for shoot boulders over huge walls, but instead of putting
boulders in them they would put dead bodies in them and light them on fire. Armies who would try and follow the Mongolian
troops would often get sick from walking all the rotted corpses in their path

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  1. Actually Vlad the Impaler got his name Dracula because his father was named Vlad Dracul II. Dracul means Dragon or Devil. With Dracula, the "a" means Son of. Which makes Dracula a translation to Son of The Dragon or Son of The Devil. Since his father worked as a warrior for a group known as The Order of Dragons. Actually Lein Wein created Wolverine. Stan Lee had no involvement.

  2. I recently visited Romania and Bran Castle. Apparently, Vlad was killed because he had dressed up as an enemy during a battle, while villagers and knights fought, he was killed by some villagers and his own knights because they thought he was one of the attacks.
    Forget why he dressed up as one of the enemies in the first place.

  3. I haven’t watched this channels videos for like 4 months and I come back to see new people. Alright far enough

  4. I think you guys should add Boudicca to your next video of warriors, she United many inceni tribes after the Romans raped her two daughters and tried to stop the Romans asthey were initially allies with the Romans while her husband was alive but once he died they reneged on their word and tried to take the inceni's land and they weren't having it so once her daughters were raped, she banded together the tribes and they fought back against the Romans. She is a badass warrior queen. Even if she didn't win, she did her best to save her people from Roman rule.

  5. That was a sick list – I think vlad the impaler deserve a top 5 on this list – dude was savage – and one person who is from recent times and was one person you wouldn’t want to cross was The ICEMAN- Richard Koclinski – man was a hit man for the mob – was put in jail for the murder of a hundred plus people – and possible killed hundreds possibly a few thousand- for the mob and “free lance” – and the best part was – he wasn’t even a made guy – he just did his job – cold 🥶 -there are documentaries and a hunge book on him – he passed away about a decade ago I believe – ( Mike Shannon plays him in a movie with Chris Evans ( before captain America)called the iceman) look it up

  6. THANK YOU!!! Finally, credit to some awesome warriors that gets over looked!! Personally, Xiahou Dun is my #1 favorite!! But I wanted to let ya know, the reason why Lu Bu was so unstable. He may have been fighting in China, with other Chinese,, but Lu Bu was actually Mongolian. Like your #1 spot, Genghis Khan, the Mongolians were fierce, barbaric fighters.

  7. "Legend has it as he would take the shiskebab people" lmao this dude is prob my new favorite😂😂😂

  8. You can't leave out Alexander The Great! He was always the first in battle, literally leading by example. There was a battle where his troops couldn't successfully scale a ladder & take the wall, so he pushed them out of the way, climbed the ladder & jumped into the fortress for some serious single combat.

  9. For Lu Bu's story, it may be worth mentioning that said mistress, Diao Chan, purposely seduced and manipulated Lu Bu to betray and kill Dong Zhou. Lu Bu was insanely in love with Diao Chan and went full Hulk if she was ever threatened. I know I end up running in the other direction in Dynasty Warriors when it comes to Lu Bu, dude was OP af.

  10. I am enjoying watching you host, and I dig your jokes! This list is pretty awesome, and something different to learn, yay! 😀

  11. gengis khan or the impalor guy or the farmer they just act look and sound badass like pretty much the ideal protector/warior

  12. All these guys and no Geronimo? Never lost a battle. Took on the U.S. military with arrows and knives. Could hide an army of 1000 men in a flat grass plain. Was supernaturally immune to bullets. Yeah, he was shot several times and no bullet could kill him. Even when he ran into a hail of bullets from repeating rifles, he came through it with only minor wounds. So damn metal.

  13. Vlad Tepes aka Vlad the Impaler got the name Dracula because his father was Vlad Dracul (which just means Vlad the Dragon) and Dracula literally means "Son of Dracul". So while he did dip his bread in the blood of those he impaled it wasn't why he was called Dracula.

  14. Okay, anyone who can turn "relatively" dull, not up my alley topic into a very interesting and enjoyable watch I have to give MAJOR KUDOS!! Dude, seriously, you are a fantastic story teller, host, whatever…just awesome, love to see more of him…videos i mean, get your mind out of the gutter!!

  15. Anybody ever played dynasty warriors? When I first played it as soon as Lu Bu come on the battlefield I ran cause dude was a beast on that game.

  16. Bram Stoker modeled his Dracula character after Vlad dracul he was never actually given the name Dracula

  17. Number 1: Simo Häyhä. You think you’re a good shot? You got nothing on this guy. He had over 520 confirmed kills, half of them with a rifle and the rest with an smg. This guy was so feared by the Soviets, he was named the white death. They sent artillery strikes, counter snipers, all which he was able to avoid without getting injured. This guy was then hit in the face with an explosive bullet, but then recovered but not in time to keep killing Russians.

    PS. This was made in the way I think it would be made by Most Amazing Top Ten so just ideas.

  18. The Boy Sailor Jack Cornwell who held his position as gunner while awaiting orders from the admiralty on the HMS Chester holding off 4 enemy ships whilst most of his crew were dying or dead and the Chester was listing ie about to sink at the Battle of Jutland World War 1 1914 and get this he was 6 months away from his 17th birthday .

  19. I would LOVE for you guys to represent the worldwide WOMEN WARRIORS 💪
    Keep up the good work .
    I'm so addicted with Top Ten..I may need Top Ten Rehab..❤
    Love U guys. (Che ❤)

  20. Qin Shi Huang the first emperor of China should be on the list as he conquered all of China United it and had the Great Wall of China built even though he was a bit of a lunatic even going so far as to take murcury to prevent his own death but in the end the Mercury drove him even more crazy and he ended up dead anyway

  21. There was another great leader called hazrat Sufian ;he was in battle and and he got shot in the eye with an arrow he went to his general with the arrow in his eye he said to him “I’ve got an arrow in my eye what should I do” ,his general said to him”your eye either gets healed or you rip it out and you receive another eye in heaven” hazrat Sufian pulled the arrow out pulled his eyeball out by putting his eye ball under his shoe and ripped it out ,then another incident like this happened ,legend has it that at his funeral he was buried with no eyes

  22. Attila the Hun, man! I hav a perverse fantasy where Julius Caesar with all Legions & Attila the Huns' forces join 2gether & meet Ghengis forces head on in th far Eastern Plains of Europe 4 th biggest, bloodiest, badass, heavyweight championship battle of all time! The winner gets th 🌎!

  23. actually beside xia hou dun and lubu, there are another 2
    that's guan yu who slay 5 or 6 enemy general just to free his master wife (cmiiw)
    another one is zhi long, fight a horde of army while holding onto his master baby (the same master as guan yu)

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