Top 10 MMA Female Fighters That Are Too Hot To Handle

10 Hottest Female Fighters Ever heard of MMA? Of course you have seen buff guys fighting each other in a.

10 Hottest Female Fighters Ever heard of MMA? Of course you have seen buff guys fighting
each other in a ring and bleeding profusely from the injuries inflicted. You have obviously clapped and cheered for
the boys, it’s a true spectacle after all! But the invasion of women in the sport changed
this scenario a great deal. We don’t mean there wasn’t blood, there
was but watching women fight gives a different kind of thrill, right? Maybe we shouldn’t deviate from their fighting
abilities but let’s face it, a lot of us watch women fights for the hot beauties only! Not the best of statements to make but an
honest one so you can silently agree and allow us to present to you 10 of the hottest female
fighters! Number 10. Michelle Waterson
Let’s start with her most notable achievement, so just in case you don’t know Michelle
Waterson was ranked #1 women’s atomweight fighter in the world for 2013-2014. Not an easy thing to achieve! Now you can focus on her looks, the 32 year
old might be a kickboxer before she dived into MMA but her gorgeous looks has earned
her spots in music videos, calendars, and the popular television shows “American Ninja
Warrior” and “Bully Beatdown”. Come on, she’s got an amazing figure and
her pretty face compliments it perfectly! You wouldn’t doubt her beauty now, we gave
you enough proof already! Number 9. Juli Firso
There are no words in the world that can do justice to the level of hotness this woman
possesses! If you haven’t seen her yet, you gotta check
out her Instagram profile where about 185k people get to see how incredibly hot Juli
Firso is! How can a fighter be so hot? Few people know that way before she stepped
into MMA, she was a beauty pageant contestant! She’s only 23 and already owns Nak Muay
Nangfas Martial Arts Academy. Her decision to delve into combat sports like
Muay Thai, kickboxing and jiu-jitsu definitely paid off! Number 8. Rachel Wray
She might still be an amateur MMA fighter after her debut in 2012 but that can change. The focus today is the beauty of these fighters
and that’s why Rachel Wray is here to stay! She was a cheerleader in college at the University
of Arkansas, and then became a cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs football team after
graduation. Now by experience we know that cheerleaders
are insanely beautiful and Wray is definitely not an exception! She has mesmerizing blue eyes, ripped body
with amazing curves and a pretty face. Do we even need anything more? Number 7. Pearl Gonzalez
This 31 year old American mixed martial artist formerly competed for Ultimate Fighting Championships,
and currently fights in the strawweight division of the Invicta Fighting Championships. She might have a handful of wins to her credit
but her journey wasn’t an easy one. She had a disturbed childhood because both
her parents were into drugs and after her parent’s divorce, she was separated from
her siblings and sent to live with her dad. Things changed when her dad came clean and
placed her in combat sport classes when she was eleven years old. Other than her fights, she is known for her
beauty also. She is of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Filipino,
Irish and African-American descent. This probably is the answer to the mystery
of her exotic and gorgeous looks. And aren’t we in love with her curly locks? Number 6. Heather Hardy
This American professional boxer and mixed martial artist holds the WBC International
Female Super Bantamweight title. When you look at this beautiful 36 year old
woman, you wouldn’t imagine her life to be anything less than perfect. But things weren’t so good for Heather in
2010 when she started boxing because a lot was going on- she was juggling many miscellaneous
jobs to support her daughter, sister, and nephew and finalizing a divorce with her husband
who would not pay child support. Such happy face hiding such past! But only after 3 weeks of training when Hardy
fought her first match, she won and then never looked back. Oh and this strong girl is steaming hot, just
in case you were wondering why she’s on this list! Number 5. Paige Vanzant
When your parents own a dance studio, it won’t be shocking if you grew up dancing ballet,
jazz, and hip hop. That’s the childhood of Paige Vanzant. Wait, weren’t we talking about fighters
here- so what’s a dancer doing on this list? Well, Paige is an American mixed martial artist
signed to the flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Don’t believe? You’ll doubts will only increase if you
see her, she’s breathtakingly gorgeous. That’s not out of the blue, after all the
girl is a former model! She’s blonde, blue-eyed, ripped and stunning. Add that to the fact that she is an absolute
warrior in the cage, and you have a crossover star to behold! Number 4. Aleksandra Albu
Born in 1990, Aleksandra Albu is a Moldovan-born Russian mixed martial artist. She has competed in karate competitions as
well as crossfit and bodybuilding in the early years. She is not a big name yet even though her
MMA record is 100% in the 3 matches she fought so far! Albu made her debut on April 11, 2015 at UFC
Fight Night 64 against Izabela Badurek where Albu defeated Badurek in the second round
with a guillotine choke. You could say that Albu is without a doubt
easy on the eyes as well as a talent in the cage! She’s pretty and sexy at the same time and
yes, a talent that you gotta follow this year! Number 3. Felice Herrig
Do you think bagging 310k Instagram followers is easy? Of course it isn’t but when you’ve got
the looks of Felice Herrig, it isn’t so tough also! The woman is gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful
and hot and cute and pretty and every adjective that defines beauty! Seems like we are in love with this one but
when you take a look at her, you’ll realize how modest our description was! As for her talent, she may not be one of the
few people who win their debut MMA fights but she interestingly she lost the fight by
split decision. This isn’t a small thing, nor is her current
rank #8 in the official UFC Strawweight rankings! Number 2. Anastasia Yankova
Mesmerizing is the word that can best describe the beauty of Anastasia Yankova! This Russian mixed martial artist competes
in Flyweight division of the Bellator MMA. Before transitioning to MMA, Anastasia was
a professional kickboxer with a record of 9-2, so it’s clear that the 27-year-old
can fight. And she looks good doing it. Her 234k followers on Instagram will give
you their word about her unbelievably good looks. Come on those dreamy eyes, full lips and killer
figure are all we would ever need! She may not be a very big name in the game
but who knows when this changes? Number 1. Mackenzie Dern
A former world No. 1 ranked IBJJF competitor and currently ranked 6th among the female
divisions, Mackenzie Dern is an American professional mixed martial artist and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
practitioner. She has got an amazing body, lovely complexion
and beautiful features, we guess it would be okay to blame her Brazilian blood for this
crime! This 5 year old beauty has a 100% track record
in the 7 matches she fought for MMA which proves her worth as a fighter. But even if she wasn’t that good in the
sport, she could have bagged a career in modeling with those unbeatable looks! Which one of these hot female fighters is
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100 thoughts on “Top 10 MMA Female Fighters That Are Too Hot To Handle”

  1. These women are hot, but for me the most beautiful female fighters are Holly Holm and Ronda Rousey. Miesha Tate, too.

  2. How is Waterson ranked 10th on this list, she should have been in the top two. Your number one looks like an 👽.

  3. 2-Minute Facts: Women who break barriers and show more skill than many men and can be role models for so many little girls…but let's rate them based on their looks because that's what women are huh? Because that's the only reason people watch this right?

  4. I worked out at the same gym as Pearl Gonzalez in Cicero Illinois. She's just as nice a person as she is beautiful and tough 👍

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  6. These people don't know how to rank. I don't know enough about MMA to know who was left off the list. But of the ones listed 5 and 9 are 1 and 2

  7. Hot female MMA privilege…You can completely suck at fighting, but as long as you are hot you get good exposure and a good pay day.

  8. Are you mental? How is Gina Carano not on this list? She is the best looking one ever. None of the other women could hold a candle to her. Meisha Tate should have been on there too.

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