Top 10 BROKEN Fighting Game Characters

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  1. Ralf is the Most Broken Character in History and it is on purpose. He can defeat every character in history

  2. Yoda, from soul calibur, tiny, cant be thrown
    "Its best that ice climbers never return again for smash bros wii u."
    cough cough smash ultimate.

  3. I wouldn't call these characters "broken". More like "cheap". Broken is when a character is so badly flawed, he/she is useless. Shin Akuma from Capcom vs. SNK 2 is broken because a terrible defense; he gets hurt too easily.

  4. Thank you for noticing that Smash Bros is NOT the most balanced fighting game since it has some of the cheapest characters ever even Shao Kahn is more balanced than some of the Smash characters

  5. If you want a broken character just choose Deidara from any naruto storm game. You just need to press square nothing more ALL THE TIME! There is no escape to that because he can throw his paper bombs almost with no delay so even if you defend or do a substitution you'll just meet even more paper bombs waiting for you. Even if you try to run around the map in a zig zag he can just take a few steps back while still throwing paper bombs!!!!

  6. People keep misinterpreting, which seems to include the narrator. Akuma is only a glass cannon when playable. Not as an AI character.

  7. Where was King from Tekken 1? His low kick combo could hit 3-5 times and stun lock your opponent. Worst part is you can do the combo again before the stun wears off and stun lock them again and again.

    Edit: I also forgot about his down, forward, 1 attack which if blocked will stun the opponent. So you either take damage or get stunned

  8. Don't forget Chai Xianghua in both SCII and SCIII PS2, along with SCIII PS2 Sophitia, SCIV Hilde and Algol, and Viola and aPatroklos in SCV. Those characters were beyond broken, especially Hilde who was booed at EVO 2009 for good reason.

  9. Obviously have not heard of Tekken tag 1 true ogre was beyond the mere words of broken he was the Phil to your Swift the flex to your tape the allota to the damage

  10. You forgot Kronika from mk11, but she's only in the story mode because its too broken for being played by a human

  11. There's an easy fix for Gil in 3rd Strike. Step back, wait for him to levitate & immediately jump kick him to stop his meter refill. There'll b a little recharge, but if u have meter, u should b good. 1st time I did this, I hit him & immediately gave him the Raging Demon

  12. This guy never met mk3 Kabal and never play against kof boss 😒😒
    My no.1 Pick were Anthena from SVC super plus

  13. 50% of these characters are from CAPCOM fighting games. Seriously, Capcom needs to fix their roster before the games release.

  14. Speaking of broken characters, I am very surprised that Iron Man in MVC2, or Akira from SDK were not mentioned. Both have the easiest infinite in their games, one has theirs with a single button. Guess which.

  15. 10. Cinder
    9. Ibuki
    8. Mega Man
    7. Bayonetta
    6. Gill
    5. Akuma
    4. Dark Phoenix
    3. Meta Knight
    2. Pet Shop
    1. Ivan Ooze

  16. I would like to add Link from Soul Calibur II on GameCube. He could keep most fighters at a distance with his bombs and arrows AND win by ring outs by throwing you the distance of half the screen! The boss fighter from the Ninja Turtles fighting game on SNES was no joke either.

  17. "7:33 he's the only one to be almost baned from tournments".
    The day was july 30th, it was the calm before the storm, everyone was getting ready to buy download a dlc, and hero was released.

  18. Ooze is a cakewalk compared to General Commander from Kaiser Knuckle.
    – Secret final boss character
    – A projectile special that fires in EVERY direction
    – Next to impossible to punish
    – Extremely annoying slide attack
    – Spams combos, specials and super attacks in split seconds.

  19. I remember in kinderguarden I SMASHED people with Blanka on the SNES. Just spam crouch and electric, no one can touch you, if they shoot, just do that move that makes you fly across the room at there feet where you can…you guessed it, spam electric.

  20. I remember getting the chrat codes for playing as ivan ooze in 2p versus. My friends hated me. Thanks to gamepro hahaha

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