This is why Thurman doesn’t stand a chance against Manny

come on guys welcome back to the channel man okay so this is another video man this is one of.

come on guys welcome back to the channel
man okay so this is another video man this is one of you guys wanted to check
out man it’s why Manny Pacquiao will win Pacquiao vs. Thurmond you guys know the
fight it’s coming up like real soon man I think what another 14 days you guys
are the West Coast another 13 days you guys leaving the East Coast I mean like
the Philippines the agent all day in the country cuz you guys are one day ahead
of this but anyways man I better check this
video cuz you guys want me to check it out somewhere okay no way let me watch
it and for you guys who ever seen this man against let’s watch it together
alright my eyes Matt make sure guys hit that subscribe button and the thumbs up
but let’s get to this video man Thurman is a smart guy you know he’s very
intellectual he’s very aware that he knows what he has to doing what he needs
to do to be the guy like many back out so you know I’m banking on I’m banking
on Thurman he gets the job done okay so he’s going on Thurman so we need fall hilariousness pack us
power today so quick we fell down that’s funny watch the left hand that’s the advice
that I have we determine don’t get hit by the left hand of Manny Pacquiao you
know that’s just you know you fight if you lose it’s okay Mayweather is a
better man you know a true champion can bounce back come on
I mean this is ridiculous it’s ridiculous
I won’t I know I want I know I’m a better fighter
you fight ten times I’m a win tonight we fight twenty Tyler boy twenty time we
fight a hard time I’m 100 times many packages he’s not a better fighter than
me no way around the board I can’t beat Floyd me one big Moretti scores about 118 to I’m never gonna watch this fight man Wow well you know
Manny’s forty years old he has seven approve you know I’ve been inactive for
almost two years I just had one comeback fight I still have something to prove if
you remember when I came back I told everybody that this is a get back year
and defeating Manny Pacquiao is a part of me getting back
yeah because Keith one-time Thurman does not just beat Manny Pacquiao does knock
out Manny Pacquiao if he does that man until he’s a big comeback Julie his legend his legacy ends on July 20th
and my legacy begins you know he’s had a tremendous career he’s an inspiration to
many people not just throughout the Philippines throughout all of America
young boxers all around the world I mean he’s just done so much and we all love
him we respect him and I’m respectfully gonna kick the shit out well if you’d
like to here look is just a world-class fighter he’s a gentleman in the ring out
of the ring I look forward to trading punches with the man and the living
legend and the senator and any other title that’s been given to him but one
thing’s for sure he’s not walking away with my title believe that okay he’s not
walking away sweetheart believe that okay you know just little bunny rabbit
the way he hops around in the ring the way he hops around in the ring
I never seen I’m not gonna lose him no bunny rabbit believe that okay you know
I’ve dismantled veterans in the past I’ve dismantled veterans throughout my
whole career I believe I would have destroyed Manny Pacquiao five years ago
when he was with top ranked so at the end of the day I’ve always been ready
for this fight I’m a world-class fighter man he’s never fought a fighter like me
who has the lateral movement the speed and the power he’s fought people you
know that have speed he’s fought people that have power but not all I won and
he’s never fought somebody this young this strong this hungry and I’m coming
for ya Thurman is hungry I don’t man so what do you guys think
about that man I don’t know I think this is gonna be honestly gonna be a crazy
fight man I’m really excited for this cuz I’m watching it my friends that I
went to a local bar you know that’s what I gotta do you guys guys ops you gotta
watch this kind of fights it with your friends your family whatever man just
hang out and do something but man that’s something cool different let me know let
me know what you guys honestly think most of you guys probably say yo in the
comments down below like Keith sorry man you talk a lot of
shitty lot of smack I mean I watch some of these most recent videos really
lately like when he was on the Fox Network man and he he looked like he was
just like he didn’t know what to say man he honestly looked like you didn’t know
what it says like I don’t know why I think Manning’s too slow man is gonna
get knocked out and then he did another video on fight TV I don’t find her TV
you guys watching me of that man but up TV where he was like well I got really
got a train you know this Cup coming fights gonna be a biggest fight of my
life that’s right he’s gonna be the biggest fight of your life you got a
trainer respect him for that but man after talking so much shit like as the
fights coming closer and closer to fight night it seemed like he’s been more
reserved bad he’s not such a cocky guy and more he’s more reserved more relaxed
now you guys know that man guys must have noticed that keith is more relaxed
now he’s maybe get a ninja like to move them up the motor race getting ready for
that fight that’s ways to it it’s getting ready for mentally preparing
himself I know does he mention for himself to maybe not many many Oh always
mentally preparing himself like yo holy shit man I’m actually not me out there
like holy SH you’re watching some of those many training videos cuz I’ve been
watchin manage training videos I’m sure you guys watch some management is Manny
honestly looks like a better fighter man man he looks like the better fighter
like in the videos at least man cuz watching the Keith Thurman’s videos man
Keith looks a little slow when he’s punching the bag man is much lower –
Manny I’m telling you much lower this Manny speed man Manny speed and his
power is deadly but I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see what happens man if
Keith’s really got what he says he got man he says he’s gonna knock him out
keep steady he’s hungry that’s why I said everyone keep us extremely hungry
and you know what you never know what could happen I just
hope that a July 20th it’s not gonna be like a third-round knockout I hope it’s
gonna go all the way man Keith I hope you go all the way Manny I hope you go
all the way hope it’s gonna be good fight man cuz you know it’s gonna be
crazy everywhere around the world it’s gonna be crazy man the Philippines
ghosts gonna be a ghost town because everyone’s gonna be clue to that TV I
know that where is man you guys made out the end of this video man you guys know
what to do man hit that subscribe and give a thumbs up and put your comment
down below let me know what you guys think about this man cuz you know let me
know alright anyways catch you guys next right

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  2. As what I keep on saying, Thurman will experience a devastating 1st round K.O. defeat from Manny Pacquiao … 👑👑👑

  3. Manny will knock out this loudmouth, disrespectful " B " fighter…Hatton style………and I'd love for it to happen in the first 2 rounds, just like Hatton………a message for Mouthweather the coward…if you say you can beat Manny 100 times out of 100…..then back it up woman beater, stop fighting stupid exibitions and fight Manny again, you love money, come on back and then retire at 50 – 1

  4. thurman should save his chat til after they rumble i pick manny all day long but because he is 40 the fight is closer.a prime pac smokes thurman easy this is gonna be a tougher fight for thurman than he thinks lol im looking forward to it peace…

  5. He’s no Bugs Bunny rabbit, bro! Manny’s the Energizer Bunny! He’ll keep on going, and going and going….. Kieth’s gonna find out that he’s gonna be the Tortoise! 🤪🤪🤪

  6. Manny fans are the most biass ppl on the planet. Such a legend and great fighter yet his fans act like they dont actually watch boxing. So many excuses, its insane. Never seen a fighters fans have excuses for 7 losses lol pacman is great no matter what, even if his fans are idiots

  7. i think thurman mounth is faster than his punch…you will what will happen to you on your upcoming fight on july 21..get ready thurman..dont run around the ring😃

  8. I don’t listen to shittt Bradley has to say seems like he’s always hating just like he ducked Spence lol

  9. Keith Thurman truly. Has the heart of a champion and is coming to handle his business he is cool calm and collective but is really serious about retiring manny pacquaio and i believe him because his record tells me he dosent know how to lose.

  10. Thurman ain’t no adrien broner… if y’all really think pacquiao is gonna dominate him y’all are crazy. He might not win but he will put up a hell of a fight 💯

  11. Thurman fought porter right after a car accident & Garcia with a injured rotator cuff and still unified belts.. I understand everyone hates him but he deserves more credit than he gets

  12. you did not win gayweather you keep on running just box with pacman again in the oval.. hahahahaha ur a chicken

  13. When Marquez ko'd Pacquiao, he was silent and drank urine! Thurmy keep quiet and drink piss from your concubines, but even if you drink gallons of piss, you'll still be pissed on 20th of July because you are a piece of shit pissed!!!🖕

  14. Oke Mayweather he aint a better fighter than u, but at least he is taking changes to make a esblishment for himself as a legend and dont forget Paquiao is an 8th division champion, once more 8th division champion and there is no such things people can deny that is not big, are you retarded. 8th division champion weight category is big and bigger than you ever been Floyd Mayweather sry to say that. Yeah your great but not as Paquiao to walk the 8th division and clean it out and never walk away from a hard fights and u nope you aint that great

  15. If Lucas mathysee couldn't keep pacquiao with his punching power with a record of 39 and 36 KNOCOUTS what makes you think Thurman can stop Manny . Come on pacquiao will run thru Thurman. If they exchange. Unless Thurman runs all night .

  16. doesnt stand a chance, the one fighter mayweather ducked——— both maidana fights thurman was mandatory.

  17. Keith discredits Mannys win over 35 yr old DLH, even though Manny had fought once at 135, and then jumped to 147. Keith says Broner was more Mannys size but Broner put Porter on his ass and Keith didn't. Keith is selling the fight so he can cash out and retire I think.

  18. I hope if pacquiao win this fight he’ll get respect to all of our brudah here besides he’s 40 now still fighting much younger opponents unlike the others who simply avoids each other I remember manny when he was in his prime they match him to a much bigger guys and destroyed them one by one that makes him great I really don’t mind if he lose everything has it ends but first you’ve got to reach and find the ends

  19. Pac Man is there to be hit by Thurman. Thurman will set Manny up for a big left hook and put him down. TKO in the 5th.

  20. Y'all know damn well Pacman ain't beating no Thurman man it's gonna be great fight as long as it last

  21. Let me see your smile thurman after left fist of manny pacquiao landed to your face trash talk to manny hahaha😫😫😫less talk less mistakes thurman 👊👊👊👊👊

  22. If you run 10 times you win 10 times if you run 20 times you win 20 times and if you run 100 times of course you win 100 times lol!' Hehe

  23. Manny will get KO'd… runs in too reckless with hands down and Keith is going to Marquez Manny. Look at the Bronner highlights in your video. Manny is just running in without caution throwing punches. If Bronner had thrown more punches Manny loses. Of course Manny is fast, has good footwork and has power but remember timing beats speed and unfortunately for all the Pacman fans they will see him get caught with another shot like Juan Manuel Marquez hit him with and into retirement Manny goes. Keith is not AB, not Mattisye, not Algieri, not Tim Bradley, not Juan Manuel Marquez (oh my bad Marquez won 2 of the first 3 fights against Pacman and everyone knows what happened in the 4th fight). Its that time for the changing of the guard and it happens july 20. After all this Spence still cleans out W.W that includes Crawford.

  24. Let me begin by saying I am a Manny Pacquiao fan and I am incredibly nervous 2 weeks out for him. Manny has not fought anyone since he was knocked out by JMM that has the size, youth, boxing IQ, hand Speed, and Power of Keith Thurman. Here is the break down: Chris Algieri good speed, no power, not in same league, Brandon Rios good power but so slow he was no threat, Timothy Bradley has the speed, no power and never beat Manny the first time and it was a waste watching these 2 fight, Floyd is the best but he is fast and defensive but no power and no pressure and Manny Lost easily, Jessie Vargas is decent but slow and Manny barely won that one, Jeff Horn is not even good but is the size of Thurman and bullied Manny and made him tired and won. The Horn fight is when I could tell Manny's legs and speed were gone. His punches are not as precise and not as explosive. Matthysee quit and was there just for a paycheck. Again he is strong but slow. Broner is fast and talented and actually the 4 punches he threw in the fight he landed well. Manny won but it was ugly, legs gone, missed most of his shots, and Broner doesn't have power. Thurman didn't fight for almost 2 years and still beat Josesito Lopez who is taller and longer and not a bum. So everyone is dogging Thurman for getting punched hard and still walking through it and winning. Manny does not have the power to KO Thurman because he hasn't truly KO'd anyone since he stopped juicing. So I see Manny getting caught with a Thurman right hand and getting hurt and they will have to stop the fight or he will be KO'd. He's not as fast as Thurman and not as accurate as Thurman. So I love Manny but we will see the end of him on July 20th.


  26. Delusional Thurman…. He can't handle the limelight, If he gets lucky like marquez maybe he will win. no other way.

  27. Thurman tries to be to intellectual in his thinking process. How and what he is going to throw next. While he is thinking Manny will be pounding him He will not know what the heck to do. He will have a brain freeze. by the time his brain tells him its OK to punch back. Manny will be long gone. This could be a big mismatch and a boring night as well. I pray that This arrogant Jerk does not get lucky.

  28. Thurman might have some upper body strength but his lower body is vulnerable.. He had thin legs and no much development on his abs. Manny can go there all day long and get a TKO. He don't have to go head hunting to knock him out.

  29. I like Keith Thurman's confidence and trash talking! But I just cannot see it in his boxing skills. Keith is still too slow for Manny.
    What actually worries me is the Robbery & cheating against Manny! From Desert Storm Bradley, Juiced up Marquez, battered Jeff Horn and a gift decision to Mayweather! That's the only way those guys won their fights against Manny! Keith is just speed in spitting his saliva, he is too stationary and become almost a punching bag.
    What makes this fight exciting is because Keith Thurman can talk trash!

  30. Im Filipino but thurman had the better punch than pacquio.
    Thurman training seriously
    in this fight

  31. Fight was draw in my eyes. Would at least guaranteed a rematch, more revenue for the country and Vegas. Decision more concerned preserving fm undefeated record.

  32. Hahahaha pgkahambugero jud nimo basin ikaw nuon maospital sa fight.!Poor man to much blah.blah Pacman bit him his assh for good!lol

  33. I'm not sure I would put Tim Bradley in the same category as Keith Thurman the way to beat Manny Pacquiao is going to be a boxing game cuz he's just a one-trick pony that's all he is Floyd Mayweather boxed his ears off and I know a lot of you flitz always say Floyd runs and that he ran in that fight but there were many occasions that he stood right in front of Manny Pacquiao out with his hands down and all the Filipino duck to do was look at him

  34. Manny has barely slowed down. The whole age thing is redundant now, have you seen him in training?!. Chill, Manny gonna knock him out. Thurman going to get dusted.

  35. Thurman is gonna be like diaz on the ring, ..but pacman will not knock him out, he want him to suffer every round..

  36. Better watch out Thurman, every boxer who trash talked Manny ended up eating his words…and will end up getting triple the depression prior to your Lopez fight 😁

  37. Floyd was just favored by the Judges broh, i saw the fight and we all know Manny won that fight.

  38. Manny's gonna knock thurman's shitty ass mouth out, to a point that all that shit he said will be drippin down his ass.. Thurman's gonna need alot of napkins after the fight. Ill give it 4rounds and thurmans down on the floor.. I could be wrong maybe on the 3rd round. Another thing i wanna say is… Thurmans not gonna look good after the punches of pacman.. You'll prolly think he a shitsu dog that cant even see after a couple rounds.. Look at cotto, delahoya, and that fool that called pacman a puto… In the phillippines puto is food, its actually a rice cake. Thurman is going to be a puto, once pacman is done.. Pacman doesnt talk much, he is the most respected person i know.. But in the ring he a beast boy!!! Just make sure the mafia doesnt fix the fight because if they do and we all know the truth who won.. Then im sorry to say, im never gonna watch boxing again!!

  39. Manny can't beat Gayweather because he bought the referee (period). that's how's smart Gayweather is.

    if you go for slow motion it is very clear that Manny win the fight..not Gayweather!

    IF the rematch happen…it should be outside USA then we will see how it goes!

  40. no thurman is like Garcia stands and throws 3 punches after being hit.Now If Thurman tries to bully Paquiao He may end up being Hattoned


  42. Just like the commentator said manny became pro 1995 the age of thurman that time 6 years old cmon experience vs hungry

  43. That Bunny rabbit kicked your butt and took your title lmao.. Pride has always blinded so many individuals ages ago and it always will. XD


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