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In 1979, a movie was released called ‘The Warriors’. It was a classic. The perfect mix of a good story,.

In 1979, a movie was released called ‘The
Warriors’. It was a classic. The perfect mix of a good story, good characters
and good action. Prime material for video game. But it wasn’t until late 2005 that we finally
got what we all wanted. So courtesy of Rockstar, here we have ‘The
Warriors’- the game. It begins with a faithful reconstruction of
the opening to the film, letting you know that this isn’t just some cheap knock off. This is the real deal man. Rather than just retelling the plot of the
movie, this is more like the extended cut. It delves more in to what makes The Warriors
who they are and gives you the details of the events leading up to that fateful day
when the gangs of New York attempted to unite. But let’s start by answering, who are The
Warriors? In the movie, they’re a group of nine gang
members, stranded in the middle of the Bronx, with over 60,000 rival boppers, not to mention
the entire New York Police Department trying to hunt them down. In the game, you get to learn how The Warriors
were formed. What their initiation procedure is. How they make their money. And you get to see how they rose in fame to
become the leaders of Coney Island, taking out any competition that got in their way-
from The Orphans, to The Baseball Furies. It plays like the campaign of a Grand Theft
Auto game, just without the guns or the driving. In fact it’s more like Double Dragon, because
here, it’s all about the fighting. From light attacks, to heavy . From weapons. To grappling. It’s more like a full blown battle, than a
street fight, with friends and foe all getting mixed up in the chaos of the combat. It’s a mess of limbs, punches and black eyes. It’s not about finesse, it’s about beating
the shit out of your enemy. But it’s not always about getting into a brawl. Throughout the campaign, you’ll have missions
like tagging an enemy base. Running for your life. Or stealth missions- although it does get
the award for the blindest A.I. ever in a game. The game feels split in two. The first part covers the events leading up
to story of the movie, with free time allowed for roaming the streets of Coney Island, completing
side quests- which reward you with useful perks. To training. To flashback missions, exploring the origins
of each of the main Warriors. And then, when it’s all ready to kick off-
you’ll play through the entire story of the movie, hitting each of the key scenes. This is a game packed with content. They really tried to give you a lot more than
your usual movie tie-in game. There’s the rumble mode, where you can create
you own gang and compete in a variety of different games, potentially with a friend. The PS4 version of The Warriors sees the game
fully upgraded to 1080p, with added trophy support. But other than that, this is the just the
same game we enjoyed eleven years ago. Rockstar were the perfect developers to make
this game. Not only do they have a history of games about
gangs and violence, they also always manage to create interesting stories and memorable
characters. Taking a beloved film and adding to it’s lore,
while still remaining authentic, is always going to be tricky. You have to remain faithful for the fans,
but also give something new. And with The Warriors it’s clear, Rockstar
loved the franchise as much as any fan. Enjoyed the video? Then click on the A to subscribe to A’s GAMING
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  1. Not that Rockstar would do it, but it would be unbelievable if they remastered this with the graphics of GTA V/Max Payne 3… Not that I care too much about graphics (still play resident evil etc) it would be nice to see it updated and with possible new features like online gang brawls/create your own turf and such. Definitely in my "top 10" games list, I especially like what you get when you finish it on hardcore too ;). Nice to see your opinion of it. (Never met anyone who doesn't like the film/game)

  2. Great video as always. You definitely deserve more subscribers than other reviewers out there. I loved this game on PS2 and PS3.

  3. Great to see a licensed video game with actual quality time and effort put into it. Great review as always. 😀

  4. This video is apparently the only review for the PS4 version of the game so I feel like I should say this (and it also applies to buying the PS3 version) they removed/replaced some songs from the original version similar to the changes made for later versions of GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas. I mean it probably doesn't ruin the game but it does seem kind of messed up.

  5. This came out when I was in 8th grade as a 12 year old. Unsurprisingly, I became obsessed with the film and ended up watching it weekly. It presented everything a suburban existence couldn't; fighting, working out, the tribal elements, crime. Lived through both the film and the game as a sort of escapist fantasy. Would try and do endless sets of push ups afterwards or stupidly think my fighting ability would increase if I curled my small set of 10 lb dumbbells. I look back on that whole era of gaming fondly as this was the setting off point between what games were, and what they then became with GTA 4 and the likes coming a bit after. Lost a lot of hours playing them, but for an alienated and deracinated suburbanite, these made up for a lot of the things I was lacking in my actual life.

  6. The best Couch Co-Op on the PS2 in my humble opinion. Story mode being able to be played through 2 player with Gang Creator and Rooftop Rumble alongside spray-paint competitions, King Of The Hill, and survival make this game the most fun and campy experience to play with friends. Not to mention the classic cheat-codes and Double Dragons recreation.

  7. This game to me just add the nice little touch before the movie and then everything afterwards. Such a great game from a great movie.

  8. you mentioned double dragon and showed double dragon but failed to mention "the army of the night" game that you unlock which is
    double dragon with warrior characters that can be accessed in the arcade machine in their hangout ?

  9. I love everything about this game other than some of the voice cast. The voice replacement for Vermin is really off and the replacement for Luther is awful.

  10. Love the way Rockstar did this one. Its the only Rockstar classic not available for iOS, so I’m getting this on PS4. I’ve been loving old GTA titles and Bully on my phone.

    Its on sale BTW at the PSstore. $9

  11. This game is just too damn good. Open world and multiplayer version online would be the best thing that 5 decades worth of people could really relate to.

  12. A new warriors game would be amazing. The fighting system is still the best of any game I've ever played. Brutal and satisfying. Running and diving into a group of orphans with Swan knowing full well they're about to get ruined 🤣

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