The Ultimate Fight

Oh [Music] [Music] [Applause] alright nope alright guys this is a friendly match so no vulgarities no personal tax and.

Oh [Music] [Music] [Applause] alright nope alright guys this is a friendly match so no vulgarities no personal tax and no bad jokes you got this okay you got this all right remember between practicing for K mama Tina she’s very cunning so don’t fall for her trap remember to use a trip mount we’ve been training hippo remember okay okay okay we like blades when you got this you’ve done this four thousand times I don’t see why this time is different okay okay Audrey lose the record for twenty eight wins over thirty fights that is Keshawn with three wins come on to B to C do me Nadia would you make people [Applause] why usually your I thought you are the comeback guys seems a little bit now compared to us Audrey strong Anthony okay I seriously don’t think they stand a good chance that unless it manager Detroit a couple combos one using the hand with Vera this place rom-com more it seems like a quiche Anna has been training [Laughter] Oh [Applause] yeah okay it was bleeding a black Wow she almost got a mass so exciting but sandy we enter into a break now escalate don’t he’ll say to me about truly focused you’ve got this plan you’ve got this okay welcome back to the show huh this is Ayaka Shanna has gotten himself ready for this fight you see there’s a strong post and definitely some defenses [Applause] this is a fine what does she mean this is sort of for you [Applause] yeah [Applause] [Applause] so I will show you one a normal one in succession or Drita and mrs. McQueen go let me tell you who the winner of this fight between Titian and Audrey [Applause] yes Barbara has had the opportunity to fill with the statement himself who showed us some pretty good moves for the video if you wanna catch some pro wrestling action life cliche to catch 10 20th October wrestling city Asia Lord and the minivan will feature the statement against the current WWE United Kingdom champion Pete Dunn for more information check out the description below oh wow banana [Music] [Applause] and hayah sham [Applause]

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