The Problem With Dynasty Warriors’ Game Design

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22 thoughts on “The Problem With Dynasty Warriors’ Game Design”

  1. Just a critique I had with the Dynasty Warriors series, and to another extent, the whole Warriors franchise.


    0:00 Disclaimer
    0:10 Title Cards
    0:25 Introduction (Written by Ash)
    1:46 Act I – Power (Gameplay Inconveniences)
    12:24 Act II – Ambition (Casualization of Gameplay)
    19:58 Act III – Idealism (Hypothetical-Historical War)
    28:31 Act IV – Virtue (Warriors as a Live Service)
    34:51 Final Act/Epilogue – The End (In Conclusion

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  2. Very good video. I think you summed up the issues with this series quite well. I’d even say this can apply to Koei Tecmo as a whole as well.

    Lately I’ve found that I don’t have much desire to play newer warriors titles. I’ve been playing the ps2 era games a lot more.

    Side note on DW9. They can update the game for 5 more years and I still won’t want to play it simply because I dislike the core of the game.

  3. Pretty interesting talk! I like that you mentioned small things, barely noticeable casual player, like NPC buffs. In the end because of RPG systems & levels, difficulty will hardly ever be fair. Though I more into WO, than DW/SW (WO have both casts anyway), I like new games, simply because of content they offer (player characters etc).

  4. I'm not one for getting into long glorious youtube "debates" so I'll just say I agree and disagree with things, some more heavily than others.

    I've been happy with the series overall and am definitely happy to see the historical side get more priority in later installments, but appreciate that some hypotheticals sprinkled in like before is a welcome addition (that could be done better going forward). They really need to stop squeezing us for DLC the way they are. I don't like the rampant neutering of enemy movesets and peons not being worth a damn, but I appreciate the pacing that the new games have brought to stages in that you can shred through the little guys. I like the storytelling they do now, but do agree they don't do much of anything to help out characters that have little to no screentime within those stories. And character stories have largely always sucked overall, but I can appreciate that some people like them and it wouldn't be a bad time to truly return to them.

    If anything I'm surprised you didn't touch on how the side modes have sucked for a good while now. Conquest mode, Ambition mode… Xtreme and Destiny mode they ain't. Challenge mode has always been a bit whatever to be honest but that's the one that keeps coming back.

    I enjoyed the upload, nice going

  5. If there is a DW10 then I hope they fixed the isssues you discussed in this video. However, I think it's highly unlikely they'll fix these issues or just half ass them. Anyways, great vid.

  6. A very evenhanded set of complaints. I don't agree with a few of them, but you had a strong opening and ending (with the exception of comparing Warriors games to AAA game series, all examples of which were series that are also struggling in their own ways, in some cases with problems similar to DW's but even more exacerbated).

  7. I'm sorry if this sounds dumb but is Dynasty Warriors 4 your favorite in the series? The majority of the music you included are from that game. I'm not hating (4 was my first dynasty warriors) and I like the music too.

  8. You nailed the point right here: Koei Tecmo and Omega Force's problem with the musou franchise is inconsistency – Not only with the ROTK/Dynasty or the Sengoku Jidai/Samurai (In DW they get way too experimental, and SW they're that much stagnant as you can see by how little the movesets have changed outside of the addition of Shinsoku attacks).

    It also affects the Orochi franchise too, as while Orochi 1, Devil King reborn/2, 3 and all of its expansions managed to keep a cohesive and epic crossover (Bonus point for making an "Isekai" story that doesn't suck!), 4 had a rushed plot and it was just an excuse to see the spotlight stealing squad of six anime girlfriends with annoying baby voices (#shutupnaotora) and edgelord douchebags getting their mary-sue factors skyrocket while the rest of the heroes from both eras and the mystics are just secondary elements that serve only as mere decoration. I'm sure I can replace the greek gods with the Arthurian Legend knights, Zelda Characters and some OCs and make something better than "The adventures of Naotora and Guan Yinping in Olympus".

  9. Found and watched the video… Really late.

    The nails had been wedged into the coffin and the tombstone has been set up. It was such a miserable end, and I barely play any DW or Warriors games. But, I already accepted the burial/funeral of this franchise/genre. All that is left is just… Fan service for the tired/dying out fanbase.

    Everything you pointed out, all are facts that I cannot against 'em and I felt them all. The keyword that stuck with me is: Mindless. Since from 7 and onward, the series take a turn into being… A mindless tour with a light aesthetic attempt of following/rewrite history.

    I cannot argue with a critical people like you and others, but what I write is my take for this dying genre that I somehow still give a care to, but not expecting much anymore out of Koei Tecmo/Omega Force as a dying out fan… Boy.

    I apologive if like I'm not making senses, and my poor grammar. Also, great critique video that I stumble across.

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