The Korean War (1950–53)

The Korean War June 25th, 1950 – July 27th, 1953 At the end of WWII in ’45, Korea was freed.

The Korean War June 25th, 1950 – July 27th, 1953 At the end of WWII in ’45, Korea was freed from Japanese control. North Korea was occupied by the Soviets while the South was occupied by American forces. By 1948 the country was divided in half at the 38th Parallel. With the capitalist South by Syngman Rheea and the communist North by Kim-il Sung. The Soviet troops withdrew from Korea in 1948 and U.S. troops withdrew in 1949, however, North and South Korea as enemies of one another would not accept the border between them as permanent. The North Koreans attacked South Korea on June 25th, 1950, advancing across the 38th Parallel. Around 75,000 troops of the North Korean People’s Army defeated the Republic of Korea’s Army with success. Capturing the capital city of Seoul, then occupying the whole of South Korea except for Pusan. This was a problem, as President Truman and the United States wanted to contain the spread of communism by preventing the domino effect. That is, if Korea fell, so would other countries to the ideology. South Korea appealed for support, and the United States pushed a resolution through the United Nations Security Council. The USSR did not use its veto power as it was boycotting the council because the new communist China was not accepted. In China’s seat was the pro-U.S Chinese Nationalist government of Taiwan. An appeal was made by the Security Council for North Korea to withdraw its troops, but was ignored. As a result, approval was granted for UN army made of international force of 16 nations to send help to South Korea, commanded by General MacArthur. The UN troops, composed mainly of Americans, landed in South Korea in early July, but were soon pushed back on defense by the North Korean forces, forming a perimeter around Pusan to defend the line until reinforcements arrived in August. Now that their position was strengthened, MacArthur went on the offensive. On September 15th, the U.S. Marines X Corps launched an amphibious assault at Inchon. The North Korean troops were pushed back on the retreat over the 38th Parallel, and soon Seoul was recaptured along with the whole of South Korea by the end of the month. Now, MacArthur was to go beyond the initial idea of containment. Truman, worried of a Chinese response, nevertheless approved, and UN troops moved into North Korea on October 7th, 1950. On October 12th, they captured Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, and then the Yalu River, which was the border with the communist China. China retaliated by helping the North Koreans, sending 250,000 Chinese troops. The UN troops, overwhelmed by this new force, were pushed out of North Korea with heavy losses. By January 1951, Chinese and North Korean troops had captured Seoul. General MacArthur wanted to use the atom bomb on China, and was dismissed for insubordination by President Truman, who went back to a policy of containment. In June 1951, more UN troops were sent to Korea, eventually driving the North Korean to the 38th Parallel and stabilizing the front. Now, a stalemate set in. In July, peace talks began, but a compromise could not be found. Meanwhile, fighting continued and American pilots fought in the air against Soviet pilots using Chinese jet fighters and wearing Chinese uniforms. General Dwight D. Eisenhower took over as president in early 1953 and sought an end to the war. After two years of negotiations, an armistice was signed on July 27th, 1953 at P’anmunjŏm, on the 38th Parallel. A demilitarized zone was set up, which stands to this day. Subscribe and click the notification bell for more history videos. Thank you guys for all your support on the simple history YouTube channel. If you enjoy it, please consider visiting our Patreon page. There, you can show us your support for the channel by donating and make a huge difference in what we’re able to create for you. Plus, you can get early access on upcoming videos. So let’s keep it growing, and thank you for being part of this amazing community.

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  1. my great uncle fought in the Korean war he was missing in action he was never seen after so none knows of he is dead, I hope he is out there not gone im only 13

  2. My grandfather fought in the Korean War in the special forces of the British army he was well known by the enemy by his code name “ happy baby” because he was always smiling,he was sent behind enemy lines completed his mission but was caught and tortured for months, he eventually escaped when he ran through a forested area and met a lone North Korean soldier which he had to kill with his bare hands, he then made it to Japan and was in hospital after his discharge he spent two weeks in a Japanese brothel 😂 his mother was told he was dead but he turned up back at her door step a few years later, she found photos of naked Japanese women in his possession and he told her that it was the emperors palace and they were merely servants not to get told off, he then lived in Australia for ten years before returning back to Wales, he’s now 88 years old and has the charm and cheek of a 19 year old, he was awarded various medals including an oak leaf for bravery anyway I am extremely proud of him and love him with all my heart, thank you for your service grandad Edwin John Davies aka Happy baby 😊

  3. Hey guys did ya know the Korean War is still going on so no one won the war and if one bullet gets fired by the North Korean and South Korean a whole war can start again

  4. There will be a war in Korea soon. Our president is crazy. It broke off its alliance with Japan. If the U.S. pulls out its troops from our country, war will take place immediately. Korea will be a dangerous country. It is a country that will disappear with Japan's radiation, China's fine dust and North Korea's missiles.

  5. Does anyone know how Many North Korean troops were in the army total. Wikipedia said China had 2,970,000 total and the soviets were at 72,000 but North Korea's total never came up. The page said 266,600 was it's peak but over 500,000 or so were killed. I'd appreciate it if someone gave me an answer to NK army total.

  6. some koreans were marking Chinese by China lose 100000 soldiers and USA only lose 50000.but did you know that Chinese killed nearly 1m Koreans?hahaha you think that you get some benefits?

  7. UN forces only fight against Chinese and North Korean forces .If the Soviets had fought in full force, I think they would have lost the war.(I'm s.korean)

  8. WW2 : is finally over
    the US : Aw wars over now what
    Korea :*goes to a civil war*
    the US : New war 😀
    China : just got invaded by japan because of korea oh no you dont

  9. I am Chinese and have poor English, so I used a translator.
    No matter who initiated the war, they are war criminals! It is also a war criminal to expand the war!
    In the eyes of the Chinese, South Korea and North Korea are not the people’s government.
    North Korea is a family power supported by the Soviet Union.
    South Korea is a proxy-controlled regime
    The last North Korean royal family returned to North Korea after the defeat in Japan and was refused entry by the Korean government!
    Lonely died in Japan. This is the shame of the entire Korean nation!
    The Chinese cannot understand the lost Korean nation. Forgetting the past is tantamount to national suicide!
    The border between North Korea and South Korea is different from India and Pakistan.
    At the border, the two sides did a very deep research and produced different results from the India-Pakistan Holocaust.
    Now, both the North Korean economy and the colonial economy of South Korea have made the Chinese feel sorry.
    As a millennium power in Northeast Asia, the Korean nation has a powerful force to influence the world.
    Not today, a family country and an American colony…
    I hope that the future Korean nation will not be controlled by any country or individual family!
    Really stand in the world in the form of the Korean nation's self-reliance and self-improvement, and shout out that we are the Korean nation!
    I hope that the outcome of this South Korean president is not so tragic…. That is just that I am dreaming.
    Every Korean president is a victim of political games… this one will not escape fate.

  10. I am Thai.I am proud that Thailand has joined the war. I am the grandson of the Korean War veteran.
    ผมคนไทยครับ ผมภูมิใจที่ไทยไปร่วมสงคราม ผมเป็นหลานของทหารผ่านศึกสงครามเกาหลีครับ

  11. Please consider easing up on the background sound effects. They make it impossible for people with certain hearing issues or sensory processing conditions to enjoy. Thank you

  12. You didn’t know ten battalions soldiers “more than 7000 soldiers” from philippines is big help during that war?
    Why didn’t you narrated it?


  14. Hello. I am an elementary school student in Korea. I was very grateful to the UN for supporting and helping our country during the Korean War. If I had been ruled as far as Busan, my last stronghold, I would have suffered from poverty, praising Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Un I hope many of you will know about the Korean War. Thank you.Hello. I am an elementary school student in Korea. I was very grateful to the UN for supporting and helping our country during the Korean War. If I had been ruled as far as Busan, my last stronghold, I would have suffered from poverty, praising Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Un I hope many of you will know about the Korean War. Thank you.
    Oh, and I have one more thing to say. Right now, Korea is falling apart. Moon Jae-in government since the inauguration of the peaceful reunification with North Korea Than in Japan to claim accept North Korea has become quite popular. Yes, Japan is the country and colonies in many Japanese military sexual slavery, sexual battery, but they end up 16 official apology and Park Chung-hee administration of the foreign exchange reserves.Half off and continue to you an apology and compensation, compensation is strange to me for everything. (Of course there must be Abe's influence.) But it's strange to say that I should continue to support North Korea and help it because I was once a nation. In the Korean War, North Korea attacked first and almost eliminated the Republic of Korea. Currently, the economy of Korea is changing day by day. Moon Jae-in, this situation should unification and help North Korea situation. I don't know when the Republic of Korea will be ruined.

  15. 🇵🇭Philippines is waving👋to the usa and Puerto Rico they retreat during the fight but Philippine army stay in the fight and win the battle, 7000 chinese die and 28 pilipinos soldier die

  16. What would you choose? North korea or south korea if north comment south like


  17. Hello, Korean here. Just a quick reminder, families are split in pieces after the war, since North Korean armies took South Koreans to North Korea. Families are still split up, and the chance for families to see each other for a short time is rare now. The war is never over, even though Trump and Kim says they're friends. Say whatever you'd like about the war being over, but no. South Korea and North Korea never shook hands on it, and of course I mean shaking hands in the term agree. The war is still going on and we're only taking a break. In my opinion, I don't want North and South to reunite. This is because the technology is very low in North Korea, so we South Koreans will have to pay for most of it by raising taxes. As if the economy right now in South Korea is great right now. We don't need and want another problem on our hands. South Korean economists say that we'll have to pay 10 times the price Germany is paying.
    안녕하세요 한국인입니다. 알림이지만, 가족들은 아직도 떨어져 있습니다 대부분 북한이 끌고 간 것 때문이기도 하죠. 가족들 끼리 다시 보는 기회도 거의 없어졌고, 전쟁은 아직도 진행되고 있습니다. 트럼프와 김정은이 친구라고 하지만 전 안 믿습니다. 전쟁이 끝났다고 마음대로 말하세요. 하지만 이것만 알고 계세요- 전쟁은 인 끝났어요. 북한과 남한 정부는 동의하지 않았고요. 솔직히 말하자면 통일하기 싫습니다. 기술 차이가 크게 나가지고 우리가 뭏어줘야 할것입니다. 세금 올려서요. 우리 경제는 지금도 서서히 망해가고 있는데 여기서 갑자기 독일이 내야하는 돈의 10배를 내야하면 우리나라 망합니다.

  18. At de night before de papers would be signed,my (step)dad and his patrol of 12 NDVN walked in a ambush of several 100 North Korean and Chinese soldiers….they allready did killed the US troops on that Hill.Dad was heavy wounded after a short firefight.You can see his story at De Laatste Patrouille (Korea de vergeten oorlog)

  19. Do remember the heroes from battle of Yultong where 900 filipinos left alone hold the lines alone sorrounded by 40000 chinese soldier and succeed when nobody wants to die they are. PEFKO battalion.

  20. My grandfather was Korean war veteran.
    South Korea defended its democracy.
    After war, although some soldier-dictators got the president with force, Korean people resisted and got democracy again.

    We have great history of democracy.
    All the democratic nation is out friend.

    Thank you all

  21. BTS fans always choose s. Korea
    Dont always choose S. Korea cause N. Korea made a war in the past but now everything is peace

  22. the Philippines help too you know
    there was 1,400 Filipino vs 40000 Chinese
    the result was 121 Filipino died
    and 7000 Chinese died

  23. All south korean thanks to all countries that helped the korean war as alliances of democracy.

    We will protect freedom and peacefulness of the world from the kingdom of Kim.

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