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The Union of Yuktobanian Republics, also known as just Yuktobania, is one of Strangereal’s superpowers alongside the Osean Federation. This.

The Union of Yuktobanian Republics, also
known as just Yuktobania, is one of Strangereal’s superpowers alongside the Osean Federation. This nation occupies most of the continent
of Verusa and it is bordered by the countries of Verusa, Kaluga and Romny (which aren’t
depicted in the map), and by some other unknown nations. Yuktobania was one of the key countries in
the game Ace Combat 5, when they fought against Osea during the Circum-Pacific War, and was
a secondary nation in Ace Combat Zero and Ace Combat 3D. Like many other Strangereal nations, Yuktobania’s
history is shrouded in mysteries, but here’s what we know about Yuktobania: The earliest mention about Yuktobania is in the 1980s when both Yuktobania and Osea were in an arms race as part of the Strangereal
Cold War. In order to prevail during this conflict both
countries had different strategies: Yuktobania focused on the development of submarines and
missiles while Osea focused on spacecraft. It was during the 1980s that Yuktobanian Navy
Admiral Leonov proposed the “Arsenal Ship Project”, the project that later gave birth
to the Scinfaxi-class submarine. In the year of 1985 there were tensions between
Yuktobania and one of its neighbouring countries over some territorial disputes. This was also the same year that Dominic Zubov,
who was actually Yuktobanian but later went to Belka and became the leader of the Schwarze
Squadron, joined the Yuktobanian Air Force as a mercenary. On the following year 1986, Yuktobania went
to war against the country of Kaluga due to disputes over the control of the Kalugan region
of Tyumen. While Yuktobania did manage to win the conflict,
its armed forces suffered extremely heavy casualties especially during the battle of
Zhytomyr. We know that Yuktobania’s pilots, with the exception of
Zubov, suffered from PTSD because of this war. In 1987, Yuktobania entered in another war when they helped quelling a coup d’état on the neighbouring
Republic of Romny. Dominic Zubov is also known to have fought
in this conflict before leaving and going to the Belkan Air Force. Time went by and the next thing we know about
Yuktobania is the official announcement regarding the development of the Scinfaxi-class submarine
that took place in conference in the Yuktobanian capital of Cinigrad in 1991. Osea quickly reacted to the Yuktobanian announcement
and accused Yuktobania of copying the Dragonet-class design, a class of submarines that had been
developed by the Federation of Central Usea. Tensions between Yuktobania and Osea continued
to exist as part of the Strangereal Cold War but the relationship between the two countries
drastically changed in 1995 when Yuktobania joined the Allied Forces during the Belkan
War. The reasons for Yuktobania joining the war
are still unknown and details on its contributions to the allied war effort are scarce, what
we do know however is that Yuktobania did send some squadrons and reconnaissance officers
to the front lines. One of those recon officers was the Major
who Captain Bartlett fell in love with, and who broke his heart. Some Yuktobanian pilots also joined A World
With No Boundaries. The year after the war, 1996, Yuktobania and
Osea signed the Yuktobanian peace treaty which finally brought the Strangereal cold war to
an end. In the year of 1998 several Usean nations
were working together on the construction of the Stonehenge Turret Network in order
to shoot down the incoming Ulysses asteroid. While both Osea and Yuktobania did show interest
in helping out with the project, they actually were unable due to their commitment of rebuilding
the regions that were destroyed during the Belkan War. 1998 was also the same year when the Belkan
Ofnir Squadron joined the Yuktobanian Air Force as an aggressor squadron with the goal
of apparently improving Belkan-Yuktobanian relations. In the next year, 1999, we had the Cinigrad
art festival where a painting made by a former Belkan Air Force pilot called “Demon Lord”
was put on display and received much praise for showing the “wretchedness of war and
the venerability of peace”. From 1999 to 2010 Yuktobania worked together
with Osea in space development and more specifically helped Osea with the Arkbird to remove Ulysses
fragments stuck in orbit, meanwhile sometime between 2006 and 2010, Yuktobania struck a
deal with Erusea for purchasing at least one model of its advanced multirole aircraft X-02
Wyvern. With that deal, Erusea would sell the X-02s
to Yuktobania via the formerly South Belkan and now North Osean Gründer Industries. With Gründer as the middleman in this operation,
Gründer would submit the planes to its cost-reducing manufacturing process in which the number
of parts of the aircraft would be reduced without sacrificing the plane’s strength
or performance. In the year of 2008, Yuktobania participated
in the Strangereal G7 summit that was hosted by Osea aboard the Arkbird and the countries
there agreed to several pacifist policies including bans on the use of nuclear weapons. Coming now to the events that are directly
related to Ace Combat 5, in early 2010 the pacifist Yuktobanian prime minister was secretly
removed from power by the Grey Men and secret Belkan operations soon escalated tensions
between Yuktobania and Osea culminating on the start of the Circum-Pacific War on September
27 of 2010. What happens after are the events covered
in Ace Combat 5 and despite the whole conflict, both Osea and Yuktobania came together by
the end of the year after the Osean president and the Yuktobanian prime minister met in
Oured. This concludes most of what we know about
Yuktobania because after 2010 we only know that the relationship between the two countries
improved in terms of international cooperation. One last detail about Yuktobania is that in
the year of 2015, Yuktobanian spy satellites managed to detect a giant unknown aircraft
around southeast Estovakia, an aircraft that was later identified as the P-1112 Aigaion
heavy command cruiser. This was the history of Yuktobania and what
country should be the next one? Please let me know in the comments which countries
you want to be featured in the next Ace Combat documentary. I’d also like to send my huge thanks to
Acepedia for helping me with the information and references needed for the making of this
video. And as always, stay tuned to the channel for
more Ace Combat!

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