The History of Charly Caruso – Wrestling History

– [Narrator] Well after the Renee Young episode, Bobby Roode, something sounds off there, asked if we could do an.

– [Narrator] Well after
the Renee Young episode, Bobby Roode, something sounds off there, asked if we could do an episode on Charley. I’m gonna risk it and assume
that he means Charly Caruso and not the bronze
medalist Charley Johnson. And with that assumption I say, why not? Let’s get going. Alright Charly Caruso, who’s
real name is Charly Arnolt. Huh, WWE likes changing the
interviewers last names. But Caruso was born in
Indianapolis, Indiana on July 14th, 1987. Of course she had a passion
for hosting and reporting, but she also had interest in becoming a pro beach volley ball player. But unfortunately those
dreams ended when she didn’t grow taller than 5’2. So hosting it was. At the age of 17 she was
already getting experience in the field she would turn into a career. And she did job shadowing at a local CBS affiliate news station. She was also on an on air
talent for her high school’s radio station for about a year and a half, until she graduated in 2006. That same year she enrolled at American University in Washington D.C. Charly stayed active
while pursuing her degree. She wrote entertainment news
for Sister to Sister magazine and did a variety of news
and sports internships for CBS affiliate and
Fox owned TV stations where she wrote stories,
conducted interviews, pitched ideas and more. She even translated dialogue from English films into Spanish. In 2010 at the age of
22, Caruso would graduate from American University
with a Bachelors Degree in broadcast journalism. For the next three years,
Charly Caruso would work as a reporter for a few
different TV stations across the country going from
West Virginia to Missouri. And then in December of
2013 she would go back to her home town of
Indianapolis and worked as a sports reporter and
anchor for the Fox affiliate station WXIN and stayed there
throughout most of 2015. Also in 2015 Caruso tried
her hand at standup comedy and had her first show on July 18th. But in 2016, Caruso would make the jump into the world of wrestling. And she officially announced
on June 23rd that she accepted a position with WWE. Just a week later she would start working and she co-hosted her first
WWE event on June 13th at an NXT live event. She would debut on the main
roster about a month later on the August 2nd edition
of SmackDown where she attempted to interview
Randy Orton backstage. While she started on the blue brand, Caruso would move to
Raw a little while later and has stayed there ever since. She’s continued to be a
backstage correspondent for WWE as well as a host for pre shows and original series on WWE Network. She hasn’t been involved
in any storylines yet but considering she’s
an on-air personality in WWE it’s within the
realm of possibilities. One thing I can say is
that she is determined. Looking at her resume,
she didn’t wait around for opportunity to come to her. She went out there and found it herself. That’s pretty cool and I admire that. But what are your
thoughts on Charly Caruso? Leave it in a comment. And also, check out The Wrestling History on another WWE personality, Renee Young. And there’s a luchador
that’s waiting for me to finish his episode so
I’m gonna go work on that.

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  4. She is super sexy and I mean that with the most respect! No lie if u dont see any beauty in her u r blind as shit

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