The Elite’s Tools of War, Part 2 @GEORGE

Begin Transmission. This is a message from The Anonymous Charity also known as The Collective. Today’s George broadcast date is.

Begin Transmission. This is a message from
The Anonymous Charity also known as The Collective. Today’s George broadcast date is December
21st 2019. We come to you with part 2 of a 3 part series. Please take heed. Watch and listen
when you can be undisturbed as the information herein is of vital importance. Please note that you can enable the ‘US English’
Subtitles to read along with us. Number 3. Bio-Chemical Warfare. On another war front, we see poisons and plagues,
bio warfare. 24 US diplomats and 19 US citizens recently visiting Cuba were poisoned. The
symptoms described in the travel warning are ear complaints and hearing loss, dizziness,
headache, fatigue, cognitive issues, and difficulty sleeping. The Cuban government, has emphatically
denied any responsibility and called the attacks science fiction. But these propaganda stories
do well to keep you living in fear, to keep your mind from being clear. That way you think
no matter where you go you are not safe. Hints of another attack are naturally being
spread by the media. As you should be able to tell by now, these stories always come
in clusters. The conditioning has to be repeated and repeated, just like the truck scenarios
that suddenly started happening in certain cities supposedly driving people down, just
like the mass increase in shootings in schools and elsewhere, all set up to keep you destabilized.
These sorts of events are constant especially in American news, where fear must be at its highest, to ensure people believe in the dream, that it is the greatest country in the world.
Successfully keeping those many millions of citizens locked in a perfectly controlled
environment. But we digress. The hysteria being spread now is about a toxic chemical
known as hydrazine. Apparently it was being carried by Tiangong 1. Hydrazine is an inorganic chemical compound.
It is a colorless volatile alkaline liquid with powerful reducing properties, used in
chemical synthesis and in some kinds of rocket fuels. Hydrazine is highly toxic and dangerously
unstable unless handled in solution. Although most of the now defunct, Tiangong 1 Chinese
space station, which was said to be erratically flying through space toward the Earth in April
2018, burnt up in the atmosphere. To keep you in fear of space dangers they create themselves,
they alerted everyone that there was a chance part of it would survive and make an impact.
Naturally they didn’t know where it would hit. These sorts of fear programming tactics
are used frequently by all space production directors. They have to keep you in fear. Bio warfare has always been in play through
history. Perhaps one of the most publicized ones in the recent past, were the anthrax attacks
of 2001. The fact that one can not transport anthrax in a paper envelope through the mail
never once entered the discussion. The fear was instantly planted. In 2001, Bush had a
busy year, he rejected the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention citing 38 problems with
it. Claiming in the name of peace and safety, as always, that the US must counter chemical
and biological weapons threats, of which it never had. Also it must not be stopped from
spending multi-billions illegally to develop, test and stockpile first-strike chemical and
biological weapons. Naturally the Bio Weapons Convention allows appropriate types and amounts
of biological agents, to be used for defensive purposes. It also permits research, but not
development. The C_A took full advantage to conduct programs for offense, not defense
or to further peace. In 1990, George Bush Senior, who is now deceased,
signs the 1989 act making it illegal for the US to develop, possess or use biological weapons;
Bush also signs Executive Order 12735 stating: the spread of chemical and biological weapons
constitutes an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign
policy of the United States. Shortly after we have the US human experiment called ‘Gulf
War Syndrome’. Over 700,000 people were targeted with the depleted uranium and other toxic
substances put into vaccines. Over 12,000 have since died and over 30% are
now ill and because they are military property, they are treated as such. Do you see it yet?
It is all connected. Further back in 1969, Department of defense’s
Dr. Robert MacMahan requested 10 million dollars to develop a synthetic biological agent for
which no natural immunity exists. On and on it goes through history. Needless to say they
have perfected much. The US government called for spending 44 billion dollars on biological
warfare research, a sum unprecedented in world history, and an obliging Congress has authorized
it. As with any topic we could go on and on but we have much to cover. Look at the news
today: Do you think The Measles and Ebola could be weaponised? Of course. They are tested
in third world countries, and have been for decades. Naturally major pharmaceutical corporations
and biotech firms conceal the nature of the biological warfare research work they are
doing for the U.S. government: Abbott Laboratories, BASF Plant Science, Bristol-Myers Squibb,
DuPont Central Research and Development, Eli Lilly Corp., Embrex, GlaxoSmithKline, Hoffman-LaRoche,
Merck & Co., Monsanto, Pfizer Inc., Schering-Plough Research Institute, and Syngenta Corp. of
Switzerland are a few at the top of the list. This is why we The Anonymous Charity also
known as The Collective, rely on whistle-blowers and truth speakers, so we can see some truth. Whistle-blowers, the elites call them dissidents
or heretics. One such truth speaker Dan Muresan, the son of a former Romanian minister of agriculture
who is now imprisoned, was found dead in a Kenyan hotel room while working on President
Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign in 2012. Dan had studied at the LSE in London and had coordinated
election campaigns in Europe, Africa and the US. Fellow whistle-blower Chris Wylie was
the man who revealed to the New York Times and the Observer newspaper the practices of
Cambridge Analytica and the data harvesting that took place. Wylie speculates his friend
Dan was poisoned. UK military Exercise ‘Toxic Dagger’ took place
in the Salisbury area in March 2018. Troops from 40 Commando joined the country’s leading
experts in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear warfare. The bio false flags continue,
amping up for the finale. The plagues are here. Question: Is your DNA targeted? The elites love injections, diseases, concocting
potions and experimenting on you based on your location, or your genetics, or your social
status. We all have been told, you are what you eat.
So what do you eat? GMO’s are here. Even if you grow your own food and think it
is organic and uninfected. Chemtrails and Herbicides are sprayed in high concentrations
from planes. Thus, they remain embedded in the air falling to the soil, and then find
their way to the water basin. The toxins in Chemtrails come down in the rain, are soaked
up the the roots and seeds of everything that grows. The Chemtrails are airborne and dissipate,
carried by the wind and cover much larger areas. Poisoned agriculture, poisoned soil,
poisoned water and it is only a matter of time before life is extinguished. But the
time is fast ticking by for the elites count down, so they must turn up the heat in this
hell, with more than just the slow and steady bleeding out. Chemtrails are made up of many
toxins, metals and nano-technologies. They must be sprayed and sprayed repeatedly as
they are swept away with wind and rain as the earth naturally cleans itself. Planes
spray these toxins every day across the world in varying degrees. The sheet of metals laid
across the sky also work in conjuncture with HAARP to form a microwave, a barrier so the
frequencies emitted by all of our devices and towers and stations do not clear out of
our system but are rather forced to bounce back down to us back and forth and back and
forth again. Now it is in the air and can be weaponized. The toxins in Chemtrails are
in our food because it is in the soil and water and the air we breathe. It is in us.
As we have extensively exposed Chemtrails before we will continue on.
This is a fact. NOTE: This is a message from The Anonymous
Charity also known as The Collective. Today’s broadcast date is December 21st 2019. End
NOTE. As many of you know, Monsanto holds the patent
on seeds as well as the worlds seed bank containing the last remaining natural seeds. All others
have been modified and altered. Now their sister company Bayer who basically owns the
pharmaceutical side of the poison industry, has merged with Monsanto officially. Do you
think about what you put in your mouth every day? Since it is about money and production, these
factories do not feed their animals what they are supposed to eat, such as grass which is
rich in vitamins and minerals they need. Grass takes time to grow and production is about
speed. Rather these living creatures are fed a mixture of corn and fillers including dead
cows. Do you understand what cannibalism does to the brain. Mad cow disease, holes in the
brain, are caused by this. Do you understand what it does to your brain when you eat the
meat of those who have cannibalized. You are what you eat. Number 4. New World Order Control: Body Warfare. DNA data mining is nothing new and is only
increasing in strength. People everywhere are able to get their DNA tested on genealogy
websites now. This data is linked as is everything on the internet, making your identity, your
DNA, completely available to anyone who would want it. And guess who always wants it, those
who will profit from it. And who profits from you, the elite. What do you think they will
do with your DNA data? With the help of your data they are now able to design whatever
weapon they wish tailored specifically to your genetic code. Whether vaccines or DNA
specific military weapons. Side note: It’s no coincidence, that the TV show, ‘Designated
Survivor’ has certain hot topics inserted into it’s story line. The elites a laughing
at you while they put everything they plan in plain sight. Russia has raised its concerns over attempts
by the US military to collect DNA samples from Russian nationals, noting the potential
use of such biological samples for the purpose of creating new genetic warfare weaponry.
Once again Russia is the voice of reason and fluoride free thinking. The JASON group, composed
of academic scientists, served as technical advisers to the US government. Their study
generated six broad classes of genetically engineered pathogens that could pose serious
threats to society. These include but are not limited to binary biological weapons,
designer genes, gene therapy as a weapon, stealth viruses, host-swapping diseases, and
designer diseases. Diseases that could wipe out the whole population or a certain ethnic
group, as we have seen and discussed previously. But you keep on thinking you don’t need
the right to privacy, and that everything available to you is there for your benefit
and glory. Continue killing the rest of us with your ignorance. Not only bombs and bullets,
harmful devices, Chemtrails, fluoride, and vaccinations but flu’s and diseases are made
for you as well. We Hope you feel well taken care of, because the elite have done their
best. The US Supreme Court passed down a ruling
stating that it is legal to take DNA swabs from arrestee’s without a warrant on the grounds
that a DNA cheek swab was similar to other common jail house procedures like fingerprinting.
Also the US Senate passed a bill that would require the collection of DNA samples from
people convicted of some low-level crimes, including shoplifting and drug possession.
While many are praising the passing of such legislation, it ignores the inherent dangers
of allowing the government to collect DNA. As usual people believe it only applies to
others, or that there is such a thing as Justice. The ‘Cloud Act’ allows the CIA and NSA to
access the contents of a wire or electronic communication and any record or other information
about a person, regardless of where they live or where that information is located on earth,
and even more insidiously, allows the US to enter into “executive agreements” with
foreign governments that would allow each government to acquire users’ data stored
in the other country, without following each other’s privacy laws. Privacy has breathed
its last. Welcome to life, under the all seeing eye. But fear not. Two sides of the Pyramid
have fallen and the last one is on it’s last legs. Thanks to Team 45. Standing proudly behind this law is none other
than elitist puppet Dr. Gary Margolis. He is the founder and CEO of the mass surveillance
company ‘Social Sentinel’ who stand at the forefront of collecting, storing and using
all social media data created in the entire world. His artificial intelligence program
library has accumulated over 450,000 so called “violent indicators”. Get ready because
violent indicators will put you behind bars if not worse. What have you said in your entire
internet history? Have you used one of the violent indicator keywords? If you have, they
know about it already. An article in a trade journal about RFID technology
highlights a development. Honduras, the Philippines, the UAE and the Cayman Islands are deploying
license plates with RFID technology to track their citizens’ movements on highways and
other roads. The specific technology being used by these three countries are called the
IDePlate and IDeSTIX. The former is implanted in license plates while the latter is in innocuously
attached to a car’s windshield. Together, they allow authorities to track their citizens,
while being sold as necessary because it provides a fall back in case a license plate is stolen.
So goes the sales pitch. This is all laughable as the only need for any of this added tracking,
is to do just that. Track and log you. Your data. It has nothing
to do with security or safety or even convenience. They will say whatever will make you use it.
Saying it is smart. Saying it is safe. Seems to be enough for people to fall head over
heals for it whatever the cost. Turkey is also piloting the technology now. As demand for tech such as I-phones goes down,
they will replace the loss of profit with something else, A.I. is right in line. With
A.I. comes more technology pushed into the public’s hands with no education about it. A study titled ‘Effects of Wireless Devices
on Human Body’ was put out in 2016. A section states, “These devices emit the harmful radiations
which cause the diseases like male infertility, brain tumor, hearing impairment, effect on
eyes, and more”. These radiations severely affect other various
parts of human body. This study investigated three major diseases, brain tumor, male infertility
and hearing impairment, conducted by a number of medical practitioners working in various
hospitals and medical centers of District Sukkur and Khairpur Mirsa. The results show
the intensity of harm of different wireless devices. Mobile phone is the most effectively
harmful device with 96%, Bluetooth Device 32%, Laptop 54%, Tablet PC 14% and Wireless
router 20%. The EU Commission passed the intelligent metering
deployment in 2013 and Denmark has decided to make it mandatory. This is to be completed
by 2020. We see many agendas necessary for the global government are planned to be finished
by 2020, so we know our time-frame. The European REFLEX study was conducted in
2004. The results show that even at a SAR value of 1.3 Watts per kg, representative
of many mobile phones, significant biological damage is done in human cells and especially
to the DNA. It was found that pulsed RF fields with SAR values from 0.3 Watts per kg cause
genetic damage, single and double fractures in DNA and MN induction, in human fibroblast
cells. In addition, an increase in the number of free oxygen and hydroxyl radicals was observed.
Further it was found that some effects, DNA fractures and MN induction, occurred both
for unpulsed and pulsed RF fields and that other effects including change of gene and
protein expression, occurred only with pulsed RF fields. In some cells, an increase in expression
of the stress proteins heat shock protein 27 and heat shock protein 70 was found, indicating
a cellular stress response. Stress is the point. Stress makes us agitated, emotional,
angry, violent. It is negative and grows. If that is not enough for you yet, another
study states: The continuous radiation from most D.E.C.T. cordless phone base stations
and Wi-Fi routers have similar effects to exposure to cell phone. In our daily life
all over we are exposed to E.M. radiation of different frequencies having varying power.
The cellular phones and telecom networks use frequencies ranged from 900 MHz to 2.1 GHz.
Our DNA can pick up electromagnetic radiation like the antenna of a radio set. The most
common observed biological complaints reported are sleep disruption, headache, lack of concentration,
forgetful memory, depression, fatigue, dizziness, palpitation of heart, visual disorders, and
cardiovascular problem, buzzing in the head, and altered reflexes. The behavioral difficulties
in addition to bio-electromagnetic sufferings have been observed at larger scale in children,
naturally. How many hours a day are you on your phone, every day, holding it next to
your face or body. The people living within 50-300 meter radius are in the high radiation
zone and are more prone to ill-effect of E.M. radiation. Many studies have shown that the
radiation from G.S.M phones breaks DNA molecules in cultured cells within 24 hours. Considering
E.M. wave’s hyper sensitivity some people can “feel” the radiation because it affects
their nervous systems. Many of us are electro-sensitive but do not realize it; we have the symptoms,
but because we are permanently exposed to the radiation, we regard this death and poisoning
of ourselves as “normal”. Safety studies are either not done at all
on the technology, given out to you to use every day ad nauseum, or studies that are
done are suppressed and never spoken about to the public. Wi-Fi in schools is a very
serious threat. Safe levels of these frequencies for children have not been publicly announced
because there are no safe levels for children. Get it? There are no safe levels for children.
Who do they target most in advertisements today and subliminal messages and other marketing
tactics? Children. In today’s world, they are marketing to babies now, as per admission
of government funded media outlets. Microwave technologies are causing birth and
genetic defects in every living thing including fish, plants, trees, animals and even the
slime mold that lives in the soil. All of this rise in frequencies , as well as the
programming effects of movies and propaganda and TV, all of these things effects and changes
and damages your DNA, the DNA of plants, the DNA of animals, and the frequency of the earth.
Besides carrying the genetic code of life, DNA also acts as a receiver, also storing
and conveying those natural ambient frequencies that all life on earth resonates with and
relies upon to sustain itself. Since frequency technology, our DNA has increasingly come
under continuous assault. It doesn’t take all of these studies to
show us the obvious but in today’s mindset people do not rely on common sense and logic
but rather the religion of science and media. If science theorizes it it must be true, especially
if the government tells us it is. Frequency can control our behavior, our emotions and
our actions. It can destroy our DNA, cells, all that is us. Thanks to you all being surrounded
by frequency emitting devices, their job is so easy now. That is what they mean by convenience.
It is not for you. That is why they do not test the safety of these devices before flooding
society with them as a must have item. They don’t give a shit about you. They only want
to destroy you with all that is negative, self-centered, greed, lust, pride, ego, empty,
worthlessness, anger, hate, depression and the controller of them all, fear. Stop being
so easily fooled. Return to the natural frequency of humanity. Love. All can be healed and made
right with truth and love. We choose LOVE. Always. This has been Part two, of a four part series.
The time for change is now. No longer shall the people be slaves to corruption. We are
the VOICE for the voiceless. We bring HOPE to the hopeless. We bring JUSTICE to the oppressed.
We are, GEORGE. This has been a message from The Anonymous Charity also known as The Collective.
Today’s broadcast date is December 21st 2019. End of Transmission.

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  1. You're killing me smalls!! Still ❤ ya though!! So for those of us who understand their goals and timeline, it is really starting to feel as though there is no escape from it. Even if you laid out a solid plan and understandable points of action, to me it seems as though there is no alternative. A perfect and protected bubble society wouldn't even stop their attacks.
    Not sure how love is going to prevent and protect us, help fend off their games with changing our frequency? Can you explain that further?

    The effects of E.M. won't be stopped unless I move to the middle of nowhere and stop using technology myself which will prevent the access of information and communication but even then there is shit in the soil and water.
    Someone needs to invent a repellant that works for radiation, nano dust, E.M. etc

  2. The Lab that collects blood work on a doctor’s orders in Canada called Life Labs, was just hacked and millions of personal information was compromised including my own.


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    Why doesn't this channel ever get CENSORED?

    I trust no one. . . not after what we know now.


  5. Psalm 91 over your Household. Encapsulate your DNA in the Holy Blood daily. Hide us in your Holy Shadow God Almighty. Let us finish the work set before our generation in The name of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the Flesh. All Glory to the Most High . 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁😇

  6. I refused to go thru a backscatter scanner at an airport and was then subject to having my hands swabbed for "explosives" (or DNA- right?)

  7. Interesting that a lead reporter for this Bloomberg Russian Nesw TV Station was killed in the plane crash

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  8. HEY GUYS!!! '@George' is a legit twitter handle – the guy that owns that handle is being nice about it all but your last two titles with @George in it are hitting his twitter account and his friends with anyone sharing your video on twitter (your YT channel goes through a feed to our endorsed media channels, which in turn is shared on several platforms including twitter)… The guy has a heart though he is not a conservative – more of a true JFK-like Democrat than a Liberal. Can you do something about @George and change it to @GeorgeNews??? Especially since that IS your YT handle… Thank you!!

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