The Arsenal Bird – An analysis of our new enemy in Ace Combat 7

As you all know the International Space Elevator, also known as ISEV, will play a major role in Ace Combat.

As you all know the International Space Elevator,
also known as ISEV, will play a major role in Ace Combat 7 but perhaps more important
than the elevator itself is the Arsenal Bird, also known as the giant and badass aircraft
capable of carrying shitloads of UAVs – 80 of them to be more precise. Since the Arsenal Bird will be so important,
let’s talk more about it and its role in Ace Combat 7 from what we know and what we can
expect. Let’s start with an analysis of the Arsenal
Bird itself. The Arsenal Bird was designed by Masato Kanno
who is the current art director of Ace Combat 7 and who has also worked on previous Ace
Combat games. Kanno is the one responsible for the design
of both Stonehenge from Ace Combat 04 and the Arkbird from Ace Combat 5 and I believe
we can both see how the Arsenal Bird’s design bears resemblance with the Arkbird’s. However, unlike the Arkbird which is a spacecraft
and therefore is able to maintain a high speed with its engines and boosters, the Arsenal
Bird is a rather slow aircraft powered by 8 contra-rotating sets of propellers and notice
that I said contra and not counter. Contra-rotating propellers refer to when one
engine contains two sets of propellers and each set rotates opposite to the other, meanwhile
counter-rotating propellers means that each engine has one set of propellers that turn
to the opposite direction compared to another engine. Advantages of a contra-propeller propulsion
system include higher speed and higher efficiency, the reason why this system is found on the
Tupolev-95 Bear bomber and its civilian version, the Tupolev 144 – which is one of the fastest
propeller driven aircraft ever made. On the downside, the contra-propeller system
might add some extra to the airframe and as you may be aware due to the Bear bomber’s
reputation, this type of setup is incredibly loud – which shouldn’t even be a problem
since the Arsenal Bird looks like unmanned aircraft. Design-wise the Arsenal Bird obviously follows
the flying wing design being similar to the Northrop YB-35 concept back from the days
of WWII, but I’ve found another aircraft that has more resemblance to it and it’s probably
closer more well known by Project Aces: the Rostock heavy bomber featured in the Sky Crawlers
movie, and I say more well known by Project Aces since they made the Sky Crawlers game
for the Wii. The Rostock bomber, where Rostock is the name
of the faction that operates the bomber since I don’t even know if this aircraft has its
own name, looks smaller than the Arsenal Bird packing only 6 contra-propelled engine setups. Another similarity between the aircraft is
the existence of vertical stabilisers, unlike in the Northrop YB-35, however the Rostock
bomber has three vertical stabilisers, a large downward-going one located on the centreline
of the aircraft and two smaller upward-going stabilisers located between the centre and
the edge of the aircraft, and the Arsenal Bird has two medium sized down-going stabilisers
close to the centreline. Despite their similarities, the Arsenal Bird
and the Rostock bomber are extremely different when it comes to armaments. While the Rostock bomber carries its bombs
internally and has several gunner positions for its defense, the arsenal bird’s primary
defense is the 80 UAVs it can carry. These UAVs will try to intercept enemy aircraft
but they will also sacrifice themselves by crashing into missiles bound to the Arsenal
Bird – like if they were mobile shields to the drone carrier. Apart from UAVs, the Arsenal Bird has several
ports for Air-to-Air Missiles, or AAMs, over its wings. I wasn’t able to get an exact number of
missile ports but we’ll sure see a lot of missiles coming from the Arsenal Bird. It must be noted however that the Arsenal
Bird and the Arkbird share a very interesting detail – this circle on top of its fuselage,
which at least for the Arkbird is home for a laser firing unit as demonstrated in the
game Ace Combat 5. Whereas the Arsenal Bird will feature the
same or a variant of the laser unit we still don’t know, however if it does we can clearly
note that this laser unit would only be able to hit targets flying higher than the Arsenal
Bird – something that did not happen in the first Ace Combat 7 trailer since the F-22
was under and not higher than the Arsenal Bird. Before we talk about the UAVs featured on
the Arsenal Bird let’s talk about another similarity between it and the Arkbird, but
not a obvious one. Under both aircraft we can see the EXACT SAME
module that was attached to the Arkbird via the SSTO (single-stage-to-orbit) vehicle from
Ace Combat 5. This means two things, first the shape under
the Arsenal Bird follows the same design and is compatible to the addition of a module,
second: if need be, or at least how it was done in Ace Combat 5, the module has the capability
of holding another laser unit and other UAVs – reminding you that these capabilities were
not featured in the original Arkbird design but rather added later when the module docked
to the Arkbird. With that being said, the Arsenal Bird might
still have some tricks up its sleeves – but we will see about that once the game is released. Talking about the UAVs now, the Arsenal Bird
can carry up to 80 of them under its winds. The release mechanism is very simple, the
UAVs are released and fall with the help of gravity and while they’re falling they unfold
their wings while gaining the necessary airspeed in order to fly. The UAVs in question, as they are named in
Ace Combat 7, are the MQ-101. The MQ-101s are a Strangereal version of the
real life Northrop Grumman X-47B, a drone currently in development to be used by the
United States Navy aboard its aircraft carriers. In real life these drones are able to have
their wings folded in order to save some space while on the carriers, a feature we can also
see in the game, and they are able to perform aerial refuelings. I must also point out that these drones have
a somewhat similar design when compared to the Vogel, the UAV that was used by the Arkbird
while under control of the Belkans. Now that we know some more about the Arsenal
Bird and its UAVs let’s talk more about its role in the conflict between Erusea and
Osea. First things first, the most important thing
to know about the Arsenal Bird is its mission. As answered by Ace Combat producer, Kazutoki
Kono, on the December 10th edition of Famitsu: Its purpose is a drone carrier. Since the space elevator is a very vulnerable
building, it acts as a guardian angel and patrols it. And that’s his own words. With his statement we can raise two important questions about the origin of the Arsenal
Bird: Who built it? And who operates it? As I pointed out earlier there are several
similarities between the Arsenal Bird and the Arkbird. It has been confirmed on the E3 demo gameplay
that it was Osea who actually developed and manufactured the drone carriers. As to whether who operates, or who controls,
the Arsenal Bird the question is a bit more complicated. After manufacturing them, Osea sent the Arsenal
Birds to the Space Elevator and it is unknown who was the one controlling them at that point
– Osea or the administration of the space elevator. What matter is that somehow, and then again
this is confirmed from the E3 demo, Erusea got a hold of the Arsenal Birds and equipped
it with the MQ-101 drone. But Erusea’s control on the Arsenal Birds
might not last too long, as we were hinted by this post on Ace Combat’s Facebook page,
we MIGHT – WE JUST MIGHT – fight together with the Arsenal Bird as an ally later on
in the game. Anyways, besides talking about who controls
the Arsenal Bird we should also talk about how many of them are there because it seems
like there’s more than one. So far I’ve identified that the Arsenal
Bird appears in two different locations, one being the space elevator and the other being
the jungle area by the river. Assuming that the player is able to destroy
one Arsenal Bird there must be another one, and unlike heavy command cruisers like the
XB-0 or the Aigaion, the Arsenal Bird seems relatively small to the point where you could
build more than one. Looking at the map that involves the radius
around the space elevator, which I believe is related to the Arsenal Bird, you can see
three small aircraft around the ring – which I assume are the Arsenal Birds. One on the bottom, one on the top and one
on the right side – so I believe there are at least 3 Arsenal Birds but if you want to
make things proportional since the three are divided by 90 degrees from each other, we could assume a fourth one on the left side of the ring which would be outside of the screen. Anyways, these were my thoughts on the Arsenal
Bird and its role in the story of Ace Combat 7. Of course there still is plenty that we don’t
know about this drone carrier but hopefully we will find out more about it soon as more
information is released or when the game comes out. This was Ace Combat Fan and I hope you have
enjoyed the content of this video and as always, stay tuned to the channel for more Ace Combat!

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  1. hey ace combat fan I have a theory about arsenal bird:
    1.About who control the arsenal bird.Maybe nobody control it like it was programed to attack any nearby aircraft?
    2.The heavy command cruiser are more than1 in fact the member of Gault squadron escaped to Estovakia to build the second heavy command cruiser:Aigaion.
    3.althought we know that the definition of cruiser was a ship that operating alone but we can see such Aigaion must be accompanied by ut's fleet.Maybe the arsenal bird was the true heavy command cruiser?

    that's all,just a theory thought I hope you read it.

  2. my biggest questions with the arsenal bird is, how do they refuel that monster and how do they land the drones after they launch them?

  3. 2:10 the lower picture is a YB-49, the natural evolution of the XB/YB-35. This is a common mistake though so no hard feelings! 🙂

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  5. It was really cool to hear the Ark Bird soundtrack in the background. One of my favorite soundtracks.

  6. i had a thought today, in the story of Razgriz it was said that first Razgriz appeared first as s demon but then as a beautiful woman. Acefan has commented on the beauty of the Princess. and during AC5 the squadron was called the Demons alot. perhaps this is connected.

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  8. are there any timeline videos of each game and how they fit into the wprld of ace combat (not the history of the game "physical" (eg release etc ) but actual story history

  9. I already noticed the Arkbird reference in the design itself when I first saw the game trailer. I guess this is a cheaper alternative to Osea rebuilding another another Arkbird that uses expensive combined cycle engine technology but has high altitude capability to closely match the Arkbird's low earth orbit altitude. I wonder if we'll see something like Osea using the Arsenal bird the same way they did in AC5 against the Scinfaxi.

  10. My bet is on three superweapons, kinda like 5. Arsenal birds are just like the subs but later on we will see something like arkbird and eventually solg.

  11. The uav left the Arsenal Bird using the acceleration of the gravity.. But how the uav ''land'' or return to the Arsenal Bird !???

  12. What if later in the game they rebuilt Stonehenge in order to counter the Arsenal Birds? Stonehenge was shown in the earlier trailers so it may appear… and it WOULD be the perfect counter to such a weapon..

  13. I think that you can go down different paths in the story and depending on who you side with, you will have the Arsenal Bird either as an ally or enemy.

  14. It seems that the Arsenal Bird is also influenced by the NASA 'Helios' solar powered UAV, as evidenced by the placement of the multiple engines, and the dihedral curve of the wings.

  15. Of course, this is not the only time a superweapon became an ally. Remember an early mission in Ace Combat 5? The Arkbird's laser damaged a Yuke Submarine.

  16. i think the circular module on the top isnt a weapon itself, but perhaps the same sort radar dish as on an the E-3 Sentry AWACS, seeing as it likely feeds the parasite drones target information using the same method, and having the early warning module built in, would make the arsenal bird far more self sufficient, running for long patrols with little need of checkups

  17. Arsenal bird seems stupid my only question why not any of this nation just build a Stonehenge. Stonehenge would destroy the arsenal bird.

  18. I think the Arsenal Bird started the war. The flight path takes it over Erusean territory. It could've some how attacked Erusea and "Remorsefully, Injured countless innocent civilians"

  19. an arsenal bird would be unbelievably LOUD. those props would be so large, they would each probably be louder than the loudest plane individually….

  20. having 4 arsenal birds makes sense, if they are all flying around and guarding the space elevator. if they are unmanned, they could pretty much fly forever without having to refuel because you could put a nuclear power plant in it to power the propellers

  21. In the demo, one of the pilots refers to the Arsenal Bird as 'Big Baby Huey'. I really hope this is a Silent Running reference and the other two are called Dewey and Louie

  22. I may be really late but;
    What if there was a mothership thing that dropped Arsenal Birds? Fucking huge. scary, and badass looking.

    Yw Ace Combat 8 in advance.

  23. I hate how your cancerous fucking videos show up anytime I search for anything tangentially related to Ace Combat.

    Stop making videos, you rare Brazilian Wandering Faggot

  24. Just thought of something else. Anybody watched Mobile Suit Gundam 00? If you did, remember when all factions had to band together when the Space Elevator began autopurging its panels and they had to shoot down as many as possible to keep collateral to a minimum? I want that.

  25. Soooo, explain how rehashing the same flying aircraft carrier fortress for like the literal sixth time for the franchise "new"?

  26. It would be more effective to put the drones on top since the top of the wing needs slower airflow to create lift, thus taking less power to fly and less wing space to lift more mass.

  27. Arsenal Bird's main defence is not the drones but rather a annoying as fuck force field. It also has a laser cannon underneath it to shoot down targets that are below it.

  28. mmmh, should i mention, that that northrop yb-35 just was the next step, after they seen and analysed the Ho-229, mmmh….yb-35 1946… mmmh ho-229 captured and brought to US in early-mid 45….mmhhh, the horten brothers….. mhhhh glider national championshipwinner in the 3rd reich….. mhhhh…. way before they thought about putting some engines on a flying wing….. why the first flying wings not mentioned???

  29. Well at least we now know that that circle is not a laser system, instead
    Slight Spoiler

    It's a Microwave forcefield that destroys all missiles and planes that enters it. Also the fact that these Arsenal Birds are in fact powered directly through a wireless power transmission from the Space Elevator

  30. I've played 3 ace combat games. 3,4,5. They were ok. they helped pass the time. but its the same shit every year. same aircraft, same hud, same enemies, same story. you guys really are super nerds making video's like this

  31. Sad to see that there are only 2 ARsenal birds…and we have to destroy both of them
    It would've been much more fun if we got a chance to have an ally arsenal bird similar to how the Arkbird once helped us out.

  32. In the misión of destroying the arkbird nagase said harling will build another arkbird. The Arsenal Bird.

    Chan chan chaaaaaaan

  33. Imagine every GIANT flying fortresses from every Ace Combat game fighting each other OR if they made a enormous convoy (also i want to see a size comparison).

  34. If The Arsenal Bird is ever gonna be made in real life here's some call-signs:

    Big Bird
    Pet shop
    Birds the Word
    The Voltur
    The Battle Ship
    Not the Bees
    Flying Eve
    Solid Bird
    Liquid Bird
    Bird Eater
    Bob Marley's more than 3 little Birds

  35. the arsenal bird mk2 at the last mission that isnt destroyed by stonehenge uses the arkbird module to fire a powerful laser that can one shot the f22a

  36. Masato Kannno designed Stonehenge, Arkbird, and the Arsenal Bird.

    All three resemble a circle or have a circular shape on them.

    Holes are usually circular.

    You fill holes to fuck people.

    Masato is a perv confirmed

  37. I kind of wish they went ahead and made Arsenal Birds more like this and you got to fight with an arsenal bird on your side

  38. How does the Arsenal Bird land? I mean they got to refuel somehow, or is it nuclear powered? But then you still need to rearm.
    And how would the fighter drones land back on the Arsenal Birds after enemies are eliminated? What if some of them are damaged? Does the Arsenal Bird have automatic repair functions?

  39. Pity that we never saw 4 of these. And as people and Project Aces said, I would have loved to have seen the four of them clash, two as allies and the other two as foes.

  40. Ace combat is like a premonition to current and future real life wars. I mean, those words, "Yet, what is a nation?" in one of these game scenes, it made me think of Syria and/or the other countries of the refugees. When I watched this, that's when I knew that the Arsenal Bird drones are inspired from the experimental drones built in real life. It would be real chaos if these things are secretly made and are already combat-ready.

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