The 10 Most BADASS Warrior Women in History!

– [Matthew] If you thought women were weak, hoo hoo, boy, I’ve got some news for you, my friend. 10.

– [Matthew] If you
thought women were weak, hoo hoo, boy, I’ve got some
news for you, my friend. 10 badass warrior women in history. Number 10 is Tamar the Great. Tamar the Great was the Queen
of Georgia from 1184 to 1212 and brought in the Georgian Golden Age. She co-ruled with her
father, King George III, before he died in 1184 and she became the first female ruler of the country. When she was married to
her first husband, Yuri, a Russian viking, she took on
the title of Queen of Kings, so that he couldn’t take
control of the kingdom. She ditched Yuri for being a drunk but he tried to get
revenge twice by setting his viking army against her. But they were no match for Tamar, and her army defeated them both times. For 10 years, Georgia
was undefeated in battle and grew it’s kingdom, even taking control of part of the Byzantine Empire. At the height of Tamar’s power, Georgia stretched from the Caspian Sea into Russia and even Turkey. After her death, Tamar was made a saint. But some historians believed
that she was actually the mythical pope Joan and that the church had tried to erase her from history. Number nine is Tomyris. Tomyris ruled over the
semi-nomadic Massagetae people in central Asia during
the sixth century B.C. Her kingdom was east of the Caspian Sea, next to the Araxes river. Tomyris is best known for her epic defeat of the Persian ruler, Cyrus the Great, and his Achaemenid Empire. Cyrus and his army were
plowing through Asia and growing the Persian empire. He didn’t think Tomyris
and her small kingdom would be that hard to defeat. The Persians won their first invasion and captured her son, Spargapises, who was also the head of her army. Spargapises killed
himself while imprisoned and Tomyris decided it was
time to serve up some revenge. She invited Cyprus to a second battle which he gladly accepted. And with the full weight of her army, she defeated the Persians,
reclaimed her land and then some. According to the Greek
historian, Herodotus, she had Cyrus decapitated and crucified. Number eight is Zenobia. 240 A.D. Zenobia became the Syrian Queen of the Palmyrene Empire after
her husband, Odaenathus, was assassinated in 267 A.D. Under her husband’s rule,
Palmyra was a Roman colony. But Zenobia wasn’t having
it and began a campaign to grow the empire under her name. At the time, the Roman Empire
was dealing with the crisis of the third century and
was losing its strength. This is when Zenobia
decided to make her move and invaded and conquered Egypt and managed to partially
cut off supplies to Rome. Zenobia didn’t just rely
on her military strength, she was also a pro in using
ideological propaganda. She went on to conquer
Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, and even claimed Roman territory
from Anatolia and Ancrya. Eventually the heavy duty
conquering took its toll on her armies and the
Palmyrene Empire ended. But not before her legend
was solidified forever. Number seven is Amina,
Warrior Queen of Zazzau. Amina was born around 1533
to Queen Bakwa Turunku, the ruler of the Hausa
Muslim Zazzau Kingdom which was located in what is now the Zaria Emirate in Nigeria. When Queen Bakwa died in
1566, Amina’s brother, Karama, took over and she joined the military. She became their best warrior,
gaining power and respect. Her brother died in 1576
and Amina became queen and within months, she led
her first military campaign with a 20,000 strong army. Her reign lasted 34
years and in that time, she took over other Hausa
cities and huge areas of land. She grew her kingdom’s size and its wealth by making Zazzau a major trade center and gaining more control of trade routes that connected Northern Africa,
the Sahara and West Sudan. She’s remembered for
building fortress walls, now known as Amina’s Walls,
around her conquered land as protection and as a sign of power and later other Hausa cities
actually followed suit. Number six is Rudrama Devi. Rudrama Devi is one of
the only female rulers in Indian history and became the ruler of the Kakatiya Empire in
Andhra, South India in 1263. She co-ruled with her
father, Ganapatideva. But after he lost land
and power to rivals, he retired and Rudrama Devi became queen. It was almost unheard of for a woman to rule on her own at the time. So she took on the male name of Rudradeva and a more masculine identity. She also rebuilt her army
with non-Aristocrat warriors to get rid of the ruling class that kept trying to have her overthrown. Rival kingdoms like the
Eastern Gangas and the Yadavas didn’t think she was much of a threat and tried to invade Kakatiya. But Rudrama Devi not only defeated them, but also took control of
the Yadavas territory. She also reclaimed the
land that her father lost and captured the major
forts which gave her controlling power of Andhra. It’s believed that she
died in battle around 1290 while defending her crown. Number five is Catherine the Great. Catherine the Great was born
Sophie Friederike Auguste on May 2nd, 1729 into Prussian royalty. She became Catherine when she converted to Orthodox Christianity
and married the heir to the Russian throne, Peter. Peter became tzar in 1761
but after six months, Catherine staged a coup against
him and he stepped down, leaving her in power days
before he was assassinated. To ensure total control of Russia, she put the church under
ownership of the state. Catherine was an excellent
military strategist. She pretty much wiped out
Poland and divvied it up between Prussia and Austria, while keeping the eastern
region for Russia. She fought back against the Ottoman Empire and claimed land around
the Black and Azov Seas. She even established Russian America when she colonized Alaska. Under her rule, Russia
became a major world power by colonizing land and
expanding their borders over 200,000 square miles. Number four are the Trung sisters. Born around 12 A.D.
into a military family, the Trung sisters, Trung
Trac and Trung Nhi, from Nanyue, Northern Vietnam, led a rebellion against
the Chinese Han-dynasty and fought for a Vietnamese independence. The region had been
forcefully occupied by China for hundreds of years. As the sisters grew up, they
became experts in martial arts. In 39 A.D. fed up with the Chinese, they led a revolt and forced the small Chinese military unit out of their town. After that, they
recruited their large army made up mostly of women. Within a year, they took
back control of 65 citadels and reclaimed independence of the region, making themselves queens. Their reign lasted for three years before their resources dried up and they could no longer
compete with the full force of China’s military. They died in 43 A.D.
but it’s up for debate as to whether or not it was suicide to preserve their honor, or it
was while fighting in battle. Number three is Princess Olga of Kiev. Olga, a descendant of the
vikings, was born in 890 A.D. She became Princess in
903 when she married Prince Igor, the ruler of
the Russian state of Kiev. In 945, Olga took over control on behalf of her young son, Svyatoslav, after Igor was murdered by
Prince Mal of the Drevlians. After the murder, Mal
asked Olga to marry him so that he’d become the ruler of Kiev. Yeah, bad move, Mal. In response, she buried
alive 20 of Mal’s men who had gone to Kiev to woo her for him. Mal had no idea and Olga pretended that she was up for the marriage and invited him and all
of his best men to Kiev. Olga wined and dined all 5,000 of them and when they were good and drunk, had them all brutally murdered. She then marched on their
city but told everyone it would be perfectly
fine if they just gave her all of their birds, which they did. But that night, she burned down the city, kept the surviving Drevlians as slaves and claimed the kingdom as her own. Number two is Queen Boudicca. Boudicca was a warrior and
the Queen of the Iceni people, a Celtic tribe from East Britain during the first century A.D. By 43 A.D. the Roman Empire had control of most of the south of Britain, but they let the Iceni
people keep their kingdom. When her husband Prasutagus died, he left the kingdom to
Boudicca but the Romans would only accept a
male heir to the throne. When they ransacked the Iceni kingdom, they also tortured Boudicca
and raped her daughters. Boudicca wasn’t going to
let them get away with it, and with the help of other British tribes, planned a major revolt. In 60 A.D. while the Romans
were fighting in North Wales, Boudicca and her army of 100,000 struck and forced the Romans out. After that, she led the army in an attack against the Roman British capital and defeated them in
epic battles in London, and St Albans, killing
70 to 80,000 people. It’s believed that she died in her final epic battle against the Romans. And number one is Ching Shih. In 1801, Ching Shih from Guangdong, China, was working as a prostitute when Zheng Yi, the pirate lord of The Red
Flag Fleet made her his wife. Together they grew the
fleet to 1,700 ships and had 50 to 70,000
pirates under their command. Zheng Yi died in 1807 and Ching Shih took over as Pirate Lord. She was an excellent strategist
and united her massive fleet under a strictly
enforced code of laws including no stealing from villages
that gave supplies, sharing treasure to help
failing ships and no concubines. If a man married a woman,
he had to be faithful. If anyone disobeyed, it was certain death. Under Ching Shih, her fleet grew and they took over coastal villages. They basically had total reign
over the South China Seas. She never lost a single ship
and was completely unstoppable, even the Chinese and British
military couldn’t defeat her. Her reign only ended when she
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