Tessa Thompson Picks Her Boxing Song – Creed II Interview

That’s a good question. No one’s asked me that. Obviously you play a character that’s really getting into their music,.

That’s a good question.
No one’s asked me that. Obviously you play a character that’s
really getting into their music, that makes pretty good
tunes and that. (laughter)
Pretty good? I mean, yeah, they’re good.
No, I’m joking, I like them. What’s your own passion
outside the acting? Well, I love music. My father’s a musician, he has a band
called Chocolate Genius, so I was raised around music
so it’s a big passion for me, and that’s one of the things
I love about Bianca, getting to play with that
and explore that. I use music a tonne just in my work, so that’s truly a passion. In the film, there’s a brilliant
moment when Rocky fans are running up the steps
and taking selfies and stuff. Do you ever have a particular fan
moment, being part of this franchise? Yeah, I think, all the time. It’s easy to forget because we’re
used to it at this point, Mike and I, but there’d be moments, for example,
when Sly’s in the ring and the audience will just start
chanting ‘Rocky! Rocky!’ And I’m like, ‘Oh wow, yeah,
I’m in a Rocky film.’ You play a really incredible
emotional scene in a hospital, obviously, with delivering the baby. I found it was really
powerful, inspirational, touching on an acting level, but how difficult was that
to act out with Michael? It was surprisingly easy. I don’t know, Mike and I,
since we first met, just have a real familiarity. One of my favourite things about
the work that I get to do is exploring parts of myself
and also getting to imagine, so getting to imagine being a parent
is pretty cool. I bet. I always look forward to entrances
to a boxing match. Oh, yeah. Specifically with the music as well, because obviously you like doing
the music and stuff, do you know what your
walk-out song would be? That’s a good question.
No one’s asked me that. Really? Maybe Break Free by Queen.
Do you know that song? Oh yeah, of course. Yeah, that. That’s a good choice,
it’s a good shout, I like that. It’s sad when Adonis
doesn’t feel the freedom to have a choice over the fighting. I suppose there was a lot at stake, but what kind of pressure
was he under? I think a lot, because this time, and he says it when he gets in
the ring, it’s not just about him. He has a family now
and this daughter Amara, so I think the stakes are a lot
higher this time around, and also because he’s fighting Drago. That history is so rich and intense, so there’s a lot of vengeance
that he feels and intensity. I think also what the film does
is so smart because it really
humanises Drago too, so I think, as an audience member,
it’s not as cut and dry in terms of who you want to win. Obviously you’re rooting for Creed, but I think there’s a real complexity
around the fight scenes that I haven’t seen
in a boxing movie before. That’s definitely one of the things
that resonated most with me, to be honest, just the humanity side
of Drago’s character. I really appreciate that,
thank you so much. – Thank you, thanks for being here.
– No worries.

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