Take Me Home Chapter 4 – The War & Treaty

(dramatic music) – [Michael] I quickly learned during basic training that our country was at war. And that I had.

(dramatic music) – [Michael] I quickly
learned during basic training that our country was at war. And that I had signed up to protect and serve and defend the Constitutions of the United States. (dramatic music) I joined the army and I
did not do my research. I didn’t know I was
joining during wartime. Again coming from the military you go from the experience of not
having to worry about housing and not having to worry
about all those things and then you come home. You know, coming home and
being home listening, realizing that I can’t even get a job. I had a tough year coming up. ♪ One, two, three ha ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ I hear my heartbeat pound ♪ – The military has trained you for years to be this lean, mean fighting machine. It’s trained you that you’re invincible. It’s trained you to that hey you’re doing a great thing
and you’re protecting, you’re serving your country. But then where does
the country fit in this because when I come home, I
really don’t feel like I fit in. I feel like you know what,
I’m not a hero anymore. I don’t have anything to
do that shows you my value. And then you sit with
that for three seconds. Don’t take for granted people. Don’t take for granted people. You’re sitting and you’re
standing next to somebody. You don’t even know if that’s
your last time with them. So right now everybody in this room I don’t care if you know ’em or not. Tell ’em that you’re
happy that they are here. Give ’em a hug if you have to. No one wants to hire me. It’s like I will on interviews and then the interview will be going great and then they’ll say oh, wait a minute. You’ve served in the military. Got any war time? Yeah, and then shortly after that the interview will be over. (dramatic music) Let them know that they are important. They’re important because they are part of the greatest race that ever existed. The human race. It’s not about black, white. It’s about human beings. (dramatic music) And in 2008 I couldn’t get a home. In 2009 I was still homeless
and I was bouncing around. Some people would put me in hotel rooms and I would be thankful because by that time I
had found little odd jobs playing the piano for churches. And that sort of thing. But to be able to have
a place of my own, no. (dramatic horn music) And I believe that I have lived with diabetes my entire life. And that overeating and that indulging it really messes with you. It plays on your mind because you’re like well
I know I have diabetes and my blood sugar is 400. And I feel great. And when the blood sugar
gets in a normal range is when I feel like crap. And yes, that is a trick
because what has happened is you’ve trained your
body to only feel good when you’re doing bad. (upbeat music) – We don’t always get
it right with diabetes. I don’t always get it right. I have high blood pressure. So I don’t always get it right. But we try and I think that’s
the most important part is to make better food choices. Instead of going to McDonald’s
on the road as a artist we have our tour manager
take us to Whole Foods where we will try to get
fresh foods out in the road. It’s just making a conscious effort to find places where
you’re gonna eat healthy. And you’re gonna make better food choices. – In 2010 I met my wife. And what was unique about the situation was I told her everything up front. I ain’t got nothing. I also know that I’m supposed
to be something in life. I don’t know what that something is, I don’t know how I’m gonna get there. But I feel that will happen. And her reply was, well
let me tell you what I see. And she looked me in my face
and she said I see a king. Just needs the right queen
and I know what I can do. Now show me what you can do. (upbeat gospel music) I don’t have to fight for a place to lay my head any longer. I don’t have to try to figure it out for my little baby and my wife. – Dad, my Dad, Michael, it’s you. – Predominately it’s about feeling safe. Now we feel safer and now I feel like that part of my brain can be
dedicated to something else. Really eased a lot of the
tension from diabetes. ♪ Heart and soul is what you need ♪ (upbeat gospel music) Since we moved to Albion we realized that we had moved into a situation that was in the process
of reviving itself. Got a chance to know the people. And that was the moment where we were like this is our town. ♪ From the hollow of your world ♪ ♪ Will you let me be your boy ♪ – Tanya and I said this fits
perfectly with our purpose. If we can help this small town revitalize and unify and it can carry over into areas like Detroit, Battle Creek,
Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor. And then it can travel outside of Michigan and go to Chicago and go to Nashville and Baltimore and eventually
take over the United States with this whole overwhelming
sense of unification. And realizing that we
are all one and the same. (upbeat gospel music)

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